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  • LGBTI Wrestling Community
    Connectings sites by and for gay men and other LGBTI folks into wrestling.

  • Andromeda's CATS Community
    All fan sites dedicated to the world-renown musical CATS welcome!

  • Sg Writings
    Singapore Writings and Musings of all forms. Blogs, journals, the works...

  • Mech Pilots
    Armored Mech World is for all your Mech needs. You can find anything, animated gifs, pics, game reviews, chatroom, discussion forums, & fan art and much more. Browse my picture gallery that has over 600 pics.

  • GE Native Hearts
    This is the community for the Golden Elite Native Hearts Team.

  • The World Of BS
    Members of BS and their friends are welcome to join

  • Matrix logs
    Community for all webloggers who are fans of the Matrix movie series.

  • Hatelistings!
    A community for hatelistings approved by THL.org.

  • Northern Hemisphere Team Community
    This is the official Community for the Northern Hemisphere Team at Web Leagues.

  • Majik's World of Fan Fic
    Majik's World of Fan Fic is a site devoted to fan fic. We feature many different types of fan fic, including, but not limited to Roswell, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, Charmed, and Angel. We have a forum at ezboard where you can post your stories as well as read some really incredible stories.

  • Entertainment Agencies & Entertainers
    Professional Entertainment Agencies and Entertainers worldwide. List your agency or entertainment service today!

    UK-based community for all sites relating to pole-dancing. This includes clubs, classes and courses, clubwear, dancers, pole-dancing information and resources, personal pages, removeable poles for home, agencies and so on, and whether your angle is fitness/fun or professional/industry related.

  • Group of Concerned People
    There are so much happening in this world. So much to worry about. We are a group of concerned people. This is what you should worry about. You can apply for updating our weblog as well.

  • America's Heroes of the Golden Elite
    A community for the team members of the America's Heroes team of the Golden Elite Website Competition.

  • zanekins
    entertaining and interesting

  • The Haunted Carnival
    A Haunted House in Chattanooga, TN.

  • Belly Dance Instructors
    This community is for professional belly dance instructors.

  • Social Activities
    This community is for websites and blogs that focus on Social activities i.e. dance, clubs, youth centres, walking, swimming, sports etc. If you're not sure if your website fits into this community, don't worry! Join anyway :)

  • Greater Realms: Beyond Rhy'Din
    Greater Realms: Beyond Rhy'Din web ring, showcasing role playing message boards, sites, chat rooms and communities dedicated to role play.

  • Books and Authors
    This is a ring about websites of authors and books.

  • Renaissance and Medieval
    This ring is for all things Renaissance and Medieval related... Artisans, site owners, marchants, SCA households, etc
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