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  • Community of Christians
    A Community for Christians

  • Christ and Him crucified
    Christian sites

  • Witness Lee/ Watchman Nee Community
    A beneficiary of the rich ministry of brothers Watchman Nee and Witness lee, and the unveiling of the high peak of the divine revelation concerning Christ and the church.

  • The Walk Christian Ministries
    A web Community of Christian Sites that are bible believeing, Born again christians. To spread the word of God to the world.

  • Preach The Truth
    A community designed to draw the body of Christ together and to preach the truth of the Gospel to others. All members must be adherants of the Apostles Creed, believe in the Bible as the inerrant, inspired Word of God and believe in salvation by grace alone.

  • Biblical Studies
    This site is devoted to Bible Studies for those seeking to understand the depths of its riches. All references are out of the KJV Bible. This site features a Baptist flavor. The lessons are designed for personal as well as group study and discussion. This is a great place to start a Home Study.

  • I Believe in Angels
    Do you believe in angels? All angel believers are welcome to join. Your website must be family friendly. (Please, no commerical websites.)

  • Families Are Forever
    A community to promote the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Our goal is to promote sites that hold and follow Mormon values. All welcome to join if your site is family friendly.

  • KJV Baptist Missionary Community
    This community is for KJV Bible believing, independent, fundamental, local church, Baptist missionaries (home & foreign). It's purpose is to assist missionaries in promoting their web sites, and to identify doctrinally sound missionaries to local churches in order to advance the cause of Christ and missions world wide.

  • Pro Life
    Pro-life community, please support our struggle!

  • HosannaCommunications.com : International Intercessory Website Prayer Network

  • christblogs
    A community for christian blog owners who are interested in seeing Jesus Christ glorified in today's society.

  • CommunitySurf:TraditionalCatholicord
    Traditional Catholic Websites, that teach the Catholic Faith as it should be Done. The Counsel of Trent and the Baltimore Caticisiom. Tradtional Catholic Prayers and news websites...

  • Women Of Destiny
    The purpose of this community is to link together websites whereby women can find encouragement, edification and equipping so that they may boldly step out in faith to follow their individual calling in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. If you have a Christian website or group where women are encouraged and edified according to the Word of God then it'd be such a blessing to me and to others if you'd join us.

  • The Ten Commandments
    Hi, the mission of Gods Holy Word is to work on getting The 10 Commandments on a many home pages as possible.

  • Heart of Virtue
    This community was created for Christian sites dedicated to promoting Godly values, character and virtue.

  • Reformed PC(USA)
    A community of Reformed PC(USA)members who are working for the continuing reformation of the PC(USA) according to Scripture.

  • Headcovecommunity Christians
    This community is for headcovecommunity, Christian women who would like to link together for support and friendship.

  • Christianity's Queer Side
    This is a blog community for LGBTQ Christians, and our allies, talking about our life, our love, and our faith.

  • Thoughtful Christianity
    This community is for thoughtful Christian bloggers who regularly write on issues primarily or tangentially related to Christianity, Religion, Philosophy, or Science in an effort to clarify them in light of the Gospel of Christ. You should be open to constructive comment and challenges from people of all walks of life. If you enjoy thinking deeply on these issues, this community is for you.

  • In Jesus Name
    In the world today there are many religions , false teachings about Jesus and interpretations of the bible . What we are are truth seekers. Seekers of God, his kingdom and his righteousness.We are repented followers of Christ Jesus. Not religious , belonging to any membership nor denomination . We are led by the Spirit of God and live by his Grace through faith. 1 Peter 2:9 But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light ...

  • Freedom Isn't Free
    Freedom Isn't Free, Support our Military, Firemen, Police, EMS

  • CommunitySurf: New Community
    Prophetic Worship and Holy Spirit inspired dream interpretation. Fresh Words from the Lord

  • Parachurch Ministries
    Sites in this community are evangelically Christian and are in support of local churches.{;}

  • Jesus in Pennsylvania Community
    This community is designed to link together people who:{;}a) live in Pennsylvania or have ties in Pennsylvania and{;}b) share a vibrant faith in Jesus Christ!

  • Victory Net Community
    Promoting a walk of Victory in the lives of Christians. We have authority over the enemy in Jesus Name!

  • Far Above Rubies
    Far Above Rubies Community is a members only community. Showcasing sites of our Independant Fundamental Baptist KJV Ladies Email list. We are a closed list to members only.

    The community surf site-community of the Joshua A/P Network. Our homesite is located at http://www.joshua-ap.net . Shacommunity apostolic and prophetic insight from around the world with online ministers and intercessors to serve your needs on the roundtable. All Five-fold ministries and individuals are welcome to join our community surf site-community. We have provided this particular community for the purpose of networking and for the furtherance of developing relationships globally throughout the Body of Christ. When joining, please make sure that our community-code is properly instal

  • The Christian Couples' Community
    A community for Christian couples! Believers who are married, dating, courting. Sites (or pages) must pertain to your relationship with your mate and your relationship with the Lord. Admittance subject to communitymaster's approval.

  • Employed By God
    The Employed by God community is for those websites that are actively (not passively), working to bcommunity others to Christ.

  • The Grace Place Blogcommunity
    Just the blogs of a few guys in Tigard and their growing network of blog friends.

  • Christians In Public School
    This community is for Christian parents, teachers and students who are involved in the public schools. It would seem that there are so few of us who actually want to make a difference. But this is only what it seems. In reality, there are many who are trying to make changes by inviting God back, teaching morals and the difference between right and wrong. This community is just a way to connect us all.

  • Divine Wisdom Online Community
    This community is open to all who wish to apply. It's just for Christian whole over the world.

  • Right On
    This community consists of Christian conservative and southern culture web sites.

  • Bible Truths
    A community for Websites that espouse Biblical Truths about the Teachings of God (Yahweh, Jehovah) and Christ Jesus and the Bible.

  • AME Community
    This is a community of African Methodist Episcopal (AME) churches and AME related web sites.

  • Christian-X Diaries
    This is not your typical Christian community. Today's Body has intermixed in it a new group -- those of Generation X who have come to discover and love God in entirely new ways. If you're outspoken, run a regularly-updated diary (on any of the appropriate sites), join us!

  • The New Covenant Polygamy Community
    A community for Christian Patriarchs, Ministries and Churches/Assemblies which accept and/or practice polygyny/plural marriage today

  • Science and Scripture Gap Theory Community
    A Community of Christian websites devoted to a better understanding of the interface between faith and science.

    The FireCommunity which flames out the WORD OF GOD for the Youth of World, so that they shall be the LIGHT OF THE WORLD, just as Jesus being !!

  • Suomalaiset Joulusivut
    Kaikki parhaat suomalaiset joulusivut.

  • Dawn Thoughts
    Welcome to this community...a gentle place promoting harmony throughout the internet.{;}Hands around hope!

  • One Fold Ministries
    Here we will learn the truth behind the pages of the Holy Bible, and together we may become the MOUTH OF THE FATHER....

  • Angels Of The Light Community
    Various Metaphysical topics, including actual channeled information from my angels!

  • Grace Online Library Community
    The Grace Online Library Community bcommunitys together some of the most useful Reformed, Puritan, Calvinistic, and Historic Baptist Web sites on the net.

  • Working For The Lord
    This community is a Community of Christians who are dedicated to using the Internet to share their faith and love for Jesus Christ. Bible based KJV, and Jesus Christ focused regardless of your denomination and it MUST be family safe.

  • Christian Churches From Around the Globe
    This community is a community of Christian Churches that are primarily, not necessarily only, within North America. This community will accept all churches that could ultimately be considered Christian Churches regardless of locations. God isn't limited to locations and neither is this community!

  • The Guardian Spirit Community
    Various metaphysical topics, including actual channeled information from my guardian angels and spirit guides.

  • Catholic Teens
    This community is dedicated to Catholic websites that minister to teenagers.

  • Pray With the Heart
    A union of sites dedicated to promoting sincere personal prayer to God, namely praying with the heart.
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