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  • Resource Community
    Resource Sites are those found in a large number of people's bookmarks and favorites files. This community provides an easy way to have an incredible number of resources at your fingertips. 1)Does your page content consist primarily of a large number of links? 2)Is your page organized, aesthetically pleasing & easy to navigate? 3)Do you update your site on a regular basis, take out broken links, & insert fresh ones? 4)Is it in English, or have an option for English?

  • Australian Army Sites
    A soldier's community dedicated to all who serve and who have served

  • Bob Evers
    Deze community probeert alle Bob Evers site's te koppelen.

  • creightons worldwide
    The history of the Creighton name and contact place for all Creightons, Crichtons Worldwide

  • The Cannabis Cartel
    Community dedicated to the joys of Cannibis. All welome as long as you have some content on your site relating to Cannabis in any of its many glorious forms.

  • Serial Killers
    What makes a serial killer. Their crimes, histories and the people who hunt them.

  • israpedia
    Turkish Heritage

  • Reference Web Rings: Any Information You Could Possibly Want or Need


    You know; pretty much anything that you ever need to look up can be found online now. I’m not just talking about the fun stuff like those sketchy sites you only visit late at night or even shopping, I’m talking about legitimate, pressing reference issues that you’d normally have gone to a library or bookstore to look up.


    Surely you know that a trusty old search engine like Google for instance can direct you to sites pertaining information—or at least keywords—that you’ve searched for and if you scroll through you’ll probably find what you’re looking for at some point. There are easier ways to access reference sites and information and that is by using a web ring or directory. What these are in brief are sites that link to various other sites that pertain to similar or relevant information. So for instance, if you were  to visit an entertainment web ring, it would allow you access to all kinds of great sites related to entertainment, such as sites on movies, music, celebrities, media players…all things entertainment. The same goes for a reference web ring or directory. You will have access to all sorts of other sites that have something or everything to do with reference material. Some examples; indexes, listings, libraries, online dictionaries…the list is endless!


    A reference web ring or directory is an incredible thing to have access to for anyone really, but those who are in school or in training for a job maybe even working in a job that requires constant research and facts are the ones who will benefit the most from this sort of ring. With a few clicks and mere seconds of your time, you are able to get your hands on the information that you need no matter what it is! Anything that you’d need to reference is literally at your finger tips!


    Some of the many reference resources that you’ll have access to are those that you’d normally have had to go to the library for. Things like dictionaries, thesauruses’, encyclopedias, news references, calculators, etc, etc, are all within your reach online now which should make studying or even just living a whole lot easier. On a fun note; easy access to any information that you could possibly need can be really helpful when your friends bet that you don’t know the answer to something obscure! It would only take you a few seconds and an internet connection to prove them wrong! Hee-hee.


    No matter what sort of references you’re in need of, a reference web ring or online directory will be a priceless tool as well as a really easy one!