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  • SW-Logs
    A Community for Star Wars Fans who own Weblogs.

  • Vin Diesel Blog Community
    A community for fans of Vin Diesel that blog. This includes online journals, photoblogs, diaries and regular blogs. Not sure what a blog is? Check out: http://www.herblog.com as an example.

  • Horror Movie Fan
    Horror movie fan sites and horror in general

  • Tombstone
    This is for fans of the movie OR the town! We are avid lovers of OLD WEST History!

  • Pirates are SEXY!!
    For fans of the movie -- Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Orlando Bloom & Johnny Depp are the sexiest pirates ever! YOU MUST HAVE A WEBSITE TO JOIN. DO NOT SUBMIT IF YOU DON'T HAVE ONE. WEBRING = MUST HAVE WEBSITE.

  • Battle for Middle Earth
    The Battle for Middle Earth community

  • Trojan Blogs
    A blogcommunity for people who eagerly anticipate the movie 'Troy', or who love the mythology that it's based on.

  • Neighborhood of Stars
    A community for well developed, unique pages with lots of info about the film industry in general, television, specific actors, or anything else relating to the above.

  • The Michael Myers Halloween Community
    Awesome Halloween Community!

  • Brians Horror Community
    This community is intended for the Horror site of the internet.

  • Obi-Wan Padme Romance Society
    Obi-Wan and Padme Romance Society community. Sites must focus on Obi-Wan and Padme as a couple.

  • A Rare Thing: a Logan/Rogue community
    a community devoted to all things Logan/Rogue from the movie, The X-men.All Logan/Rogue friendly sites are welcome!

  • Independent Screenwriters, Producers & Directors
    A community for independent screenwriters, producers and directors. The Community Management reserves the right to refuse or remove any site that is deemed to be nonconforming to the guidelines of the Community (subject to change from time to time).

  • Depths of the Crystal
    Just another Labyrinth community, the place for ALL laby-lovers. In the words of the worm

  • The Star Wars AU Community
    A Community Devoted To Linking Together All The Star Wars Sites Containing AU Fan Fiction.

  • The Abominable Dr. Phibes Community
    The Abominable Dr. Phibes Community is for any website or webpage devoted to what is probably Vincent Price's most famous any well-known role, Dr. Phibes. Small, but growing, please join the Phibes community if you have a Phibes-related site or page within your site. Non-Phibes sites or pages will not be approved for inclusion in the Phibes Community.

  • hobbit
    A community for lord of the communitys sites.

  • Titanic Fanatic Community
    This community is for sites that are dedicated to both the movie and history of Titanic.

  • Not Just Jedi
    A community for Star Wars fans, weather you have a Star Wars site or not

  • The Evil Dead Community
    Dedicated to Sam Raimi's Trilogy fan sites.

  • Blair Witch Online
    home of the Blair Witch fans and their sites. The sites found here are active and maintained by true fans. If you think you have a BW awesome site that should be shown off, join!

  • Anne of Green Gables
    The wonderful world of Anne Shirley

  • Labyrinth Obsession Community
    For any and all sites obsessed with the irresistable fantasy movie, "Labyrinth".

  • Movies.for.Life
    A community/fanlisting for those serious move luvers!

  • Scarlett's Tara Community
    Sites about or realted to GWTW or any of the characters or actors/actresses.

  • Sacred Hieroglyphs
    A Community devoted to sites housing Mummy and Mummy Returns fan fiction.

  • Movie Addicts Anonymous
    A place for all of us who are addicted to watching movies.

  • Hobbit Pals
    A community for fans of the relationship between Billy Boyd and Dom Monaghan.

  • Unbroken Fellowship
    A community for Lord of the Communitys fans that enjoy webdesign.

  • waynesstarwarsfansitewcommunity
    This Is a star wars fan site community Join this community to enter your star wars web site's

  • valtasormus
    Clique for finnish Lord of the communitys fans...

  • Mummy Fanfic Chain
    A Community for all sites dedicated to at least one or more of the following: The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, or any of the great actors from the movie! (Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah, Oded Fehr, Arnold Vosloo, Patricia Valesquez, Freddie Boath) Sites must contain at least one of the following: Fanfics, pics, links, info on at least one of the movies or actors, or even information on the real history of Ancient Egypt!

  • Thir13en Community
    A community for fan sites of the movie 13 Ghosts and it's characters!

  • Fellowship of the Community
    Fansites, actor sites, book sites, and film sites welcome. Anything about Tolkien or Lord of the Communitys is taken here. Adult content is not permitted on this community.

  • Pirate Logs
    a community for those who want to be pirates..arrrrgggg

  • Pirates Of The Carribean
    My pirates of the carribean site based on the movie.It doesn't have much at it but it won't hurt to check it out.

  • Trojan Horse
    Welcome to the Trojan Horse.  A community dedicated to accumulating Troy-related sites together into one continuious circle - community - whatever. Whether your site is created in honor of the history, mythology and stories of the Trojan War, or a fansite dedicated to the movie (Troy) directed by Wolfgang Petersen and starcommunity Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt, Sean Bean, etc etc, it's welcome here! So, if you have a link to add, please climb inside the Trojan Horse... Don't be shy... Community opened: 22 January, 2004. Part of Home Wrecker @ http://trojan.not-quite-human.net & Not-Qui

  • Draco and Harry
    This is a community for fans of a possilbe relationship between Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter from the series of HARRY POTTER books and movies. Any fan of Harry/Draco (with a website) can join this website to show support of the two.

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  • Watch Free Movies Online
    Enjoy watching and downloading hundreds of latest movies and video clips in high quality and DivX. No charge or registration required to watch or download any of these films, movies & videos. You can also watch free online TV programs, new and upcoming movie trailers. There are hundreds of free, full-length, motion pictures from adventure, comedy, drama, family, horror/sci-fi, musicals, sports and westerns are available to watch on your computer or video device for free. Watch movie trailers of current and upcoming films to be released by the major movie studios. Read detailed film produc

  • 300mbmovie
    Download 300mb movies for free. get links to rapidshare and mediafire
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