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  • Simply Froggy
    just another frog lovers community. :)

  • Animal Aid
    Animal Aid is dedicated to the rehoming of cats and dogs.

  • Canadian Miniature Pinschers On-Line
    A community welcoming breeders from across the world hosted by Canadian Miniature Pinschers On-Line

  • KynoXL
    Community voor leden van KynoXL

  • I <3 Manatees
    This is the members list for the official Manatee fanlisting.

  • Sweet Fangs Animal Welfare

  • Reptile Vixens
    A community for girls who own reptiles and/or amphibians.

  • Dolphins
    Who doesn't love dolphins with their spunk and bluish gray cuteness! Whether you've seen one, swam with one or even just seen them on TV, there's a lot more to these mammals than you know! This is a community dedicated to dolphins and those who love them.
    Find all kinds of neat things related to dolphins here like dolphin gifts, facts, information and products. Use this as a reference for learning or as a place to shop for all things dolphins!
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