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  • Peachy R Us
    A community devoted to anything Peach Girl related!

  • Sub Snobs
    The community for people who prefer subtitles.

  • Anime Stars
    The community of the top anime sites around.

  • The Ami And Makoto Community
    This is a community that links together sites that have Ami and Makoto as a couple on them here, so check it out.

  • GALS! Unite
    A Community to Unite all GALS related sites

  • Neo King Jupiters' Sailormoon
    A community for any and all Sailormoon Related Sites!

  • The Jupiter Oak Evolution Community
    The Jupiter Oak Evolution Community is a community for any fan of Kino Makoto/Sailor to join. You DO NOT have to have a site dedicated to Jupiter to join.

  • Tennyo: Celestial Maidens
    The Tennyo Community is designed to link together domains, collectivites and sites (created and maintained by women, young and old) with an interest in Japanese culture.

    a community designed to link together sites about the anime series "Akihabara Denno Gumi" aka "Cyber Team in Akihabara"

  • Otakingdom: A GAINAX Community
    Devoted to the greatest anime studio ever, this community is for fans of GAINAX productions such as Evangelion, His and Her Circumstances, FLCL, Nadia, and others.

  • Black is Black
    A community for all sites related to the anime, NOIR.

  • Hunter X hunter WEb Community
    A community for hxh ONLY.

  • Love Hina Community - Brasil
    Finalmente um Community brasileiro de sites sobre Love Hina. Se você tiver um site de LH, se inscreva!!!

  • Anime Research
    what is actually the true secret of blue water, evangelion and similar - how are anime characters and stories built upon certain principles - use of esoteric traditions and myth - writing techniques - how to use anime and cosplay for meditation and spiritual and physical health - eternal youth by watching anime, being an otaku and konquecommunity the world - how to be a selfdrawn anime character who draws itself as it want's to forever

  • Inuyasha Hotties Community
    A Community for the HOTTIES of Inuyasha!(Male or Female!)

  • The Fluffy Community
    Sesshoumaru-sama has a community just for Fluffy fans.

  • Mystic Realm
    A community for Anime lovers!

  • Ramen?
    An IY community [Ramen?] to gather all IY fan sites! ^_^ Please save & upload Ramen? picture to your own server.

  • D. Gray-Man logs
    A community for D.Gray-Man fans with logs or other online journals ♥

  • Okamichan
    Okamichan is a community consisting of Slayers (the anime) art and fiction, as well as the totally un-Slayers-related novel

  • One Star Voice Acting
    A community for Amatuer Voice Actors and Actresses, together we are all one star!

  • Mysterious Girls Next Door
    A community for fans of Koge Donbo's anime/manga Pita-Ten

  • Annoyed the Community
    a community for everyone that gets annoyed.. like i am now w/ yahoo merging w/ everything!

  • Taito Fans Unite!
    A place for fans of TaichiXYamato to unite and enjoy other TaichiXYamato sites.

  • Fiery Girls of Anime
    If you have a site that includes an anime female who is famous for her fiery temper, such as Ryoko, Urd, Shayla-Shayla or Lina Inverse, then this community is for you!{;}

  • The Sailormoon Fandom Community
    A community dedicated to Sailormoon Fandom (eg. Fan sites, fan fiction, fan art, fan clubs, etc.).

  • Aeka's Community
    The Original Aeka's Community, relocated from Community.screwedupashell.org

  • Right Some Good Anime, Eh?
    For all Canadian anime fans who like to express their insanity to the world! Hey, American anime fans supporting Canadian anime fans can join too! HUZZAH!

  • moon kittys anonymous
    my community is for those of us who admit to having an obsession with the moon kittys of sailor moon.

  • Mystical Saiyans only
    there are those with the power{;}and those who have the strength{;}but it is those with the stile who rise above them all!~! are you good enough?

  • Cruel Angels Anime Circle of Darkness
    A community for any anime, manga, or RPG site!

  • The Mimou Monarchy
    Love Mimi? Love Jyou? Then join the Monarchy---the coolest community around, totally dedicated to your favorite blue and pink digital couple!

  • A+ Anime
    A community for anime sites that deserve A+s

  • Boys' Heaven Yaoi Community
    The purpose of this community is to promote the spread of yaoi/shounen-ai anime, manga, original and fan-based fiction or art.

  • Cabbit Lover Association community
    A community for cabbit lovers..

  • Slayers Chibis Anonymous
    A little Slayers community I thought up when I was bored. I mean chibis are cute! Everyone loves them, but you just don't see any communitys for them. Just join this community for fun.

  • The Weißcommunity Community
    *Another* WK community, of course....after all, doesn't Weiss deserve millions of communitys? It *is* the best anime after all ^_^

  • Sakura the Cardcaptor
    Madison's Multimedia, Kero's Clow Guide, humor and so much more!

  • The iMac Community
    A macintosh community that anyone can join who like macs!

  • f l a v a
    FLAVA is a group of Fine Looking Amateur Voice Actors who enjoy producing their own radioplays and video clips utilizing their own vocal talents! Enjoy, sit back, and relax: Leave your inhibitions at the door, we are a friendly community.

  • Slayers Yaoi
    A community made specifically for the few Slayers web sites that contain yaoi. If you like to pair up characters like Zelgadis and Xelloss, or maybe Zelgadis and Gourry, and you have a web site that expresses this through fan fiction or art, this is the community for you!

  • CG Cosplay
    a community for anyone that likes to CG cosplayers' pictures ^_^

  • Substance Abuse
    A collection of the best anime sites in the world

  • Dedicated
    Dedicated is a community for Pokemon character shrines.

  • ::..Anime Stars..::
    .... a Star for all Anime Lovers ....

  • TheDigiworld.Net
    The Ultimate Community for Digimon lovers around the world! Have a digimon site? Join today!

  • Project Moonbeam Community
    Join this great community that unites Sailor Moon fans from around the world in spirit and peace

  • Friends Of The Sailor Senshi
    A Community for Sailor Moon fans with Sailor Moon related (a little or a lot) websites... NO HENTAI OR ANTI-SAILORMOON PAGES PLEASE.{;}{;}New additions here are added to the Community list of FotSS.{;}

  • Val The Ancient Slayers Lovers Community
    This community is for all lovers of Val The Ancient Dragon. Will accept lovers of Jillas, Jarbos, Filia, Overworlders, and the Slayers. International fans are most welcome. GreaterBeast ^_^

  • {chibi} ANIME
    Is your favorite anime one that doesn't hold a torch to Sailormoon's popularity, but blows it away in terms of plot? This community is for the little-known anime and thier webpages! =3
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