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  • Unicorn Dreams
    A community for members of the Unicorn Dreams Team.

  • Community of Phantasy
    This community is for Fantasy of any kind, unicorns, dragons, knights, maidens in distress. As long as your site has a fantasy theme, you will be welcome.

  • My Little Pony Community of Magic
    A My little Pony community!

  • Angel of light
    My site has lots of Angels of all Shapes & sizes. This community will be about angels of light. Hope & peace.{;}we can Share Stories & Laugh & cry together as will as Exchange angels. So come by check out my site. so we together can watch this community grow.

  • The Mystic Tavern Community
    A community of as many Mystic Tavern members as can be joined.

  • Spirit Community
    The Rumbles web competition spirit community.

  • DragonFire Fantasy
    A community designed to bcommunity together all aspects of fantasy and mythology, from dragon legends to Greek mythology to games such as the Final Fantasy series.

  • Dragons Faery & Wee Ones Realm
    A Dragons Tale Faery & Wee Ones Realm. Come take the journey into the unknown!!!

  • C'thulhu's Keepers
    For Cthulhu and mythos themed sites.

  • United R. J. Lupin Fans
    Community for Remus Lupinīs fans of the world

  • Flights Of Fantasy
    This community is for all those of you whose site has something to do with fantasy. This may be articles, information, art or graphics that include anything from flighty fairies to majestic merfolk. Please join my Flight Of Fantasy realm.

  • Immortal Lovers
    Erotic, romantic vampire sites

  • The Enchanted Faeries of The Web
    A community for those faery lovers out there!

  • Victorious Pirates of Treasure Island
    This Community is strictly exclusive to the champion pirates that have conquered Treasure Island (final round) for at least one week, here at The Jolly Roger Pirates Website Competition.{;}{;}{;}{;}

  • Angel Kisses Community
    Denesth Site Competition Angel Kisses Team community

  • Nastasia's Page
    Anime, Music, Lyrics, Anime Convientions, FanFics, FanArts, Animated Pics, and Wicca.

  • Quende
    A community for sites dedicated to the elves of JRR Tolkien.

  • A proud Hogwarts Student
    Do you ever sign up for all these Virtual Hogwarts sites, decorate your room in the likeness of the Hogwarts school, or wish you were going to Hogwarts?{;}And then you go to all these sorting hat sites and see which house you belong in??{;}The purpose of this community is to show your love for Hogwarts and tell the world which house you belong in!{;}

  • Rainbows Edge
    Do you like rainbows? Then this community is for you! Join us :) Any websites with interesting content may apply. No porn/hate sites. Blogs are welcome!

  • Vale of Dreams
    This community is intended for those who have a true love of fantasy role playing, writing or reading. It is for those who want to join a serious, exclusive community with high standards for excellence and maintenence.

  • Turtles Fairy World
    A Community for fairy sites and for fans of the wonderful fairy art of Turtle

  • The Diquerian Alliance
    The Diquerian Alliance is for all role playing fantasy sites on the web. However, ANY type of site may join despite the topic as long as the site is family-safe. ^_^

  • Manic Fairy
    Fast loading galleries and links!

  • Elven Blogs
    A Community for blog sites of people who love the Elves of Middle Earth.

  • Adult Entertainment Agency Hicommunity Dancers
    Looking to hire dancers, strippers for Butts and Buns Entertainment Agency,to do 2 girl shows and dance naked and to entertain the men.

  • Realm of Shadows
    This is a community that all otherkin, vampires, elves and weres can join. It is not for RPGers, you can have an RPG site, but you must me one of the above to join.

  • Seven Kingdoms
    A Community devoted to George RR Martin and his a Song of Ice and Fire Series.

  • Cloud 9
    Sites full of Magickal and Mystical Entities

  • the life of dragons
    the life of dragons page is dedicated to dragons, come see

  • Dark Shadows
    Do you ever feel as if you dont belong anywhere?? Do you think of death, or any other ways to release your inner pain or rage? Do you know that if you dared to talk to your family or friends they would definately freak out on you? Join our circle, join

  • Gryffindor Blogs
    A community for Harry Potter fans who are self-professed Gryffindors. All are welcome.

  • Discworld
    Terry Pratchett Discworld and related fantasy, science fiction and fanfic

  • Magical Mystical Fantasy-M

  • Community of Dragon's Kin
    A community for dragon-like creatures. Dragons, watchweyrs, firelizards, and more.

  • Leauge of Furries
    We are the League of furries. An elite group of wild furries with only one goal, no pets no masters. Our methods are many our ways secretive. If you wish to join we must be certain that you are with honer and wild (not a pet not a master) may the goddess light your path.

  • Knight's Keep
    Where the Old Code is Alive

  • Spanking Stories
    A ring of sites with good quality entertaining free spanking stories
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