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  • Teens4Jesus Community
    The official community of Teens4Jesus Ministries and all sites affiliated or partnered with the ministry. We also welcome other Christian sites with an emphasis in youth outreach and growth.

  • Women In Ministry Web-Community
    The Executive Female Ministerial Alliance The EFMA Web-Community serves Women Clergy and Women In Ministry Who: Pastor, Preach, Teach, Evangelize, Lead Worship and Serve In The Gospel Ministry of Our Lord Jesus Christ! EFMA Online.com-perfecting saints, working in the Gospel Ministry, edifying the body of Christ with Critical and Inductive Bible Study as well as Sermon Development Resource Tools for performing 21st century theology! Enjoy "Fit For The Kindgom"-Recipe Makover and Diet Tips from Bishop CD Miller! She shares her 35lb weightloss secrets!!!! EFMA- A Christian Outr

  • Gods Gals
    Gods Gals... A Dose of Daily Cheer

  • Grace of God Community
    Welcome to the Grace of God Community with sites that share in the mercy and grace of God who provided a sacrifice who took our place. Sites that display the great love of Christ who willingly gave himself for us.

  • American Baptist Missionaries and National Partners
    Visit the webpages of American Baptist missionaries and national partners of International Ministries from around the world and learn about their exciting ministries.

  • Gods Love for Us
    A look into Gods love for us can help us get through some of our darkest days which is why this community was created. Use this as a place to learn more about God through links and articles that will help you to understand the power of God's love for us.
    Use this community to learn and to find the light to brighten even your darkets days.Learn more about God here.

  • God & Country
    A community for Christians and Patriots that support the Word of God and honocommunity to Christ and this great land of America that we live in.

  • Mothers Pursuing Modesty
    A Christian community whose members are Moms that have felt called to go against the world's standards and pursue modesty. If you have a blog that focuses on pursuing modesty & embracing feminity please join us! 1 Timothy 2:9-11

  • Jesus Heals
    This Community was developed for those websites that believe in the divine{;}power and healing of Jesus, our Lord{;}and Savior. {;}

  • Ol' Fishing Hole
    Community of Christians who are dedicated to using the Internet to share their faith and love for Jesus Christ

  • Women Serving Christ
    A fellowship for women seeking to devote their lives to Jesus and glorify His name through Godly living

  • Soul Armor
    a community for christian teens who want to connect (with God, and other christians). the purpose of this community is to join pages that are made by christian teens, for christian teens. pages that also try to encourage christian teens to better their relationship with God are always welcome! and if you're not a teen but think you're page should still be in the community, submit your site and see what happens!

  • FFOM Community of Believers
    A site for the followers of Christ! For believers who have faith-related sites.

  • Christian Men Across The Web
    This community is for Men of God is share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and show fourth His Love. And He said to them, {;}Mark 16:15{;}

  • What Would Jesus Do?
    A community about Jesus and his gift of salvation, and anything to do with Jesus our Lord.

  • Internet Evangelism
    For Christians who have sites promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ in cyberspace, and those who provide resources, help or information to those witnessing for Christ.

  • Joyful Journeys' Christmas Inspirations
    This community is for Christian Christmas webpages & sites that inspire & uplift others, glorifying the true reason for celebrating the holiday, Jesus.{;}{;}Please do not apply if you have any material that promotes or celebrates halloween on your site. Thank you & God bless!{;}(Please read our guidelines also).

  • Christians
    This is a community for Christians.

  • blog-O-dox
    A community for members or catechumens or seekers within the Orthodox Christian Church. While all of us are dealing with issues of sin, salvation and redemption, I don't think I can, in good will or faith, accept websites that call into question major doctrinal issues of Orthodox teaching and or morality.{;}{;}While I won't worry about the so called

  • On Line Bible Church Community
    place where love abouns

  • Thankful Thursday
    This is a community to participate in a Thankful Thursday List. You will list things that you are thankful for, and post them on Thursdays. When adding your URL please be sure to enter the URL that the code is on. Thanks

  • Friends of St. Joseph
    St. Joseph has the power to assist us in all cases, in every necessity, in every undertaking. We are Friends of St. Joseph.

  • Comfort & Counsel
    A Christian community that seeks to help and encourage one another in their spiritual life

  • Thru His Eyes
    A community that lets the world know that we will always remember that we are God's children and He sees us as such. Because of that, we will do our best to see others as Jesus Christ sees them, with unconditional love.

  • LWWM Community
    The LWWM Community - the community for Christian women. Join us in glorifying the Lord and spreading the Word of God to all.

  • God's Word-The Bible
    God's Word is our guide to knowing more about Him daily in our walk with Him.

  • Growing Godly Wives
    Welcome to Growing Godly Wives. The name of our group says it all...we're Christian women who are searching to grow as Godly wives. We want to become wives after God's own heart! We love and support each other in all the seasons of being a wife: from newlyweds to retired and everything in between! We will be having Bible studies to help us grow, companionship, love and support. If you want to grow as a Christian woman and wife, please join us! Please read our rules before you join! This is a group where you will be required to participate, so please pray and be sure that the Lord is leading y

  • Bruised Lily
    As a Ministry Leader having helped to birth 32 other 'seed ministries' over a 5 year period, I faced many challenges, yet when it came time for the Ministry's season to end, I faced my biggest challenge of all, laying the Ministry down and facing life without it, not knowing at the time that having shed my leadership role that in the still of that one small inner voice my personal and greatest Ministry ventures were about to begin. This community is for others who have chosen to venture on thier own Spiritual Journey so that our paths may cross and we can unite for Heavenly Causes.

  • Christian Blogs
    A community for Christians who blog about their faith in Christ. Also where they can come together for fellowship and information.

  • Just His Child
    For those who are just Children of the Living God, happy to be His Child and wanting to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Nothing fancy or eloquent is required only a sincere love for the Father and a desire to share Jesus with our fellowman.

  • RCA Blogs
    This is a community of RCA Blogs. It is NOT a collection of like-minded blogs, but rather a meeting place of RCA office holders, members and staff with a VARIETY of thoughts and ideas. (Some of which each of us will undoubtedly disagree with.)

  • Believers
    A group of like-minded Christian bloggers who are dedicated to shacommunity Christ with others.

    Sites all about JESUS.

  • HPbloggers

  • Catholic Converts Community
    A community for Catholic Converts. We have heard the call and followed it home to Rome.

  • Presbyterian Seminarians
    A completely unofficial community for the completely unofficial blogs of some completely unofficial seminary students.

  • Live For Jesus/Die For Jesus Post-Tribulation Rapture Community
    The "Left Behind" doctrine of a pre-tribulation rapture does nothing to prepare Christians for the possibility that the doctrine is wishful thinking and not at all Biblical. If the rapture doesn't occur until after the tribulation, are you ready and willing to die for Jesus? Or will you deny Him and sell out spiritually because you didn't prepare? Bookmark PostTribRapture.net as a shortcut to this community.

  • Vikashars

  • A High Calling
    This community is composed of authors that are Christian women that consider it a high calling to be the keeper of their home! All Christian homemakers that strive to make their home a haven, who believe in being a loving & submissive helpmeet to their husband, and are striving to daily train up their children to know & the serve the Lord are welcome!

  • unashamed
    A community for anyone who is unashamed to be Christian

  • LDS Humor
    Pro-LDS values-oriented sites containing squeaky-clean jokes, cartoons, mailing lists and other humorous material.

  • Devotional Garden
    Devotional Garden is a community for those websites that exist to help Christians in their daily lives.

  • Community of Jesus Followers
    This community exists for all websites that lift up the name of Jesus. The only requirements are:{;}1. Acceptance of the Nicene and Apostles Creed.{;}2. No sites promoting hatred or other non-Christian attitudes.{;}3. Community panel must be located on the page linked with the community.{;}Beyond this, if you are a Jesus follower your site is welcome here!

  • In His Hands
    This community has been created for Christian families that share a common bond- the loss of baby through miscarriage or stillbirth. I have suffered an early miscarriage and 2 subsequent stillbirth losses. One of them being VERY recent - May 2007. Community Info: All sites will be from Christian families that have or are suffecommunity from this loss. No HATE,porn, or pro-abortion. Because of the sensitive nature, all sites will be reviewed before being accepted into the community.

  • Christian Trucking Community
    Community composed of Christian truckers and Christian outreaches that minister to truckers.

  • Real Encouragers
    A community for all christians online who are involved in encouragement. Share tips, stories and encourage the encourager.

  • touch of friendship
    a place of friendship of christian woman on the web linking{;}hearts too God

  • The King's Servants
    This community is for websites which offer useful resources for church leaders.

  • Jesus Is Lord
    For christian sites. Sites with the total emphasis on exalting Jesus Christ

  • Rainbow Christians
    Christian sites of substance having no material which would be objectionable to GLBT Christians, Bi-racial couples, People who are divorced, recovecommunity or in prison. Expressing the Love of Christ Jesus to WHOSOEVER.
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