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  • Libraries – Never Out Of Style

    All over the world there is a library in every town and city. The attraction of the library is so that you can borrow books to read and learn from without having to pay to buy them. Most libraries now have internet access and allow you to book one of the computers for an hour so that you can use them for what ever your need. Some libraries charges for these others don’t.  Anyone can join a library as long as you can prove who you are, a birth certificate and a recent bill to prove your address is often all you will need. You will fill out a form and then be given your membership card the same day. This enables you to be able to use the library immediately. Some libraries also have a CD and DVD section that you pay a small fee to be able to borrow them for a few days, it is much cheaper than renting from your local DVD store but the titles are often not up to date.

    Every library has a reference section, this section of the library is for books that you cannot remove from the library but you can look and read them. They are mainly book for students and general interest. In the UK it is in the reference section that you will find an up to date copy of the electoral roll allowing you to find anyone anywhere. Every library also has a children’s section where they often have children’s reading hours. Volunteers’ come once a week and read the latest children’s book out to the children. The children’s section houses toys as well as books and often a single computer. This computer has strict protections in place so that the child using it cannot look at inappropriate web pages. The age limit it set to 12 years old. They also have several sections that are age set. Young children on one side and then in a sliding scale by age up to sixteen. After sixteen you are allowed to use the adult section of the library. The adult section of the library houses the reference section as well as fiction and non fiction books. They are often arranged by category for example romance in one place and criminology in another. Historical books in one place and cooking in another. Your local library often covers every subject you can think of with books in hard back, paper back, large print and Braille. They also offer books on CD or Tape. These are books designed for the blind so that they can still enjoy the stories that are written. The selection is often quite limited. If you cannot find the book you are looking for just ask the librarian who will check the computer. This computer is hooked up to a central network where they can see if another library has the book you are after. If they can find it they can order it for you but this can take a few days.