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  • the tori community
    the tori community is a selective community, created in the spirit of joining the best tori sites on the web. created in 1996, it's the first, the original tori community. {;}

  • Mr.Children Community
    This is a community for the popular Japanese pop/rock band, Mr.Children.

  • 1605 Worldwide
    1605 Worldwide link exchange for 1605 Family & supporters. {;}If your site is for a music group & you wish to exchange links, please use our '1605 Records' community.

  • Addicted 2 Savage Garden Fan Club
    A community for those people who are absolutely addicted to Savage Garden. Anyone with a Savage Garden web site is welcome to join this Addictive Community. We may accept sites promoting other artists besides Savage Garden, or Australian related sites, as long as there is no anti-Savage Garden propaganda on the site.

  • The Blues Community
    The Blues Community is a community for the blues. All sites on the web with content of the blues are welcome to link together in this community. Welcome to the

  • CALYPSO-CommunityS(Legends,Legacy & Celebration)
    The Home of the Multiple Calypso-Communitys.com Communitys past and present by Rcalypso.All with respect in the "JOHN DENVER SPIRIT"{;} For ALL Legends,legacys,celebration sites and pages.{;}ISSUE SITES/HOMEPAGES ect.of just about any subject with respect.{;}Polls,Pic Galleries,Memo Board,Disscussion area, Products,Music and MORE "FAR-OUT" stuff!

  • i am a jessica fan
    A community for fans of Jessica Simpson and her music!

  • Wires Around The World Bush Community
    Bush community to unite Bush websites. Bush rocks!!

  • Happily Bleeding
    This site is for people with sites that have anything to do with placebo or any of the band members, your page doesn't 'have' to be about placebo you can just be a fan or whatever, enough said! ( i also lurve the labrinth so if you have a site about that film put it in too) yada yada yada velvet goldmine, actually, as long as i like the site i'll put u in , it can be a personal site too .....

  • swirling black lilies
    a community for above average björk fans and björk sites

  • Mr. Grumpy's Maze
    a community for entertaining tori amos sites.

  • weezer rocks
    weezer community.

  • jessica neofascism
    United fans of Dir en grey. Huge memberlist -and growing.

  • Cieler's Unite!
    The gathecommunity of L'Arc~en~Ciel fans!

  • Aaliyah - Never Forget
    Fantastic Aaliyah Sites of the Web Brought to you by www.AaliyahEzboard.cjb.net

  • #mp3z_for_all
    We are a channel on mirc, on the new net server. we offer movies, mp3s, and lots of trivia

  • Lets Get Blogged
    A place for all the Def Leppard Bloggers out there!

  • Story Of A Girl
    this is the story of a girl

  • Pure Dreamcast.net Community
    This Community is for any type of Web Site. So if you have a Community Join my Community!

  • Traditional Celtic Music
    A Community for any and all sites associated with Traditional Celtic Music.

  • Lyrics Archive Community
    This is a community for lyrics-sites! All kinds of artists, all kinds of music - as long as the site has lots of lyrics!

  • BIK
    An up and coming alt-rock band out of Tampa, Florida.

  • Metal Promotions
    Metal sites only.

  • Kick Ass Tunes
    Featucommunity Full Length Songs.{;}If You Think Your Site Meets The Criteria Then Join Our Community, We Would Love To Have You !

  • JC Is Magically Delicious
    A community to join together all the Josh Chasez fans out there who agree that JC is "magically delicious".

  • noize
    a community for pages associated with noise music, including bands, labels and DJs

  • The Punk Community
    a community for sites dealing with anything related to punk rock. about punk bands, the scene, clothes, hair, movies, shows, merchandise, or anything like that.

  • Sum Fartie 1
    This community's for anyone who's a true fan of Sum 41, not for their looks, but for their music. So you teenies better think twice about joining this one.

  • The Four Kings of EMI
    This is a community for sites dedicated to the Beatles. Sites dedicated to just one Beatle are welcome too.

  • Wild Hearted
    A community to connect Stevie Nicks fans.

  • Sin For Style
    We're all gonna burn, might as well look good doing it! This is a community for all the bad girls & dangerous boys, sex, drugs & rock & roll...and all of the reasons that make being a sinner so much damn fun. Join us in the eternal HELLFIRE!

  • This Is The Sound
    a community for fans of American Hi-Fi

  • Heather Nova Bootlegs
    Sites trading Heather Nova bootleg CDs.

  • Enya Midis
    Any one who has and Enya site with midis on it can join.

  • New Found Glory Rocks!
    This is a community for everyone who thinks New Found Glory Rocks!!

  • Who's Who? Music Community
    An extensive database of music related links as well as artist pages, songs and stations (playlists). When you register your site with Who's Who? Music you also become a member of the community.

  • Domestic Violence
    Domestic Violence - a community dedicated to those wonderful j-rockers Pierrot ^_^ Come show some love.

  • Skin's Crawling
    A community for Placebo fan sites or simply Placebo fans!

  • I love vinyl!
    Do LP's hold a special place in your heart? Do you have a vinyl attraction? Then join!

  • Coal Miner's Daughters
    For Coal Miner's Daughters Team Members to get acquainted and get more traffic to their sites.

  • Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves
    Team of BOAT Web Competition.

  • The Unofficial Steps Community
    All the websites you will ever need to get info on Steps

  • joey fatone rules da world!
    joey fatone sites!! and maybe some straight up 'n sync sites!

  • The Backstreet Boys Rock Web-Community
    For web-masters who love the Backstreet Boys

  • Orgy Candy
    The site is for Orgy fans everywhere! Candy Land fans too, that's why it's called Orgy Candy. All you have to do is state somewhere on your page that you like Orgy or Candy Land, or both.

  • Manband Community
    The Manband Community is a community of websites that contain information and material which may be of interest to fans of the legendary Welsh rock band Man. The websites are linked together to form an expanding and unbroken circle.

  • my heart is sick of being in chains
    a Tori Amos community

  • Selena La Reina
    All about Selena! Only Selena related sites!

  • Sapphire Productions
    Music, Vp related chatrooms

  • John Taylor 2:03
    A community devoted to John Taylor (former bassist for and founding member of Duran Duran). Even if your site is a Duran Duran site, if you have an extensive section for John Taylor, you may join our community. HERE is your God...
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