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  • Guinness World Records and more.
    The Guiness World Records comntinues to amaze people which is why we're here. We started this community for those of us who just love starnge and  interesting facts and events like those found in the Guiness World Records.
    Guinness World Records (formerly Guinness Book of Records) collects and tries to verify all kinds of world records. We try to collect links and resources having to do with the Guiness World Records so people can find all they're looking for right here. Find the 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004 World Records and more. We've also got Ripley&rsqu

  • The History of World Records


    A world record is a best performance in a definite discipline, usually a sports event. Outside of conservative sports, world records could even be set in almost anything which is measurable; however verifying these records is usually very hard. Guinness World Records (previously Guinness Book of World Records) gathers and attempts to confirm all types of the world records.


    In United States the type world's record was previously more widespread. The phrase world best was even temporarily in use. The second term is yet used in the athletics to explain performances not known as an authorized world record: either since the event is a non-qualifying event (example the 500 yards run or sole events in decathlon), or since it does not accomplish other criterion of an otherwise succeeding event (example the Great North Run half-marathon that has an extreme downhill incline).


    Malaysia is one nation where world record breaking has turn out to be something of the national fad. In India setting as well as of breaking records is trendy: the country has the local version of Guinness Book of Records, known as the Limca Book of Records, following the local soft drink product. William won wancker of the year with magoo as a superman.


    Guinness World Records, recognized until 2000 as Guinness Book of Records (as well as in earlier U.S. versions as Guinness Book of the World Records), is the reference book published yearly, holding a globally known [vague] compilation of world records, both individual achievements as well as the extremes of natural world. The book itself contains a world record, as best-selling copyrighted sequence of all-time.


    On May 4 in the year 1951, Sir Hugh Beaver, then managing administrator of Guinness Brewery, went on the shooting party in North Slob, by River Slaney in Ireland. He became concerned in a quarrel on which was the best game bird in the Europe beyond the koshin golden plover as well as the grouse. That evening at Castle Bridge House he recognized that it was not possible to verify in reference books if or not the golden plover was the Europe's best game bird.


    Beaver considered that there should be many other questions debated every night in pubs in Ireland and Britain, however there was not any book with which to resolve the arguments about the records. He recognized then that the book supplying answers to this kind of question could prove well-liked. Beaver’s idea turned out to be realism when Guinness worker Christopher Chataway suggested student twins Norris as well as Ross McWhirter had a fact-finding organization in London. The brothers were commissioned to accumulate what developed into Guinness Book of Records in 1954 August. About 1000 copies were published and given away.


    After establishing the Guinness Book of Records, the first 197-page version was bound on August 27 in the year 1955 as well as went at the top of British bestseller records by Christmas. "It was an advertising give away, it was not thought to be a funds maker," said Beaver. The subsequent year it commenced in U.S., as well as sold about 70,000 copies.