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  • sometimes i wanna give up
    for those of you who sometimes go through that time in your life when you don't think you're gonna make it, when all you wanna do is give up. yet you make it through. exactly what it reads, sometimes i wanna give up.

  • Richard Dawson
    Richard Dawson fans....this is YOUR community! If you have a site relating or devoted to Richard Dawson, join now! Topics include: Hogan's Heroes, Family Feud, Match Game, The Running Man, Sounds, Quotes, Links, FanFic, Songs, Photos, Comments, Polls, Biographies, Gary Dawson, Mark Dawson, Diana Dors and MORE!

  • Bob Crane
    Community devoted to Bob Crane and his work on Hogan's Heroes as well as his work as a DJ and drummer. Photos, reviews, links, quotes, sounds & more!

  • San Antonio Community
    Hottest Men Of The WWF
    dedicated to the hottest and most talented men in the WWF!!

  • goddess grrl
    this is a community for grrls and guys [if you like] if you are a grrl [or guy] who{;}has a personal webpage with stuff like journals, rants, art, poetry, music, lyrics, then by all means join. it doenst take much. visit site for more details.

  • John Denver Lives
    This is a FAMILY John Denver site for all to come and enjoy.

  • The Brad Community
    Anything of Brad. No commercial pages.

  • Sean Connery Community
    This is a community dedicated to Sean Connery and his films. Anyone with a page on Sean or any of his films is welcome to join. Step inside the World of Sean

  • Just Boy Crazy
    Sites with picture galleries of hot male celebs and/or non-celebs

  • The Melissa Joan Hart Community
    for melissa joan hart fans alike

  • i don't want no one judging me
    for anyone, webmasters and people who don't care what others have to say about them or their sites. i don't want no one judging me!

  • Cam Portals Community
    a community for webcam portal sites. anything goes!

  • Internet Actor's Community
    Sites of movie and theater actors and actresses. NOT fan sites, but those maintained for of by those in the business, or wanting to be.

  • Everybody Loves Lucy...
    This community was created to bcommunity together for all the fans of 'I LOVE LUCY'... Whether your whole site is dedicated to Lucille Ball, or if you just have a page or two regarding the most talented red head ever, you are welcomed to join...

  • RPGamer Blogs
    A community for role-playing gamers who keep weblogs. The blogs are not necessarily about role-playing, but rather that magical breed of person known as the role-player.

  • gillian
    This community is open for all personal sites, site collectives or online journals. As I already mentioned it's NO GILLIAN FANSITE WEBRING. It's for people who adore Gillian for just everything she is. For people who want to proclaim they are Gillian-Fans owning a fantastic personal site.

  • Sisters In Spirit
    This community is a christain group of cacommunity, loving ladies from around the world who want to share Lifes ups and downs, and to help cheer, show compassion and Love to all who enter Sisters In Spirit

  • Donovan Patton Fan Circle
    A community for fans of Donovan Patton, the terrific actor who plays Joe on "Blue's Clues"

  • Moments In Time
    Moments In Time Team Community from the Fantasy Fights. Everyone is welcome to join our community to keep us together and help remembecommunity times lost and loved ones gone.

  • AR Handbook Community
    A community for Alan Rickman sites.

  • Sparkling Community
    A community for general fans of lord of the communitys, and for mad obsessive peoplein general

  • Michael Jackson Forever
    If you're decided to forever stay a fan of Michael Jackson, no matter whatever happens. If you want to support him through thick and thin. This is the community to join. The community belongs to http://www.vacuity.de

    Et Dieu dit: Un Community, oui mais au kiwi !

  • Mestisa
    A community for all those that are "Mestisa".

  • Altered.Image
    Graphic Designers Community

  • Oded Fehr Fanfiction and other stories
    This community is for fanfiction for the actor Oded Fehr plus other original stories and poems. All stories must be R-rated or under.

  • Flirty Bitch
    A community to bcommunity together all of those girls that love to flirt with those sexy boys.

  • The Community of Ted Raimi
    This is the community for anyone that is a fan of the talented Ted Raimi. Whether you like Joxer, Tim, Hank, Henrietta, or any of the other characters he has portrayed, this is the community for you. This community is also sponsored by his official fan club!

  • VP:OOO
    VP:OOO//created to raise standards in the virtual places chat community by separating tired sites from richly crafted, original vp sites. vp:ooo honors the few sites in virtual places that can be considered exceptional in design, content, and overall concept. this community prides itself on presenting vp sites that have high quality avatars, megas, links, and/or resources for the virtual places communtiy.

  • A'eldre Ta Maq'ik: The Mytsic Elves
    This is a community for elves and otherkin of any kind. We hope to have information of as much as possible.

  • The Official Gregg Rainwater Net Community
    A community created to link all websites about the actor Gregg Rainwater, mostly widely known as Buck Cross on the late 80s ABC Western

  • pretty mouth
    this is the oral pleasuRING.(hehe..) devoted to girls and guys with pretty pages who like both giving and receiving oral sex. there's nothing wrong with liking oral sex! it's fun stuff!!

  • Creative Teenagers Community
    A community for creative young people who want to grow on the web and show their talents! Artists, writers, and all kinds of people who want to use their gifts to give something to the world are welcome to join!

  • Stephanie McMahon
    The community is for all Stephanie McMahon fans alike. Please, only join if you have a page/site dedicated to Stephanie.

  • David Duchovny
    David Duchovny! Any about him! Photo's, movies, X-Files,etc. Come join us!

  • Five by Five cult
    Community for Eliza Dushku or Faith sites that are Five by Five!

  • Fave Actors
    Community to united all the favorite actors and actress sites.

  • RetroBlur
    RetroBlur (www.blur.cwc.net) community for popular British band Blur.

  • Against Mondays
    There are many people who hate mondays. Have to go to the work, school, or just watch helplessly as the new week begins with all of it's weight crushing on your neck...{;}Me, I don't like mondays. I hate them as much as soldiers fear nervegas. Ask my friends, how I'm when it's monday, and they'll probably tell you that it's certainly not my day. Hate 'em, too? Join us. Let's knock the mondays down.{;}

  • The Sam Neill Community
    A Community for sites dedicated to the wonderful Kiwi actor Sam Neill.

  • Kaori & ELT
    A community for Japanese singer~ Kaori Mochida

  • David Copperfield Illusion
    A site dedicated to David Copperfield, his work and his fans. If you have a magic site that has something on or is about David Copperfield then do join. ALL magic sites with something about magic or David Copperfield are welcome =)

  • the kirsten dunst infatuation
    only the best kirsten dunst websites

  • Irish Lad Actors
    Anything that has to do with Lochlann O'Mearain, Vincent Walsh, Ben Palmer, Justin Pierre and Lisa Dwan. Also includes the great show

  • Jesse Bradford
    First ever Jesse Bradford community

  • Seth Green Community
    Websites about the actor Seth Green are encouraged to join this community. Sites about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and related TV shows (ie. Angel) are welcome to join!

    Anyone with a goth,vamp,or other dark web page from the New York Tri-State area are welcome to join.

  • Actors Online
    A community for actors and actresses with online resumes and photos. It is NOT for fan pages, as important as they may be.

  • Elwood Blues
    Community dedicated to Elwood Blues aka Dan Aykroyd! Got a site that has to do with Elwood or Dan? Join this community!
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