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  • allergic to pop
    This community is for people who hate pop music and all it represents, and have sites that show it.

  • The new Mike's World of Country community
    This is a community for fans of modern country music.

  • Celebrity
    the celebrity community

  • Black Eyed Angels
    I jumped in the river{;}black-eyed angels swimming with me{;}a moon full of stars and astral cars{;}all the figures i used to see{;}all my lovers were there with me{;}all my past and futures{;}and we all went to heaven in a little row boat{;}*there was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt*{;}

  • Addicted To Wavs
    In conjunction with SC & MIST'S WAVS (formally Mist's Wavs) this community is for anyone that has a web site containing wavs, or if you just love music and would like to be a member. {;}So come join and get your site seen.

  • The Jibe Community
    A community to connect Jibe fan pages so that fans will have easy access to all the latest information about the wonderful guys we know as JIBE.

    A community for people into harsh NOISE acts like: The Haters, Con-Dom, Smell & Quim, Speculum Fight, M.S.B.R., Crawl Unit, fin, Chop Shop, K2, Lockweld, Masonna, THE NEW BLOCKADERS, and VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • dave moffatt
    a community for those who support the youngest member of the moffatts, dave. he's an awesome keyboard player and singer, and this community would like to celebrate his talents and success.

  • Kronic Sounds
    We are de best in d west side startin january

  • The Kurt Cobain Community
    This community is for Kurt Cobain and Nirvana related sites only.

  • all that's heavy
    Alternative musicguide,links,gothic art,soundclips,pictures,bands,metal,rock,alternative,gothic,blues,jazz,psychedelic music,avantgarde,industrial

  • shimmecommunity star
    This is a community for all of those star struck fans

  • The Savage Garden Backup Band Community
    There are not many requirements for join this community. All you need is a webpage about one (or any, or all) of the members of the backup band (sorry, no sites about Darren/Daniel/Savage Garden). If you have a website about a former backup band member, that is okay too.

  • Michael Ball Community
    Michael Ball Community

  • Pop Sites
    Has the pop craze swallowed you up too? Pop sites unite!

  • Saturns' world
    Queen related information{;}Personal links, reports and reviews of meetings and concerts{;}Computer related links

  • AC/DC - Whole Lotta Rosie Net Community
    AC/DC - Whole Lotta Rosie Fan Site : - Guestbook, Biography, Line-Up, Discography, Photos, CD Order, Chat Room, Posters, Wallpapers, News, Reviews, Video, Lyrics, Tour Dates, Logos, Links{;}

  • The Community Of Faith
    THE Faith Hill Community, from JUSTBREATHE.net - Connect with all the best Faith, or Faith related sites on the net!

  • Digital Nsync
    A community for *nsync websites

  • Christian punk and hXc
    A community dedicated to christ and his music.

  • Michael W. Smith
    The music of Christian Artist Michael W. Smith. plus other home pages devoted to the man and his music.

  • Mai.K Community
    Community for Japanese R & B singer~{;}Mai Kuraki

  • The Levellers Community
    A community about the band the Levellers

  • Guns N' Roses
    The new Guns N' Roses Community, New Band! New Community!

  • You Know Me
    Community primarily for Meredith Edwards sites, but also open to other arists signed to the FreeLance Entertainment label as well as Lance-themed N Sync sites.

  • Community Of CCer's
    A community for all clumsy congressors

  • These Dead Petals
    For Tori sites only please!

    ~*~ Dedicated To *NSYNC & All Their True Fans ~*~

  • //no doubt power community//
    a community for no doubt wbesites!Check out the site for more info.

  • The Band Community Rebellion
    community for independent bands of So. California, such as The Irritations, Plazmah, playing in local areas

  • Rev.Manson's Playhouse
    pics,music,discography,links community

  • Kansas Rock OnLine
    Welcome to Kansas Rock OnLine, the source for premiere local rock bands in Kansas! If you are looking for a band to book, check out our Members page for a listing of band's websites.

  • Bite Me Willa
    An anti Willa Ford community

  • Celebrity

  • The Peppermint Tree
    A Tori Amos fan community. Tori sites and non-Tori sites made by true Tori fans upon my approval. Creativity and content are emphasized.

  • geek-rocker community
    For fans of Weezer, Ben Folds Five and BNL, or anyone who loves geek rock and geeky rockers.

  • Bitter Sites for Succubi
    Community to bcommunity together Cradle of Filth, Metal, goth and dark sites alike.

  • Project Wyze
    Flip through the community and check out some of the best fansites dedicated to the sounds of Project Wyze.

  • The sickness spreads
    this is a clique for slipknot fans that have been touched by thier music

  • Punk Rawwk Queens in Ripped Up Jeans
    A community for girls that LOVE punk rawwk or love being a punk rawwk chick.

  • The Edwin McCain Community
    A community dedicated to sites about singer Edwin McCain. Even sites with just one page/section about him are more than welcome!

  • Moonlight Drive Community
    In an era where censorship ruled and authority was the last word, The Doors burst into the music scene, and Jim Morrison leaped on the stage, teaching about freedom,{;}chaos, and disorder!! He tested "The Bounds of Reality" time and time again, never feacommunity the powers that be!!! In his own words "When you make your peace with authority, you become authority." The Doors Music remains alive - more now than ever before - because of fans like you !!! Jim Morrison is more than a mere man!! He is a Myth, a Legend, a Poet, and the Sexiest Rocker that has ever Rolled! This Community is a tribute

  • JeLLicLe Community For JeLLicLe Sites
    The one and only JeLLicLe Community For JeLLicLe Sites

  • Shred World Community
    This community is everything about guitar like guitar exercises, guitarist/shredders, music project, bands, midi, mp3, tablatures, etc.

    The Ultimate Disc Jockey Connection to seek out DJ's from your area for contact or hire.

  • amazing unknown musicians
    This community is for all musicians who want to connect with other musicians. Show off your work and connect with others like you

  • Yes I Am
    a community for radiohead fans... named after the song "Yes I Am"

  • Deep Purple Net Community
    The home page of the Deep Purple community, all web sites about this legendary band most welcome!

  • Proud to be part of the 98 Message board family
    These site's where made by the member's of the 98 message boards. Not all site's are about 98

  • j-pop fan
    A community for online journal-keepers/bloggers who listen to and like J-Pop.
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