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  • Canadians Online
    The community for Canadians Online. If you're a Canadian, and you're online (and have a webpage) you're welcome to join. No adults-only websites, please (nothing more than PG-13).

  • The Minnesota Community
    Community for all sites relating to the state of Minnesota.

  • Harderwijk Community
    De Harderwijk Online Community is voor persoonlijke homepages, organisaties en instituten in Harderwijk, dus voor iedereen in Harderwijk die een niet commerciëele site heeft. {;}Je kunt ook mee doen als je een aan Harderwijk gerelateerde pagina hebt. {;}Als een site aan deze voorwaarden voldoet en correct wordt aangemeld, dan wordt deze in de Community opgenomen.

  • asian creations community
    community for all creative asians. azn kreaznz

  • The Anything Scottish Circle of Friends
    This is a community dedicated to ANYTHING Scottish...if YOU are Scottish (obviously!!); if you're seeing someone Scottish; if you know someone Scottish; even if you own a Scottish Terrier, you can join this community. Just know, have, or be, something Scottish, and you're destined to be a member of this community!! We were a 100+ member community at another Community host!! We moved, & are sooo much happier!! Join us for a GREAT Community experience, & plenty of increased traffic hits to your site!!{;}{;}

  • Saskatchewan Community
    This Community exists for Saskatchewan residents or ex-residents to show their "Saskatchewan Pride" on the World Wide Web, since we all exist as one huge family. The small town attitude that exists in all of Saskatchewan, also exists on the Internet. The warm and cacommunity attitude that we all take such PRIDE in shacommunity.

  • Native Jesus Way
    For websites with Chrsitian Native Content. Worship the King ~ Native American Style!{;}{;} ~ Native Jesus Way ~

  • Cowtown Bloggers
    the community for calgary bloggers

  • The Rainbow Keeper's Community
    This community bcommunitys together alike sites that are committed to the conservation and the future of this planet and all of its inhabitants. Members of this community will have interests in environmental causes, animal rights, and human rights. Websites will celebrate, as well as educate, diversity in religion and cultures. There is an emphasis of the non-traditional faiths and cultures that survive by Land and Nature. The philosophy of this community is one of Unity through Diversity.

  • Chautauqua County Community
    This is a community for Chautauqua County New York.

  • Lyon et alentour
    Chaine de sites donnant des Informations (éventuellement illustrees) sur le Rhône et les départements voisins Isere , Ain , Loire, Saone et Loire, Savoie, Ardeche .... etc{;}

  • Alba Cearcall
    A community for personal, non-commercial websites with an interest in things Scottish.

    COMMUNES77, le 1er cercle des sites des villes et vilages du departement de Seine et Marne en region d'Ile de France. (FRANCE)

  • Restigouche Net
    Community for all sites that are owned by some one from restigouche.

  • El Anillo de La Mancha
    La Mancha: Su cultura, arte, tradiciones, historia y pueblos. La Mancha, The Mother Land of Don Quixote, in the middle south of the Iberian Peninsula.

  • Daughters of the South
    Designed to bcommunity together websites with Southern Culture in mind.

  • Hawaii Mommies
    A blog community for mommies that reside in the State of Hawaii. Talk story and make new friends. FAMILY FRIENDLY SITE ONLY!

  • Canadian History Community

  • Elysium Gates Stoa Member
    In our more modern Elysium Gates we felt that this was the ideal place for those members that wished to focus on cultural traditions such as Celtic, Hispanic and Native American and also sites that explore the vast diversity one can experience through travel. This area is dedicated to celebrating the differences while honocommunity our interconnectedness.

  • The London Area Community
    A great community to link all the sites related to London. You will find here a lot of sites dedicated to the London way of life with information about health, transport, insurances, finance, banking...The only stipulations are the sites must be based in the London area and must have a visible fully active Navigation Bar in order that community surfers can navigate using the Community Nav Bar from each member’s website to each other website completing the full community.The London Area Community Forum is Active.

  • Wedding Services
    Wedding & Party services, interesting and useful web sites, and resources. Edinburgh, Lothians, England, Wales

  • Worship With The Lord
    I Welcome You To "Worship With You" Devoted to Love and Hope and Joy All of which are Life's treasures written in poetry Just for you to enjoy ~ from Authors' hearts Thank you for coming and Please Share "Worship With You" Visit any time and stop by my friends' Sites too

  • Leeds Community
    This community is for any likeminded websites about/built in the Leeds, West Yorkshire, area of Great Britain, Europe. Join and upload the HTML only code to your Home Page. That’s all folk. Regards Graham (CommunitySurf) (Communitymaster) methley@uku.co.uk

  • Wakefield Community
    A community for all family safe Wakefield Community related websites in the UK.

  • Home's Cool in Utah
    This is the homepage for the community "Home's Cool in Utah", a community of bloggers in Utah who are home educator's, and would like to share their experiences, stories, trials, and tribulations in educating and raising their families in our area.

  • Winnipeg Connections
    The Winnipeg Connections is a Community that helps{;} individuals, and businesses providers enhance their {;}web presence, and helps potential Winnipeg clients{;}find the products and services that they need. We {;}want to link sites of businesses, personal pages,{;}arts, entertainment, attractions, retail stores, {;}amusement, professional services, real estate, {;}music,or sites about Winnipeg or surrounding areas,{;} etc to our community about Winnipeg/Manitoba.{;}

  • Native Americans
    A community about the culture and and history of Native Americans of all nations. If your site relates to the culture and history of Native Americans including such areas as religion, spirituality and teachings become a member of our community. The Community Management reserves the right to refuse or remove any site that is deemed to be nonconforming to the guidelines of the Community (subject to change from time to time).

  • Native American Community
    A community for Native American sites. If your site relates to the culture and history of Native Americans including such areas as religion, spirituality and teachings become a member of our community. The site must not simply be a page with graphics and no substance. Sites must be viewable by all ages.

  • .Community of Dalny.
    This community aims to join all those with Scots-Gaelic and Celtic interests and/or heritage together online, in an effort to assist in promoting and preserving this rich and vibrant culture.

  • The New Zealand Community
    All websites promoting the New Zealand culture, community & country.

  • Ozarks Regional Net Community
    The purpose of the community is to promote the heritage of the central Ozarks of Missouri and the Businesses in the area.

  • Filipino Community
    All Filipino communitys and pages. Enjoy pages produced by Pinoys and Pinays in the Philippines and around the world.

  • Yorkshire Blogs
    A community for all bloggers who originate from, or who blog from the wuthecommunity heights of Yorkshire.

  • Yorkshire Towns and Villages Community
    This community is for any likeminded websites for Yorkshire Towns and Villages, of England, Great Britain, Europe. Join and upload the HTML only code to your Home Page. That’s all folk. Regards Graham (CommunitySurf) (Communitymaster) methley@uku.co.uk

  • English Villages
    This community is to cover all English villages.

  • Egyptian Community of Knowledge
    A community to link sites about Egypt, her history, her mysteries, religion and her facination.

  • Native American Graphics
    Native American Graphics & Art Of Any Kind Are All Welcome

  • The Official Arkansas Community
    Community dedicated to those who are from Arkansas and have homepages related to Arkansas.

  • Libre Parcours Arts Litterature Decouverte
    Regroupement de sites au contenu original dans les domaines {;}Arts (incluant Architecture et Urbanisme){;}Litterature ( tourne vers la publication d' inedits et les notes de lecture){;}Decouverte ( nature ecologie voyages geographie cultures ){;}

  • American Indian Tribes
    A community for American Indian tribes to present their culture and history. If your site relates to the culture and history of American Indians, including such areas as religion, spirituality and teachings become a member of our community. Sites must be viewable by all ages.

  • A Darker Shade of Pale
    Community for goths of color.

  • * Ottawa Moms *
    The * Ottawa Moms Community * is for moms living in Canada's capital city! :){;}Come and meet other moms from Ottawa, Ontario to chat and discuss anything{;}and everything from your child's cold to our cold winters! ;)

  • Norrlandsmammor
    En mailings lista & community för oss mammor boende i norrland, Du behöver inte vara med i listan för att gå med i communityen

  • Old Hippy Community
    If you love Classic Rock and Roll, Macrame, Lava Lamps, Lots of colors. Were you a Hippy in the '60's? Are you a Hippy in the '00's. Cool Man!!!

  • PhilAm Community
    Made in the Philippines or around the world with the contents of Filipino values, cultures and traditions and personal websites. Ito ay lahing Pinoy! Be a part of the community...

  • Filipina: Woman O+
    A place designed to bcommunity Filipina journalists together on the World Wide Web, the wives, the mothers, and the working women alike.

  • La Nièvre sur le net
    Liste des sites internet sur la Nièvre (58 - Bourgogne - France)

  • CosmicDancers Patriot
    This community is for all of you good American's and patriots out there, no sites with the following will be considered. Pornography, Racism, Nudity, Vulgarity, Hate, Exploitation of Children, Exploitation of Women, or Cruelty of Animals

  • New Hampshire Bloggers
    Just as it sounds... a community for bloggers who live in New Hampshire.

  • People from the Isle of Man
    A community for people who are Manx, or live on the Isle of Man, who have personal websites (or the dreaded blog word hehe) :o) xxx
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