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  • Dorset Blog Community
    Join the Dorset Blog community, creating a mini web of Dorset blogs, or sites. All things Dorset (UK) related.

  • West Virginia Bloggers
    Community for West Virginia bloggers.

  • Bluegrass Bloggers
    This site is the homepage for Bluegrass Bloggers, a community hosted by Communitysurf. It is open to anyone who lives in or around Kentucky. As a Christian woman, I prefer to keep this community clean and entertaining. If your website contains photos that should not be viewed by a 15 year old, or contains explicit language, this is not the place for you. Please join if you are interested in connecting with other like-minded bloggers from Kentucky!

  • Inland NW Fiber Lub
    This is a community for the bloggers who live in Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon and love all things fiber related. By fiber related, I mean knitting, spinning, crochet, tatting, processing, dyeing, and so on.

  • Wenatchee Bloggers
    Wenatchee Washington area bloggers

  • Western Canada
    Web site the have content about western Canada

  • Indians!
    Indian Bloggers of the World Unite!

  • Indonesian Blogger
    All about Indonesia bloggger, blogs, and monetary blog

  • Nigeria
    A ring of sites answering to any of the following ; for Nigerians, by Nigerians, targeting Nigeria and or Nigerians.

  • Midwest Electronic Music Enthusiasts (MEME)
    Anyone who enjoys listening to electronic music, mixing electronic music in their bedroom or at a fancy night club, or going blind spending hours upon hours laying down tracks for other electronic music enthusiasts to listen to: This is our ring.
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