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  • Southern Blogs
    This is a collection of blogs from and/or about the Southern United States.

  • East Timor Law & Justice
    Web sites relating to law, human rights and justice issues in East Timor.

  • slovenija
    Slovenske strani. Lastniki spletnih strani v Sloveniji so združeni v "Slovenija Web Ring"

  • INN-community
    Internationale Nederlandstalige, community, met sites uit alle landen van de wereld in de Nederlandstalige taal

  • Minnesota Folks
    This community is for anyone who lives in Minnesota that has a non commercial, family friendly, kid safe homepage ...

  • JAHS Alumni & Students
    This community is for students, alumni, teachers & staff (former or present). The only requirement is that you are either a current student, present or former teacher or staff member, or have graduated from John Adams High School in South Bend Indiana. THIS RING IS CLOSED TEMPORARILY TO NEW MEMBERS UNTIL THE SPAM STOPS.

  • The Acadiana People Community
    A community of sites by the people living in Acadiana, about the people, and by the people of Acadiana no longer living in this area.

  • Mountain Area Information Network
    MAIN Internet Provider linking web sites in Western North Carolina that use MAIN as their internet provider.

  • Kiwi Kids
    A site to link Kiwi Kids Homepages. For those who were either'born in New Zealand or live there...if this is you then join our Community!

  • Kentucky Konnections
    Joining sites about Kentucky or sites made in Kentucky.

  • Virtual Age
    Linking together, j-rock fans with blogs/journals and/or personal websites, for the purpose of;

  • online Canadians
    Canadian content by Canadian webmasters for Canadians online.

  • Hills o' Brown Community
    A community for sites connected to beautiful Brown County Indiana and its history,heritage and hope.

  • Ontario Residents Community
    homepages owned by people who live in Ontario, Canada.

  • Philly Webvcommunity
    A community for any e/n sites in Metropolitan/Suburban Philadelphia, PA. Do you like cheeseshteaks and wooder ice? Do you wawlk on the avenue? Do you buy grosheries at the Acame? In the summer, do you go downa-shore or play under the fireplug? If so, this community is for YOU! Join NOW!

  • New York Journalers
    A community for people from New York who keep an online journal, blog, etc.

  • British Columbia Women
    Are you a woman from British Columbia, Canada that has designed her own webpage? If so, why not join our community and meet others like you who have shown the world that we are proud women from BC!

  • penang kia
    do you speak hokkien? have u ever eaten the chee chong fan at new lane? or the ayer itam laksa? do you think gurney plaza should be replaced with the world's biggest food court? have you even heard of penang?

  • The House of Africa Community
    Welcome to the House of Africa! This community is only for members of the House of Africa and is owned by: Battle of the Ancients.

  • Redditch Sites
    Sites from Redditch

  • Community Apeldoorn en de Veluwe
    Nederland.De Apeldoorn Online Community is voor persoonlijke homepages, organisaties en instituten in Apeldoorn en de Veluwe, dus voor iedereen op de Veluwe die een niet al te commerciëele site heeft. Als een site aan deze voorwaarden voldoet en correct wordt aangemeld, dan wordt deze in de Community opgenomen.

  • WNY_Crocheters Net Community
    This community is for all members of WNY_Crochets at Yahoogroups who have a website or a blog

  • Lake Minnetonka Area Community
    A directory of Lake Minnetonka area based blogs and information sites. Feel free to submit your site.

  • Cape Breton
    This community is for those who are from, Live, and love Cape Breton Island.

  • in Toronto
    A community for sites based in Toronto

  • i am a certified cop
    If you are a cop you can join. Also open to police supply web sites.

  • Kansas Community
    A collection of sites in and about Kansas.

  • OC blogs
    a community of orange county blogs

  • The Colombia Community
    This community is for any site about Colombia in any language. No porn or hate speech please. Sites about the war, human rights, culture, travel etc etc. are welcome, as long as they are professional and useful.

  • Indians of the Americas
    A community for Indians of the Americas cultural and historic sites. If your site relates to the culture and history of Indians of the Americas, including such areas as religion, spirituality and teachings become a member of our community. Sites must be viewable by all ages.

  • CanadianEastCoast
    Pages and personalities of eastern Canada.

  • Best of British Websites
    A community for the best British websites on the net!

    Todos los webs de la provincia de Jaen pueden unirse a este community.

  • All Things Tennessee
    This community celebrates all the many things that make Tennessee a great place to live and visit. Personal and commercial sites featucommunity Tennessee culture, families, sites and attractions, and southern humor.

  • Kamloops Canada Network
    The Kamloops Canada Network is a Kamloops Directory providing business and community listings, events, forums, chat and more for anyone interested in Kamloops British Columbia.

  • Bienvenue Chez Wishlove
    Regroupement de Webmaster francophone

  • Jackson County Historical Society
    This community is dedicated to Jackson County,TN. It's intent is to preserve our heritage & history and lifestyle.And to join friends together into a circle of past & present history

  • West Coaster
    a community for all webmasters from the west coast of north america

  • Black Genealogy Power
    Genealogy for African American, People of Color and Free People of Color.

  • LD-50 TEST
    LD-50 TEST is a community of goth and industral pages

  • Wisconsin Blogs
    A community for people who live in Wisconsin and have a blog which is updated regularly

  • Maryland Blogs
    A blogging community for bloggers who live in/are from Maryland.

  • RegioBlogs
    Colectivo y directorio de weblogs de Monterrey, NL, México.

  • Geboren in 2003
    Deze community is bedoeld voor alle (ouders van) kinderen die geboren zijn in 2003.

  • China Hand
    The community links sites that include content related to China, its seas, and its neighbours. This includes serious academic studies or nostalgic recollections of times gone by. Sites with Chinese language content are welcome.

  • Athens greece city guides
    Athens Greece,selected pages about the capital city of Greece and the Olympics 2004

  • ~::Texas Families::~
    If you live in the great state of Texas and have a family friendly website or blog come join us!

  • Irish Love
    Community for lovers of Ireland and Irish and/or Celtic culture

    The Cultural Exchange’s mission is to promote, educate, enlighten and create tolerance for all cultures. Our aim is to promote events that teach others about different cultures through food, music, dance, film, travel, spoken words, and more.

  • Kamloops Canada Network
    Kamloops Canada Network is a directory providing community information for residents and visitors to the City of Kamloops located in the Thompson Okanagan of British Columbia Canada.
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