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  • Studying Our World: Geography


    Geography is an important subject that every individual is required to learn, so as to know our mother planet. Its quite relevant for us to know how the day and night occurs, how the sun rises in the East but sets in the West, how we breathe oxygen in the air, how is our atmosphere structured, how the rainfall occurs, how the Oceans rise and fall over tides due to the sun and moon’s gravitational pull and so on.


    Most importantly, Geography teaches us the basics of the natural surroundings of the earth, the forms of landmass and water bodies, the spread of the continents and the oceans, the socio-political boundaries of the different countries, the people and its flora and fauna, and the mysteries of the vast expanse of the seas and oceans. It tells us the origin of the mighty Himalayas in India, the formation of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, or the incredible Grand Canyon in Colorado, US, or the amazing rain forests of the Amazon; and unravels so many mysteries of the world. It gives the primary impetus to an inquisitive mind, so at to explore deep into the vastness of our nature earth, wherein it drives us to get to know the different places, people, its culture and its demography well.


    Geography indeed ignites an young mind into questioning why the ocean is blue, why there is full moon and new moon occurs every month in a cycle, why mountains are snowcapped and cold, while the plains are hot and barren, why the river flows into the sea and where does it originates, where is the incessant source of the water in the mountains, how the giant tides occur in the Oceans or how God’s wreath is borne down on earth in forms of typhoon or tornado!


    It is like discovering the mysteries, which are all around us and which are indeed intriguing in nature, unraveling the truths of the nature, which are so apparent, but still misses our common eyes. Nature has given us all the mysteries and its answers as well, hidden in the vastness of the mountains, oceans, countries; it’s people, its socio-economic and political structures, wherein it is onto us how we open the secrets of the nature and enrich ourselves with the knowledge, and experience the beauty lying around us. The very word, geography conjures up in our mind a unfathomed curiosity to know the unknown, to explore the frontiers where no one has ventured before and be a ‘wanderlust’ to break free from the boundaries and see the world. It is this penchant for knowing the unknowns that great explorers like Marco Polo, Vasco Da Gama or Chinese philosopher Tsun Yat Tsen reached the lands where no one knew the existence before and thus we have seen how the history of those countries were shaped by these great men settling for the beginning of new civilizations and usher in a dawn of new era of socio-cultural-cultural evolution.