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  • Southern Women Community
    A place for all Southern Women to join and share their heritage and pride though their websites. Blogs allowed to join only if they contain Southern content/interest at all times.

  • The Texas Community
    The Texas Community was started November 7, 1996 to promote Texan or Texas oriented websites and their authors. {;}You need to be either a resident or former resident of Texas (and we need to be able to pick that up from your page) or someone who just wants to dedicate a part of their site to Texas related material. No adult content is allowed. {;}{;}{;} Community HTML must be added to your site within 30 days of application or you will be removed and will have to apply again! Thank you!

  • Texas Blogs

    A collection of weblogs whose owners reside in the beautiful state of Texas.

  • Les Pays de Savoie
    Sites sur Les Pays de Savoie (Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Nice, Piemont, Val d'Aoste, Vaud, Ain) dans les Alpes Françaises.

  • Steel Magnolias

  • Colorado Bloggers
    A community for people who live in Colorado and have a blog (or a journal).

  • Blog Baltimore Is Migrating See Note Below:
    NOTE: Baltimore Community has been abandoned by the original owner on the CommunitySurf system and will be migrated to the ZZ OpenCommunity on Feb 1st 2009. All members have received migration information and notification via eMail. You can migrate now by registecommunity your site at http://www.communitysurf.com/community/zzopencommunity/

  • Bloggers of Ontario Unite!
    Do you Blog, operate a Live Journal or write in an online diary? Do you live in the province of Ontario, Canada? If so, then unite with the Bloggers of Ontario!

  • Dixie
    Dixie RebWing. Dedicated to all things Southern. Pride and Heritage, not prejudice and hate.

  • Yaz Community
    Community para paginas en español.

  • The Holland Community
    The Holland Community is open for Dutch clubs, organizations and Dutch living abroad only. Sites that have interesting or informative information for emigrated Dutch or Dutch who want to learn more about immigrating are accepted too at my discretion. Please, NO genealogy pages. The Holland Community is also an useful site with information for those who like to know/learn more about The Netherlands... the main language is English in order to reach as big an audience as possible

  • All things Cornish
    For the lovers of Cornwall and all things Cornish

  • Proud to be Canadian
    This community is for all Canadians! Your site does not have to have any Canadian content - you just have to be proud of your country and want everyone to know it!

  • The Florida Cracker Trail
    Our community contains sites that are about Florida. Commercial as well as personal sites welcome.

  • Ukrainians on the Web
    Ukrainians on the Web is a community of web pages created to educate visitors about Ukraine and it's culture.

  • Ocean State
    The largest community dedicated to Rhode Island Home Pages.

  • Appalachian Sites
    Appalachian Sites is a community devoted to promoting websites that deal with Appalachian issues as their primary mission. Appalachian Sites is not an appropriate community for adult or commercial interests.

  • Aussies Together
    Keep Aussies Together and show your support for a strong Australian presence on the web.

    The Aussies Together Community is open to all Australians (living here or overseas) with personal sites that are suitable for viewing by all ages.

  • Native Peoples'
    This Community joins home pages of Native Americans, organizations for Native Americans and other indigenous peoples. If you are a Native American, or have a site for a Native American Organization or have a site for other indigenous peoples, you would qualify for inclusion in this community.

  • Anneau des Pyrenees - transféré sur http://www.bigorre.org/ring
    L'anneau des Pyrénées est transféré sur http://www.bigorre.org/ring

  • Community of Californians
    A community for all current and previous residents of California. You don't have to have California content on your site to join this community.

  • Indiana Blogs
    Community created for blogs in Indiana or by people who live or lived in Indiana.

  • womenofweb
    Women of the community was created to unite all women of the web to come together in friendship and harmony

  • Texas People
    This Community was Created by me to help link people around Texas. To join this community, I ask only that you are a Texan , or perhaps you lived here, were born here or have a page including something about Texas . If this applies to you then this Community is for you ! This is a Family Safe Community , and I will Remove anything less, Immediately ! Remember it could be your child that looks at this Community . Tell your Texas friends to Join ....Thanks..... Patti {;}

  • Western Life
    This community is for anyone who has Western content on their site. The people who are in this community have{;}history sites, rodeo sites, ranch sites, horse farms, cowboy poetry, Western and Native American arts and graphics sites, the old west, etc.

  • Canadian Gals on the Net
    ...a place for talented Canadian Ladies to share their websites, their interests and their friendship.

  • Top Carolina Sites Community
    Open to all "child-safe" web sites in North Carolina and South Carolina. We also suggest you join the Top Carolina Web Sites List (CarolinaSites.com) and (if you have a banner) Carolina Banner Exchange (CarolinaBannerExchange.com) for more FREE promotion in Carolinas!

  • Holidays in Dixie
    Dixie Holidays is a community for the celebration of holidays in the Southland. If you have a holiday site and you are from Dixie we invite you to join this community.

  • Svenska Webbcommunityar - Swedish Communitys
    Worlds greatest collection of Swedish and Sweden related communitys. Världens största samling länkar till svenska webbcommunityar. Hitta en webbcommunity med dina intressen att surfa eller anmäla din sajt till.

  • VènetoCommunity
    Cultura, atualità, léngua, polédega, ponti de vista, turìsmo, sport e xente de sbrindolon par le Venèsie.

    A community for Nevadans and webpages about Nevada. No pornography, no casino sites

  • Aussie Women on the Web
    A community for Aussie Women!

  • Expatriates in the Netherlands
    For information and help on all expat issues and living abroad in the Netherlands.

  • Pays Basque
    All the Pays Basque.

  • The Mardi Gras Community
    The Mardi Gras Community is for non-adult oriented Mardi Gras sites.

  • The Orpington Community
    The Orpington Community - Web sites based in and or relating to the Orpington area.

  • Georgia Ladies on the Net
    This is a community for all ladies that have some connection to Georgia, either by living there now, in the past or even family members living there.

  • The Official Newfoundland and Labrador Community
    Would you like to hop on a community and visit sites related to Newfoundland and Labrador? If so come join us! This is the community you've been waiting for!

  • SCOTS Genes
    A community for all sites in search of their Scottish genealogy heritage.

  • Irish Anything
    Is your web site about Ireland? Of interest to the Irish? Are you Irish? Irish-American? Irish-Canadian? Irish-Australian? Irish-Anything? If you can answer "YES" to any of the above questions, you and your web site are welcome to join the Irish Anything Community.

  • Redwebz, Weaving The People Together
    Redwebz is a Native American community and portal. We offer news updates, streaming music and a directory of Native American sites. Redwebz encourages community involvement and invites you to join in Weaving The People Together by submitting your links, topics of interest, reviews/profiles of Native American people, or pulling up your soap box to enlist help for your cause.

  • Pitecommunityen
    En community för alla sidor med Piteåanknytning

  • Aussie Mum's
    A Community for Australian Mums!

  • VaBlog
    You must live in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and have the code on the front page of your weblog. If it is a LiveJournal, it must be on your userinfo/profile.

  • Trinidad-Online
    About this Community {;} {;}Trinidad-Online is the largest and oldest Trinidadian Community on the Internet. Highly selective it groups those sites that best promote the history, culture, commerce and people of Trinidad and Tobago

  • Hometowns NetRing
    The "Hometowns NetRing" is for websites about hometowns. It is a great place to showcase and promote your hometown. If you have a webpage about a hometown, join today! If you have more than one, you may add all of them.

  • Indianapolis Blog Community
    This community is devoted to the weblogs by people who live or used to live in and around the Indianapolis Area.

  • LE WEB 77
    Le web 77, 1er cercle généraliste des sites internet de Seine et Marne en Ile-de-France autour d'un community et d'un annuaire seine et marnais, une réalisation benevole dans le cadre de l'internet citoyen par l'association AJIR de Maison Rouge en Brie (77370).

  • Yorkshire Community
    This community is for any likeminded websites about/built in the Yorkshire, area of Great Britain, Europe. Join and upload the HTML only code to your Home Page. That’s all folk. Regards Graham (CommunitySurf) (Communitymaster) methley@uku.co.uk

  • JET Community
    A community related to life on the JET Program.

  • Regional: Defining Regions


    The term “regional” refers to the special characteristic features that are applicable only to that particular region and not followed in common anywhere else in the world.


    All the countries of the world developed in equally. Some countries are highly developed economically and some other countries are still developing and some more are under developed. Several factors are responsible for such variations among the nations such as the availability of sufficient water resources, the quality of human resources, the abundance of financial resources and the technological as well as efficient management skills of the people.


    There is no denying the fact that on collective research regions are used in shorter sense having encountered external cooperation among regions in the field of trade, commerce, economics, export and import. But regional integration may be used in broader sense as because integrations is needed in order to maneuver the basic cooperation system in relation to the relevant regions in which the respective fields of regions are settled down virtually.


    Regional integration has become a very common way of co-operation among states in present day international relations. Generally a 'region' is an area where some geographically proximate states join together to achieve their common objectives. As I mentioned earlier, in the present time more or less every nation-state, strong or weak, is a member of a regional system. But there are some states which exist on the borderline between two regions. That is one of the reasons for those states not joining in any regional co-operation arrangements. Although geographical considerations are an important factor for the formation of a region, other factors-for example, social, economic, political, historical, and improvisational - are also important. So we can say that a region consists of two or more proximate states and interacting states which have some common ethnic, linguistic, cultural, social, and/or historical bonds, and whose sense of identity is sometimes increased by the actions and attitudes towards those of states external to the region.


    India acquired under development from the Britishers who ruled the country for several years. The Britishers did not encourage industrial development in India intentionally during their regime. The Britishers utilised India as the raw material supplier for their industries. Thus India used to supply raw materials for British and used to import the finished products.


    There have been demands for separate states in India since independence. For instance demands for a separate Telangana state in Andhra Pradesh, a separate Vidharbha state in Maharashtra. In the recent past a separate Chatishgarh state was created from Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand from Bihar and Uttaranchal from Uttar Pradesh. These demands for separate states are mainly due to lack of economic development in such regions.


    The member states of SAARC are geographically proximate with each other. These states have something in common. For example, they have some common social and historical bonds. These states have common colonial past. Those states (for example Nepal) who were not under colonial rule have also been influenced by that rule owing to geographical proximity with India. There is some cultural commonality among the SAARC states. But where the region ends-for example, on the eastern side-Burma is neither a member of SAARC nor yet of ASEAN. On the western side Afghanistan neither belongs to the Middle East nor to the South Asian group. These states exist on the borderline between two regional systems.

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