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  • Celestial Community of Phantom Senshi
    .. A big Sailor Moon fanatic?? ... have made your own Sailor Moon character from a fanfiction or for a site?? ... well this is the community for you!

  • Neo Anime
    Hey there! I'm Danmanga!(You may have heard of me!) My community has Anime/Manga images, info, reviews, fanfiction, fan-art, links, clubs, and lots'a other rippin' stuff!

  • Gundam X Community
    A community for sites and shrines dedicated to the mecha anime series "After War Gundam X"

  • glomped!
    If you maintain a shrine to an anime/manga series and/or character OR if you maintain a anime/manga fanfiction site, please join!

  • The Digimon Frontier Community
    The 1st english frontier community *I think*

  • Inu Logs
    A community for anyone that has a weblog and is a fan of Takahashi Rumiko's Inuyasha.

  • Gundam Wing en Español
    Community para páginas de Gundam Wing en Español

  • Ocean Symphony
    Community that Unites all websites related to Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch ^^

  • Captured
    This community links anime and video game fansites and shrines, as long as they capture the essence of the character, game or anime they are dedicated to.

  • Ayashi No Ceres Community
    The official community to Ayashi No Ceres! If you have an Ayashi No Ceres page, feel free to join ^_^

  • The Anime Artists Web RIng!
    This community is for you people who LOVE to draw anime and for you to show it off!{;}Please only submit sites with origianl work only.

  • DBZ Sugary Goodness Fanfic/Manga Community
    A place for sites dedicated to DBZ and the interesting fanstuff made for it.

  • The Tomoe Support Community
    A Community in support of one of the least appreciated characters in Rurouni Kenshin: Yukishiro (Himura) Tomoe.

  • The Treize, Wufei & Zechs Community
    The Treize, Wufei & Zechs community is, above all, a community dedicated to those three very lovely characters from Gundam Wing ^_^ It's very likely that the sites will be yaoi in nature but non-yaoi sites are welcome, too! We're fans, after all; that's what counts! This community will contain a lot of fanfics devoted to Treize Khushrenada, Chang Wufei and Zechs Marquise/Milliard Peacecraft, not to mention fan-art and doujinshi as well as official art and doujinshi!

  • The Sailor Moon Crossover And Alternate Community
    This is a community that links together pages that have Sailor Moon Crossover and Alternate History / Universe fanfics.

  • The Sailor Senshi Guild
    A Sailor Moon community for sites with anything having to do with Sailor Moon

  • Aim for the Top! Gunbuster
    A community dedicated to bcommunitying fans of "Top O Nerae! Gunbuster" together, but which is also devoted to all anime created and produced by Gainax Studios.

  • Anime Girl Network
    General anime community,sorry no hentai sites

  • (Good) Crossover Fanfiction Community
    A community collecting only the best of the best in crossover fanfiction, with a special emphasis on anime crossover fanfiction.

  • The Sailor Points Of Crystal Tokyo
    Yet another Sailor Moon community

  • Subtitled
    A community for those of us who think that subtitled anime is always, or almost always, far better than dubbed.

  • The One Piece Community
    The OP Community is a community for people with One Piece websites. If you have any type of One Piece-related website, do join us. The goal is to unite people with OP websites, as well as promoting the creation of more.

    It's a community only for PPG fans!{;}And hope all of us can become friends!^^

  • ::Ayashi no Ceres Web-Community::
    A web-community for Ayashi no ceres by Watase Yuu

  • Gals! Street
    A community for sites devoted to Mihona Fujii's Gals!

  • NARUTO logs
    A community to unite all the NARUTO fans that blog!

  • Time Stranger Kyoko
    A community uniting Time Stranger Kyoko sites of all kinds!

  • Tenipuri Logs
    A community for blog owners who love the series, Prince of Tennis!

  • The 8th Dragonball Community
    Dragonball Community

  • AnimeCommunity.com
    The Anime Community Site! Add your site to our community and start getting more traffic now! Surf through our community for your favorite anime site.

  • The Ai Tenshi Densetsu Weddingpeach Community
    community designed to link together websites featucommunity information on the magical girl series "Weddingpeach"

  • AniManga Network
    A community for anime, manga, and asian related sites to join. ^_^

  • Anime Revolution Project
    A non-yaoi anime community which includes character shrines, mixes. RPG sites are also welcomed because RPG is anime. Everyone is encouraged to join!

  • Anime Community Collectives
    A community for anime/manga sites that have collections and shrines about many anime/manga series.

  • Tenchi Muyo Fanfiction
    A community to unite sites that contain Tenchi Muyo fanfiction.

  • Duo and Hilde Forever Community
    A community dedicated to bcommunitying fellow Duo/Hilde fans together!

  • My Greppies
    A community created for the My Greppies community started by Kleytusco. The My Greppies community are sites in which the owners have created pages to their friends at Grep* Sailor Moon (www.sailormoon.org)

  • DBZ X-Treme 3-K Community of Dragons
    Welcome to our community, please join our elite group of Saiyans.

  • Kenshin's Community of Realms
    Rurouni Kenshin community for any RK site, doesn't matter if it's fanfics, images, info, anything you can join this community

  • Card Captor Sakura en español
    Anillo dedicado a reunir todas las webs de card captor Sakura en español ^_^

  • Shijin Tenchi Sho
    A community for exceptional Fushigi Yuugi sites.

  • The Trunks Guild
    A community dedicated to DBZ's Trunks, any sites having shrines to any form of Trunks are welcome!!!

  • Sylvanian Families Community
    Do you collect Sylvanian families? If you do then this community is for you :)

  • Sailor Senshi Community of Eternal Love
    A community for Sailor Moon fans, and not necessarily about romance. Come and join us!

  • The Original Kaikan Phrase Community
    A community for pages revolving around the anime and manga series kaikan phrase, by mayu shinjo.

  • Hyper Police Community
    A community for sites devoted to

  • destined
    a community for those who support sakura and syaoran!

  • Anime Star Community
    The Anime Star Communityª joins together all the greatest and coolest Anime websites on the net. Join it too!

  • Community-Community
    Community for communitys in spanish !

  • No More Words____The Inu-Yasha/Kagome Community
    A community for fans of the paicommunity Inuyasha/Kagome.
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