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  • Ladies of the Moon
    A community dedicated to the 3 ladies of the moon in the sailor moon animation series. If you are a fan of one of the 3, come and join!

  • Androgynous Anime Characters Anonymous
    A club for all those anime fans whose favorite character happens to look like a woman, but is actually a man, and vice versa.

  • SMUK Community
    The official community for SMUK. All anime related sites are welcome, but no hentai please or anti-sites are allowed.

  • The Miaka Alternative Paicommunity Community
    community for sites dedicated to Miaka Alternative Paicommunitys, (basically Miaka with another other than Tamahome/Taka)

  • Animation

  • Gensomaden Saiyuki Community
    GensomadenSaiyuki.com Community your #1 stop for everything and anything Saiyuki! If you're a Saiyuki fan, you've come to the right place!! ^__^

  • CCS Romance Community
    Have a site about a couple, alternate or traditional, in Card Captor Sakura/ Card Captors? Just like CCS/CC and the romances in it? Then this is the community to join!

  • The Tenchi Muyo Crossover And Alternate Community
    This community links together pages that have Tenchi Muyo Crossover and Alternate History / Universe fanfiction on them.

  • Lost Universe
    This is a community to bcommunity together the Lost universe sites. Mantle lovers unite.

  • Anime Fans For Equality
    A community to bcommunity anime fans together who want to make the anime community a real community :)

  • Clow Captors 3.0
    Cardcaptors and CCS come togather in the community of the year!

  • Shining Girl
    Shining Girl is a community for all girls who love japanese animation & manga and are owners of websites which stand out among the rest.

  • Royal Anime Alliance Club
    A club dedicated to Anime. Such as{;}Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo, Dragonball Z, Wedding Peach, and Saint Tail. Things you can find at the club's main site are fanfics, fanart, and much more.

  • The El-Hazard Community
    A community for El-Hazard. Any site may join as long as it has 1 page of El-Hazard on the site.

  • Austrian Manga & Anime Community
    Der erste österreichische Anime und Manga Community. Alle Kategorien. J-Rock ebenfalls gerne gesehen! Bitte den Communitycode einfügen - erst dann wird die Seite freigeschaltet.

  • Love to Tasuki Community
    This community is for all Tasuki lovers! If you like Tasuki...or your friend does... You can join...as long as you have Fushigi Yügi on your page or just Tasuki. V^^V

  • The Wars of the Last Wolves
    A community filled with sites which are rk content-rich, slick layout, cool webowners, and multimedia related.

  • The Sailor Mars Community
    A community for Sailor Mars shrines. Sites with only one little section for Rei will not be accepted.

  • Everyone Has A Story
    A community for Anime loving blog owners. Blogs only!

  • Seraphim Serenitatis
    "Seraphim Serenitatis"{;}Loosely 'translated' this means (Warrior) Angels of Serenity. Which means that even though this community was intended to link sailor moon character shrines, any unique (or even your basic, average) shrine for any character of either sex or neither from any TV, anime, manga, novel, videogame, etc. will be accepted. In fact, your website or shrine doesn't have to be anything "angelic" at all. I just liked the name and have this thing for creative and unique online shrines... ^^;;

  • Loli Community
    About L power !!!!!!!{;}lolicon Thai fan community !!

  • Tears In Space
    A community for sites with GW fanfiction & fanart...and sites supporting shounen ai pacommunitys.....

  • SCM Traders Anonymous
    For the members of Senshi Card-Mania only...come show your pride in being a member of this crazy group!

  • The Ranma And Hikaru Community
    This is a community for sites that pair up Ranma Saotome and Hikaru Shidou now.

  • Redhead Bishonen
    A celebration of redheads! Character shrines and sites devoted to the redheads of anime and video games are welcome. Straight and yaoi both welcome!

  • Yuu Diaries
    A community to unite webjournals run by fans of Yuu Watase's works whether they be Ayashi no Ceres or Alice 19th

  • eXdream
    Another community to gather more X sites and fans.

  • Ojamajo No Maho
    Ojamajo No Maho es un community para todas las páginas de Ojamajo Doremi; 'Porque todas deben de estar unidas'. Ojamajo No Maho community for all the Ojamajo Doremi pages, 'Because they should be join'.

  • The Cheju Island Community
    Community for fans of the Korean manga

  • Anime Romance Fanfiction Community
    For all sites sporting any anime romance fanfiction!

  • Dark Moon Community
    A community for all different kids of anime.

  • CosmosFanFiction.Net
    Fanfiction of all types.NO DISCRIMINATION'S!. what we have. Chartroom, Media files,Pictures, Fanfiction, links, and more.

  • Saturn's Diary
    un community dedicado 100% a sailor saturn/hotaru tomoe!!!! tiene de todo (casi) videos, mp3 , fotos y proximamente layouts!!!!

  • Memorial Palace
    A community for anime fans that they use to remember their favorite anime characters from their favorite shows...

  • Baka Hanyou
    A Inuyasha Community what much is there to say ^-^ oh your site must be inuyasha related ;)

  • Kingdom of Shadows Community
    Come to this community, and check out the top yugioh sites on the net.

  • Rave
    A Rave or Groove Adventure rave community. Only the best Rave sites on the net. :)

  • Naruto Caracter Shrines
    a community devoted to naruto character shrines

  • B-chan's Anime Community
    It's all links to anime sites! ONLY Anime. For all ages!

  • Matantei Loki Ragnarok Community
    A community for fans of Sakura Kinoshita's anime+manga series "Matantei Loki Ragnarok."

  • Chichiko's Inuyasha Community
    This community is strictly for what I deem some of the better Inuyasha websites. All you really need to show is that the website is Inuyasha-based, has a good layout, and that you are at least updating every once in a while (2 week limit for updating). You don't need to have a certain number of hits on your counter, and your site can even be under construction! Just provide the requirements I mentioned before and you're good!
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