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  • We Believe In Angels
    Site consists of angels, snowglobes, background sets, inspirational thoughts, poems, in memory, special angels, We Believe In Angels Community and much more.

  • Trinity Community
    The Holy Trinity Community receives into membership sites professing the Holy Trinity as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  • Lamb of God
    Believers remembecommunity Isaiah 53:7 in that the Lord Jesus Christ did not only die for our sins, but He suffered for them as well. And His response? "Therefore when he was reviled he did not revile in return and when he suffered he did not threaten" (1 Peter 1:23).

  • Shining For Christ
    A community of sites that glorify God and shine for Jesus Christ.

  • Romans Road Community
    Are you looking for power to change your life? Power to change your Life comes from knowing The Lord Jesus Christ. Roman Road Community is a community you can surf to learn to do that. You can change your life and break the chains of bondage. Click and See.

  • Anglo-Catholic Bloggers
    This is a community for bloggers who identify themselves as Anglo-Catholic or Anglican Catholic. This means that you are a member of one of the provinces of the Anglican Communion and that you have a Catholic understanding of Church and theology. There are no specific requirements for being part of the community other than that. (IMPORTANT ADDENDUM: I cannot move a site into the community until the links for the community have been added to your page, including previous, next, join, list, etc. Once those links are in place, it's as simple as me pushing a button to bcommunity you into

  • Mary Coredemptrix
    This community is intended for those sites which have a great devotion to Our Lady and those which have 100% catholic contents.

  • Christian Blogs
    A community for Christian owners of weblogs.

  • Wings Of Eagles Christian Community
    Wings Of Eagles Christian Community is a community brining ministries together in spreading the good news. Isa 40:31 But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

  • Blogues_Catholiques
    Liens entre blogues catholiques de langue franšaise (Eglise Catholique apostolique et romaine).

  • Heartland Partners in Prayer
    Prayer Partners and Warriors Christians United In Christ
    To Lift Up Prayer Needs
    Together we can make the difference!

  • Bible Challenge for Catholics Community
    This is a Christian community of sites challenging the faith of Roman Catholics with Scripture as well as historical evidence and various research.

  • The Cross of Jesus
    Come to the cross of Jesus and receive eternal life.

  • God's Presence
    Come into the presence of the Lord and be filled to oveflowing.

  • Called To Cover
    Called to Cover is for any blogs belonging to Christian women that have felt the Holy Spirit's leading to cover their head. There is no place in this community for legalism or criticism towards those who do not cover. This is simply a resource, a place to connect and share your journey with other Christian women who have also been convicted in their own heart to obey 1 Corinthians 11. If you do not currently cover your head but God has stirred in your heart to look into this subject and blog about it; your blog is welcome too! **Please be aware that even being a Christian web-commun

  • The Christian Men's Community
    This community is for all Christian Men with webpages,be it a family or personal page. Your page should have some content about your relationship with Our Lord and it MUST be family safe.

    A Catholic Community which promotes the Truths of the Catholic Faith with a particular emphasis upon the Mother of God, the Theotokos.

  • Using My Voice Blog Community
    Christian bloggers (both men and women) who love the Lord with all their heart and who challenge and inspire others with their blogs by simply being "real." Never professing to "know it all", this blogcommunity is about growing, shacommunity, learning, and loving who we are, and who God is continuing to mold us into as we strive to have a heart like HIS.

  • Church of Christ Sermon Community
    This community features sermons written by ministers and members of the Churches of Christ

  • Living Waters: Our Walk with Christ
    We are people of The Book, i.e. The Holy Bible. Do you want to know God? Read the Bible. Do you want Jesus Christ to come into your life to transform you into a new man (or woman), into a God-centered person; then read the Bible. Before you read and study the Bible, be sure to pray! Ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten your heart and mind.

  • Praying Hands Community of Christians
    A community for Christians who believe in the power of prayer.

  • The Sacred Heart of Jesus
    A Catholic Community dedicated to promoting the Truths of the Catholic Faith under the protection and patronage of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  • League of Warm and Fuzzy Traditionalists
    League of Warm & Fuzzy Traditionalists is a community of blogs maintained by various Catholics that love the pre-Vatican II Liturgy. They denounce the fruits and spirits of Vatican II reforms... but in a warm and fuzzy way, devoid of evil superiority complexes. A group of happy Catholics in love with their Church, who are staunch traditionalists and only cantankerous half the time.

  • Hearts At Peace
    Hearts at Peace is an online group for both men and women who hold traditional christian faith and family values dear to their heart.

  • Worldwide Christian Webmasters Community
    We accept Christian websites from around the world. Your site must be biblically sound doctrine.

  • Humbled By Your Mercy Community
    An online community for sites who love Jesus with all their hearts and who are humbled by His mercy. Sites that contain Christian content....prayer, poetry, scriptures, etc. and Christian Communitys are welcome to join. Please see the 'Humbled By Your Mercy Community homepage' to read my guidelines.

  • God's Ladies on the Web
    Christian women on the net.

  • Angel Heart
    The Angel Heart Community Was Created To Join{;}People And Websites Together Who Believe In Angels

  • God's Lighthouse:Servants Of God Joining Hands
    A ministry of sites joining hands across the internet to reach the internet for Jesus.

  • Prophets to the Nations
    Powerful Prophetic Words releasing understanding of what God is speaking through His Spirit to the church and world about His Kingdom on earth. Prophets from around the world minister life and truth from Heaven upon those willing to kneel at the feet of the King of kings - Christ Jesus.

  • Ministers on The Internet
    This is a community for ministers of the gospel who have sites on line. It is not necessary that your doctrine agree with mine; it is only necessary that you worship God the Father, believe His Son Jesus Christ is your savior, and that your site reflect your committment to these beliefs.

  • Mormon
    A community of pro-Mormon, faith, testimony, and values-oriented web sites of all descriptions. All LDS www sites are invited to join.

  • Blessed Saints of the World
    This community is back after over a year of being totally locked out of my cache. Hopefully it will bloom now. This community is open to all sites that have information about saints of the past and the future. For example, Mother Teresa is not yet a saint, but she certainly will be in the future. She and others who are destined for sainthood could be included. I personally find the lives of saints fascinating. If you have articles about saints please join us here.

  • Rock of Ages Community
    Are you looking for power to change your life? Power to change your Life comes from knowing The Lord Jesus Christ. The Shepherd's Voice is a place you can learn to do that You can also post your prayers or pray for others in need. We have a prayer request page and you can sign up to join our prayer group.

    This community is devoted to sites that are insterested in promoting either Catholic material, and/or Divine Mercy Material

  • Christian Family Values Community
    Christian Family Values is open to all family oriented sites, with the sole purpose of promoting Family Values on the Internet. You may join your church's, group's, organization’s or personal website.

  • Hosea: Kneeling At The Throne
    A site and ministry to come to pray and rest in the loving arms of Jesus.To reach others for Jesus.

  • Come to the Cross Net Community
    A community to honor and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • The Community of Prayer
    This is a community of sites in support of Christian prayer ministry.

  • Sharper Than A Two-edged Sword Community
    Where Our Ministry Purpose is To Study Ourselves Approved unto God.

  • Visions of Hope
    Join Visions of Hope Community. Link your site with others that display thier belief in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If you have a Christian website, that follows the teachings of the Bible, you are invited to join us today.

  • The Christian CommunityManagers Community
    A community of Christian communitys Glorifying our Lord.

  • Be Still My Soul Community
    The BSMS Community is now the community of Best Sites Managed Spiritually! Christian webmasters are invited to join communitys sponsored by dokimos... http://dokimos.org/communitys/sponsored.html

  • Christian Grace
    An online Christian community sponsored by Heaven Mist Ministry. Please join if you have a Christian flavored web site promoting Jesus Christ.

  • Messianic Freedom Community
    We accept homepages into this community that are Evangelically Christian. Qualifications to join this community are belief in salvation by grace through faith and also belief in sanctification by grace through faith. Holding to that we believers in Yeshua are exhorted to stand fast in the liberty wherein Messiah has made us free. We want the community to be a place where Jew and Gentile become one man in Messiah and therefor we want web sites which have a love for Israel and the People of God the Jews, to be part of this community. For sites to qualify for the community we are looking for

  • Joined By The Cross Ministries Community
    Joined By the Cross-Ministries Community is a Christian Community the purpose is to join Christian site together to bcommunity the Gospel to the lost. The community also bcommunitys you Bible Studies, Prayer, one to one ministecommunity and meting the needs of those in need.

  • Angels On Board Community
    Angels On Board Community doesn’t condone the worship of angels. We feel angels are created by God to serve God and to fight the spiritual battles that we need to defeat the many diamonds that come up against us in our Christian walk.

  • Abide In Me and I in You
    The Lord tells us in His Word that He will abide in us if we will abide in Him.

  • Community for Christian Websites
    The community I created is opened for any kind of Christian website/blog. Example: personal websites, ministries, churches, mission boards, business, music, etc. Please feel free to join.

  • The Christian Fellowship Community
    Comming Soon
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