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  • Dragons Hope
    Dragon sites unite! This community is dedicated to all those who love dragons and their glorious history. If you have a site devoted entirely to dragons, please join my community and let the dragons rule again.

  • Mage's Portals
    This is a community for fantasy, sci-fi, gothic, anime, and websites with no theme to them just to name a few.

  • Webmaster Alliance
    Members of this community have agreed that the internet is a place of free expression. Anyone is welcome as long as they agree to abide by the guidelines as stated in The Webmaster's Oath which can be found on our homepage.

  • Lord of the Communitys Fan
    This is a community for people who are a fan of Lord of the Communitys.

  • The Magic Of Lake Applets.
    A place for Lake Applets, Snow applets, Fantasy, Mystical, Fairies, Angels, Fantasy art or similar things, Family oriented, Web site competition, Family Safe for all ages. You do not have to be into Lake Applets. to Join, The Magic Of Lake Applets. {;}Please join, you are most welcome !... {;}No commercial sites allow... {;}Thank you

  • Battle of Dragons
    This community is for all members of Battle of Dragons competition, past members, and anyone who is a friend or supporter of Battle of Dragons.

  • Faery Realms Faeries
    UPDATE: RE-OPEN AS OF JUNE 17, 2006. The Faery Realms Faeries community is made by faery folk whose web sites are made with the purpose of bcommunitying good to others about us (faeries). Should have beautiful textual/graphic content and must inspire the inner soul. Sites must respect all beings and have as main purpose the faery folk. Sites with other fantasy/magikal content also allowed to join. ~*~ Only family friendly-child safe sites will be permitted to join.

  • Message Board Fae
    This community is for those members of the Site Fights Message Board who would like to link together.

  • The Clean Furry Community
    Site's containing anthromorphic and furry oriented artwork, stories and personal homepages of the clean nature, ie, there isn't any explicit porn, language, violence or anything that would be deemed inappropriate for family viewing.

  • Brigadoon Community
    This community is for citizens and clansmen past and present of Brigadoon, a team at The Wizard's Quest website competition.

  • Fantasy Worlds Community
    Do you believe in magic? Come and join the Fantasy Worlds community! Stop by and visit the wonderful worlds of fantasy that make up our community.

  • Faery & Fantasy
    This community is for fantasy lovers. Be it poetry, art or stories. Join up or vist the sites and enjoy.

  • Elfin Grove
    You have walked into the elfin grove, as the fae dance about you, the air smells of flowers, and will o wisp light the night air. This is a community for those of us who love fantasy.

  • UnderSea Worlds
    If you find sealife fascinating, love the stories of mermaids, find whale songs and waves on the beach calming and relaxing - this is the community for you. Please join us in our Undersea Worlds.

  • Legends of the Myth
    Fantasy Fights Legends of the Myth. Team members can link their sites for more traffic.

  • The Wandecommunity Family
    This community is for The Wandecommunity Family, a Fairy and wee one Team for The Site Fights and DRealm of the Fairies.

  • Fantasy Fights Spellbound
    This Fantasy Fights community is for anyone to join together for friendship and fun. Please no sites that contain porn, hate or profanity.

  • Fantasy And SciFi
    A community of websites dedicated to anything involving science fiction and fantasy, such as movies, books, TV shows, fanfiction, and RPGs.

  • Unicorn Haven
    Dragons, Faeries, Unicorns, griphons, Wiccan and such. Enter into the realm of fantasy...{;}

  • Wings of Pegasus
    A community for lovers of Pegasi. For pages with information, grapics or themes based on this beautiful creature of Lore.

  • Celtic Dreams
    celtic, website competition

  • Avalon Mists
    Fellowship community for members of the Avalon Mists team at the Site Wars. A place for competition, fun and friendship

  • The Woodlands
    All things Magical.

  • Visions of Fantasy
    This community is dedicated to all fantastical creatures and beings. If you love fantasy, this site is for you

  • nocturnal underground
    Creatures of the night - unite!

  • Fairies In Flight
    Greeting's Enchanted One's! This community was created so those of you with fairy related sites and fantasy sites can come together in one community!

  • The Twilight Crossroads
    A community designed for websites which deal with mythical, fantasy, gothic, pagan, medieval or dark themes. Artists, writers, photographers, crafters, poets, gamers and those who just enjoy things of a mystical nature are invited to apply. Please see the communitys homepage for the rules and further information.

  • Dragons Must Be Here
    Dragons Must Be Here Community is open to any site with contents related to dragons.

  • Faery World
    One of the many teams at Emperors Gate for web competition. Please come and check us out.

  • Dark Raven
    For Dark sites, vampire, gothic,and horror sites,

  • Adopt a Dracoline
    Come here to adopt a Dracoline or view Dracoline lairs.

  • Mystic Realms
    A fantasy community pertaining to the magical and mystical worlds we create. Any fantasy-related site can join, including but not limited to Renassiance, medieval, specific...such as a site dedicated only to dragons, ect.

  • Castles of the World
    No one can deny that castles are magical. For anyone who love history there is nothing like castles or their ruins for helping you to take a trip to another time. And this community is dedicated to those who are enchanted by castles and would like to know more about the castles of the world.
    This look at castles will have you longing to start planning your next vacation so that you can admire these majestic places and their ruins up close. Come on in and see what awaits!

  • The Dark Gate
    This community is for dark sites and for those in love with fantasy vampires werwolves and other such creatures of the night. You can get free Dark Gate Email and download unusual wallpapers, gifs and my favourite mp3s and contribute with your own artwork if you dare!

  • Kimeras Fantasia
    Un anillo para pagians de fantasia en espaņol, con contenido fantastico: Dragones, hadas, elfos, y todos los seres miticos.

  • Medieval Times
    Medieval Times is a community for those who enjoy the days of Chilvary, Honor and Knighthood. Within this community, ye will find Grand Castles and Realms where Kings and Queen's reign supreme. The imagination is endless in the depth of our role playing games where knights, magical creatures, and beasts of all types walk the land. Visit our clip art sights for magical graphics to enhance your own medieval web page, and view our information sites for an indepth study of life ducommunity Medieval Times.{;} Please take a moment to view our sites, and show us yours. If you feel your web page offe

  • Nevermore
    A community for past or present Guild Members of Nevermore. Enter the heart of the Raven-experience the magik & horror of Nevermore! Visit us at Mystikbrews dot com!

  • Wings of a fairy
    Do you believe in fairies?{;}Do you AT LEAST like them?{;}Join the ~*~wings of a fairy~*~

  • DragonsOfTheWeb
    A community for Dragons and mystical creatures from unicorns to fairies but all are more then welcome to join. I also have an email group so we can all keep in touch with each other. Come join the fun!

  • Crimson Sky
    For the believer and keeper of faeries and other amazing creatures.

  • The Elven Realm
    Striving to bcommunity together the best art, graphics, history and all things that are related to the fantasy realm on one site.

  • Mischief Fae Vamps
    A community to have fun in...we love to talk about Leonardo, and Star Trek...and many other things...we just like to have fun and get into Mischief... we love Faries also.....and Vampyres.....so if ya want to have fun...then join along....

  • Dutchess's and Dukes of the Lakes
    A group of Teens between the ages of 13-18 to have a safe palce to gather with others who share the same interests

  • Galaraf F/SF Community
    Sites devoted to Fantasy and Science Fiction themes, either generalized or specific to one form/theme such as a movie, TV show, book, alternate world/reality, game(s), etc., anything F/SF!

  • Highlander Brazil Community
    Brazilian Highlander's Fans Community

  • Pyros's Community
    A community for a variety of sites. These sites should preferably have a dragon theme or some form of dragon content. Although I am happy to consider other sites which I deem to be suitable. Dragon slaying or anti-dragon sites will not be considered.

  • The Enchanted Gargoyles
    The enchanted gargoyles {;}fighters

  • My Community
    Sites that I think are cool!

  • Mystic Way
    A community for all sites that are fantasy based! Mermaids, Fairies, Wizards, Dragons, Elves..etc.

  • Unicorn Grace
    this is a place where curious minds can learn about the mystical animal called...the unicorn. i have legends, and cyber adoptions! And much more!
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