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  • WeightLossBuddies
    Have you got problems with your weight? Do you feel like you gotta do something but don't have any motivation. The WeightLossBuddies are people from all over the world shacommunity the same problem. We wanna help each other. Let's say we are big friends that share one problem... It would be great if you'd join us.

  • Gems & Minerals NetRing
    The "Gems & Minerals NetRing" is for websites about gems, minerals, rockhounding, and lapidary, including collecting & techniques, information and references, and clubs & societies. Other earth sciences specimens such as fossils, rocks, amber, and meteorites are also included. If you have a webpage about gems and minerals, join today! If you have more than one, you may add them all.

  • Paper Models Community
    Paper models may have lost some popularity for awhile but they have found some new life in recent years because of the internet which gives us access to all kinds of kits, information and even free models to print off at home!
    This community is your best source for finding paper models of all kinds. We give you acess to free paper models, spacecraft paper models, paper modeling instruction and a lot more. Have a look around and prepare to have some fun!

  • sock knitters
    This community is for the sock-knitting obsessed. Anyone can join, but specifically we are bloggers who are members of ravelry.com and also the Makin' Cookie's group on ravelry.com Our blog posts may not ALWAYS be about socks or knitting, but most will :-)

  • Country Friends Gather Here
    This is a community for country friends to gather! created to share our craft patterns and projects. Anyone who has a family craft site to share, we want you in our family. Be sure you put the code up as soon as you can so I may view it. My web site is ranked very high on the search engines so it should bcommunity you lots of friends.

  • Tidbit Cuties For Adoption
    This community is for anyone who offers any of the Tidbit Cuties for adoption. If you have any on your site up for adoption or if you just love to collect them, this community is for you!

  • Scrappy Chatters
    This community is for members of the Scrappy Chatters e-group.

  • Knitters Wih Attitude
    Sock Knitters with Attitude

  • Knitting News Cast Readers and Listeners
    Community for readers and listeners of Knitting News Cast. The Knitting News Cast™, Knitting For Your Ears™, is a podcast especially for knitters. Each episode of the Knitting News Cast podcast bcommunitys the latest knitting news along with reviews of knitting websites, knitting patterns, knitting books, yarn, stitches, and more!

  • Bipolar Knitters
    This is the new community for those of us that knit and are bipolar. If there's enough interest, I may also start a Yahoo group. Join the community today, we know what you're feeling!

  • Country Homes
    Country Homes is a place to display your country home and/or crafts, whether actually in the country or simply a city home with country styled furnishings. Does your site have a strong country theme, downhome charm, and is it a friendly site to visit (all sites must be viewable by all ages)? The Community Management reserves the right to refuse or remove any site that is deemed to be nonconforming to the guidelines of the community (subject to change from time to time).

  • picketfence
    Home and Gardening, which includes home{;}improvement related topics.

  • 4 the Love of Sewing
    4 the love of Sewing Community is for those who{;}love to sew. This community is{;}for personal sites that are{;}about sewing. So if you{;}have a site that is about{;}sewing, any kind of sewing,{;}please join us. This community{;}will not accept sites that{;}promote a product or service.{;}

  • Sexy Geek Girls
    Community for the girls to play with. Filled with rantings, ravings, reviews, pictures, gossip, and anything else that people think of.

  • Caprice Classic Community
    Owners & Lovers of the 1977 - 1990{;}Chevrolet Caprice Classic

  • Fizz's crochet for all!
    this is for crocheters all over the world, it is about blogs and a forum where all the community get together with ideas and thoughts!

  • WillowTradersBloggers
    Bloggers all about scrapbooking and kits! Maybe a little extras, too.

  • Knitting the One Community
    Knitting the Wedding Community Shawl pattern by Sharon Miller

  • Wrapped in Elegance
    THE community for hand-knit and hand-crocheted SHAWLS, STOLES, WRAPS. Prefer blogs and / or personal sites.

  • ChainMail Community
    Chainmail used to be used solely for the purpose of protecting knights in battle. Fast forward to today and you have chainmail jewelry, curtains, clothing and much more! It's fashion versus function these days instead of the other way around.
    For those who love the look, feel and history of chainmail there is no better resource for buying chainmail or finding information on making chainmail than this community.

  • Crafty Inspirations
    A community for crafters to meet like-minded bloggers :o)

  • ScrappyLadies
    For those ladies (men, teens, children and so on) that share the love of scrapbooking. Share opinions, projects, pages, tools, and just fellowship with others whom have a love for the craft

  • Coupon Swappers
    A community for those with trading sites. If you have a site devoted to coupon swapping join us!!

  • Strickliesl Community
    Community der deutschen Yahoo Group Strickliesl - exklusiv für Mitglieder

  • Shiralee Aussie Crafters
    We are a community of Aussie crafters who either design crafts, dolls, bears, etc. Or simply make crafts and fill our homes with them.

  • Cross Stitch Memers
    This community is made just for the lovely stitchers who are part of the cross stitch meme. Even those who submitted just one piece

  • Knitting NASCAR Fans
    Knitters who are also NASCAR fans!

  • Needle Felting Fun
    There is nothing more meaningful that you can give another than something made with your own hands. One of the oldest crafts that you can take up is Needle Felting. This community is all about Needle Felting and using felting yarn to make beautiful things.
    Here is where you can learn about the uses of felting yarn and the art of needle felting. Find all kinds of information, lessons, tips, advice and Needle Felting products right here and open yourself to a world of creativity and history.

  • Pura Vida Knitters
    Pura Vida Knitters Community is for knitters who live in or who have visited and fallen for love with Costa Rica. Member should mention Costa Rica or have pictures from travels to Costa Rica on their blog. Pura Vida!

  • Capital Knitters
    A community for all the knitters in the DC metro area.

  • Free Plastic Canvas Patterns
    Crafting has never been easier thanks to sites that offer goodies like free plastic canvas patterns for all ages to enjoy! This community is dedicated to those who love crafting and also for those who love an awesome deal!
    Have a browse around and look at the great selection of free plastic patterns to choose from. You'll be getting crafty in no time!!

  • Origami Art Community
    If you love the art of Origami then look no further for a community that gives you access to everything that you could possibly need! We have products, instructions, advice and more right here.
    Use this community to find the best and easiest to understand Origami Art and instructions. Find all of your Origami paper, supplies, and step-by-step instructions here too! We have tons of Information about Origami Art  --Easy and advanced Origami. All things having to do with the Art of paper folding can be found right here!

  • Wood Turning Community for Woodworkers & Woodcarving
    This is the best community online for woodworkers and hobbyists who enjoy wood turning and wood carving. We've got access to all kinds of goodies for the wood crafter who lovesto create here in this community dedicated to The art of Wood Turning.
    Get all  you need here related to Segmented Wood Turning. Find all of your Wood Turning tools, lathe, supplies, techniques, and books. Find Wood Turning information and know how. We really do have it all related to Woodworkers and Woodcarving.

  • Supplies for the Small Foundry
    You don't need to make horseshoes to enjoy metal casting as a hobby. The right information can help you set up your very own small foundry in your garage or backyard so you can start creating right away. That's what this community is all about!
    We're all about Hobby Metal Casting for the small Foundry.  You can find lots of Information, Books and Supplies for the Backyard Metal Casting Foundry.  We've also got English gold casting metals and more.

  • Doll Makers and Paper Dolls Community
    Making dolls and paper dolls is a wonderful way to spend time and create treasures that will bring joy for a lifetime and beyond. This community is for Doll Makers of all kinds including those who make Paper Dolls.
    Use this fun community to find gems like My Book of Little House Paper Dolls: The Big Woods Collection and more! This is your one stop shopping for doll makers and collectors. You'll find everything you're looking for and much, much more!

  • Canadian Quilters
    This a community for Canadian quiltmakers who keep a blog!

  • Scottish Knitting Bloggers
    anyone in Scotland who knits and blogs about it

  • Beehive Country Community
    This community is to connect all of the "country" related webpages. Your page must contain a country theme, like country recipes, country graphics, country decorating, country crafts, country styles, etc. Sites must be viewable by all ages. The Community Management reserves the right to refuse or remove any site that is deemed to be nonconforming to the guidelines of the Community (subject to change from time to time).

  • Crafty Creators
    Crafters, who make their hobbies a part of their lives. They make them and take it one step further and sell them. For all serious minded crafters!

  • Roses On The Web
    Whether Rose be your name, nick name or just love of Roses, even if you have them on your site, come and join a friendly bunch of girls, from all over the world.

  • Cloth Doll Community
    If you love cloth dolls, please visit these sites. All sites have something related to cloth dolls on them, whether it be patterns, online doll classes or supplies for the doll maker or crafter, it's worth a visit through this community. If you have items of interest to doll makers, please join with us!

  • GE Land of Elite Enchantment
    We are Fairy's of the Golden Elite Land of Elite Enchantment. Our jobs are to go to the sites of the Golden Elite and sprinkle there sites with good luck in the coming week. We become friends here at Fairy Land.

  • Handcrafted Jewelry & Supplies
    This community contains links to some wonderful Handcrafted Jewelry sites. Unique one of a kind jewelry created by artist from around the world. Also gemstones, beads, findings and supplies.

  • Gems Galore
    To support everyone online it the gem and jewellery trade

  • Indiana Bloggers
    This community is for bloggers who reside in Indiana

  • Meerschweinchenfreunde Deutschland (MFD)
    Community für alle Mitglieder der Meerschweinchenfreunde Deutschland, mit eigener Homepage.

  • No Relena Allowed Here
    A community dedicated to all the people who hates Relena Peacecraft/Darlian, from Gundam Wing series. If you're one of this... welcome!!!

  • A Country Fair
    Friendly Country Site Competitions, Come meet new people, win prizes and have fun!

  • Cute CountryGraphics Addict
    If you have any of my Premades or collect Adoptables made by me, you are very welcome to join this community :o) Of Course you are welcome too if you don't offer any of my Graphics yet ;o)

  • Felted Crochet
    A community devoted to the art of felting wool, particularly crocheted felted wool.
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