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  • Vintage Guitars
    Do you eat, sleep and breathe guitars, particularly vintage guitars? Look no further for all you ever wanted and more! From Gibson, Fender and Yamaha to information and price guides; this is your greatest guitar dream come true!
    Use this community which is all about vintage guitars to feed your craving for more! Share information, add links and browse the great resources listed. Collectors and enthusiasts will find a lot of great sources with just a few clicks!

  • Mickey Mouse Vintage Collectors
    This is a community for those who collect vintage Mickey mouse products. Fans of Mickey will love this community and all the great stuff it has to offer. It's a great place for collectors, dealers and any fans of the lovable Diseny mouse.
    Find all kinds of Mickey Mouse Vintage Products. Things like Vintage Mickey Mouse Watches, Watch, Doll, Ears, Jigsaws, Hats and much more. Find Vintage Mickey Mouse Antiques Here and all kinds of other great information.

  • Indian Arrowhead Collectors
    Collectors of Indian artifacts and other items will find manyt great sources here in this community. We give you access to oodles of information and great items.
    This is the best place for collectors to find Indian Arrowheads for Sale. We have also got Indian Arrowhead Price Guides and Identification information for collectors and dealers. Look for new pieces for your collection here or simply enjoy learning more about Indian Arrowheads.

  • Sterling Silver
    Sterling silver never goes out of style thanks to it's durability and beauty. It's used to make all kinds of great products which is why this community dedicated to sterling silver is such a hit.
    You can use this community to find a wide assortment of Sterling Silver Items for Sale. We've also got Antique Sterling Silver too! Find everything you can think of, lik Sterling Silver Flatware, Forks, Spoons, Knives, Bowls, Tiffany and more.

  • The Sock Monkey Community
    A community for sites dedicated to Sock Monkeys. Other sock creatures are welcome too!

  • The Official WaterGlobes Collectors Community
    This community is for everyone who is a member of our Official Water Globes Club. Please check it out!

  • the Japanese fashion doll community
    A community for people with websites featucommunity their Japanese fashion dolls made by folks like Bandai, Takara, Volks, Sega, Tect, Tsukuda Hobby and more.

  • Baby Wiggles' Community
    My Little Pony site!

  • We Love Fashion Dolls!
    The "We Love Fashion Dolls!" Community Is Devoted To Fashion Doll Collecting. This Community Is Meant To Promote The Buying, Selling, Trading, & Showcaseing Of Fashion Dolls. If You Love Barbie, Gene, Tyler, Cissy, Etc.-Your Website Is Welcome Here!

  • Coca-Cola Collectors Community
    A community for Collectors of Coca-Cola Coke items from around the world. Cans, Bottles, Anything with Cocacola on it. Coke is it !

  • Button Collectors Net Community
    A community of sites devoted or related to the hobby of collecting sewing buttons, beautiful miniature works of art and bits of fascinating history.

  • The Brass Golem Community
    The Most Comprehensive Mage Knight Resource. Armies, Forums, Articles, Free E-Mail, and anything else related to Mage Knight. Visit today!

  • Beanie Collector's Community
    A community for beanie baby freaks, geeks, and nuts only!

  • Knick Knack Community
    knick knacks (8230 bytes)
    {;}{;}If you collect or offer collectables, want to display your web page to other gift hunters, this is the community for you.

  • A Treasury of Collectibles
    If you have a site that sells gifts and collectibles-You've come to the right place. Patterson's Treasures has a free links page if you would like to add your website.

  • .:*:. Fairiez ~n~ Dollz .:*:.
    cartoon dolls

  • Coke Bottle Collectors
    Coca-Cola "Coke" Bottle Collectors

  • Eilynns Designs
    machine embroidery designs free & for sale

  • R.P.G Community
    Community para RPGs

  • Land of the Demonic Toys Site Community
    This is a Site Community that is mainly for the members of the MSN Group Land of the Demonic Toys. But it is open to all people who love Gothic or Creepy Dolls.

  • MIniature Dolls
    Fabulous Miniature Dolls made by talented artists from around the world.

  • Razorland
    Razor museum History of shaving A lot of pictures

  • Jam Jar Junkies
    Where Jam Jar Junkies come together for fellowship and support! Also permitted: the showing off of and trading of your Jam Jar creations. Most of all, you must have fun and intermittent fits of laughter are guaranteed. Be sure to save the image to your computer and change the code to it.

  • CommunitySurf: Plush Penguin Collector
    A community for collectors, suppliers and lovers of all things penguin especially plush penguins.

  • Liddle Kiddles and other Vintage Dolls
    A community featucommunity vintage Mattel Liddle Kiddles, but we accept all vintage dolls, concentrating on 60's to 80's. Come join the fun! All vintage or retro doll sites will be considered.

  • Living Dead Doll Fans
    Community for fans of Living Dead Dolls. If you are a fan, join the community. Your site doesn't have to be about Living Dead Dolls.

  • I Love Littles!
    Do you collect Whimsy Attic Littles? Do you wait for that email that announces there is a new one to aquire? If so, you need to be in this community and show your collection off. Let everyone know that you are a Littles Addict!

  • Colorado Mining History
    Colorado Mining History in Photographs 1859 Gold Rush Photographs rare images of mining in Colorado. Collecting, preserving and presenting historic data. Mines, Mining, explorers, gold seekers, artifacts and relics.

  • All Breyer Model Horses and Animals and More
    Any sites that have anything to with collecting, showing or customizing Breyers and other manufacturers\' model horses and animals...this is the community for you.

  • Matchbox Regular Wheels
    This community is for sites relating to the awesome Matchbox 1953-1969 Regular Wheels, Major Packs, Accessory Packs and King Size cars and trucks. If you site relates to these toys, please join us.

  • Button Floozies
    Members of the Button Collector's Blog, Button Floozies. If you love and collect, or create with, or enjoy buttons... this is your community.

  • Frogged Up
    A community for all those with a disturbing obsession with frogs. Do you scan ebay looking for new items? Can't walk by a thrift store without looking for an amphibian? Welcome to our world...
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