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  • Noah's Animals
    This community is for members of the Animal Shelter team at Fun Battles

  • Paws Online
    This site is about people online and the dogs and cats that they love.

  • Tiere sind mein Leben
    Ein Community für alle privaten Internetseiten, die sich mit Tieren beschäftigen.

  • TB Fans
    A community for fans of Joanna Campbell's Thoroughbred Series

  • It's Their World Too
    This community was formed with respect to the animals with whom we share this earth. In the hope we can exist in harmony with them by letting them live cruelty-free and in peace.

  • meow-meow kitty
    A community dedicated to love of meow-meow kitties

  • Steve Irwin
    This site is to honor the Crocodile Hunter and show off any things we may have that represent our addiction to this crazy wildlife warrior.

  • Eyes of the Wild
    Sites that promotes the safty of the wolf and has lots of info about them!

  • The Beautiful Black Panther
    This community is designed to bcommunity all wild cat enthusiasts together to help our endangered cats.

  • Forever Yorkie
    A community for all who love the little Yorkshire Terrier

  • Hundbenet
    En community för hundar & hundälskare!{;}{;}One community for DOG lovers!

  • Griffon Community
    Visit the sites on the Griffon Community to obtain more information on the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon.

  • The Community of Mouselovers
    All mouselovers are welcome to join the Community; pet mice owner and breeders. Purpose of this community is to connect all Mouselovers with sites about mice worldwide. Language doesn´t matter, all are Welcome as long as the site is about real mice; fancy mice, pet mice, show mice, breeders mice and so on. You are Welcome!

  • Help Save Our Wildlife
    Website containing info about wildlife, what we can do to help. Dolphin, wolves, polar bears, eagles etc.

  • Wildlife Kingdom
    ~:*:~:*:~:*:~:*:~:*:~:*:~:*:~ {;}You should be part of the Web Brawls, or another FAMILY ORIENTED site competition...{;}You can be a fighter or a staff member, all is welcome...*S*{;}{;}Your site MUST be child friendly... {;}Absolutely NO ADULT CONTENT of any kind...{;}~:*:~:*:~:*:~:*:~:*:~:*:~:*:~

  • Rhacodactylus Geckos
    This community was made so that finding Rhacodactylus breeders & keepers is just a click away.

  • Wolfaholics Anonymous
    A community for all Wolfaholics out there! Lots of fun and soon will be a community of people who love wolves. Anyone who owns a wolf site may join! :)

  • I love Neopets!
    If you love Neopets and have a shop or a pet's page then please join my community :-)

  • The Love Club For Pets
    Any with imagination and cats and dogs are welcome, you can find your pet-love on this lovely site, please join.

  • Save the Tigers
    all sites that have to do with tigers, bigcats, that show our love for them {;}lets save the tigers.

  • WolvesTeam
    This Wolves Team Community is for members of the Denesth Site Competition Wolves Team Members only. Join in and have a howling good time!

  • Support Our Shelters Community
    This Community was established 6/16/02 to link together sites that belong to, or support Support Our Shelters.

  • Chinchilla
    Community for Chinchilla-Sites

  • Adoptables
    If you have a website where you can adopt online graphics, then this is the place for you!

  • Pet Cams
    A community for people who love to show off their doofy pets.

  • Norsk Tamrotteforenings Nettcommunity
    Velkommen til Norsk Tamrotte Forenings nettcommunity! Her er stedet hvor alle som har en hjemmeside om rotter kan melde seg på.

  • Community Dedicated to Foxes
    Foxes are wonderful little animals that we rarely ever get to see in the flesh. As beautiful as they appear on TV; there are things about foxes that will amaze you! That's just one of the reasons why this community may be for you!
    This community dedicated to all things to do with the fox is a great place to find information and pictures on foxes for research or simply just curiosity. You can read all about foxes like the Red Fox, The Artic Fox and more.

  • Steve Irwin Crocodile Hunter
    The Crocodile Hunter is a wildlife documentary TV series hosted by the late Steve Irwin and his wife Terri. This community is all about him and his legacy.
    This community gives you access to all things to do with Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter. Use it to Find information about Steve Irwin, his death and products from his shows and much more. What a great place for fans and admirers!

  • The Penguin (Sphenisciform)
    Penguin (Sphenisciform) Information, Research, Pictures, Photos, Books, Toys and more. Penguin resource.

  • The Miniature Schnauzer Community
    If you own a site that is related to mini schnauzers, then you are more than welcome to join. {;}{;}But I must say this, I kind of only choose the pages that I think have a reasonable amount of content in them and not just links, fun, easy to navigate, easy to understand, and that kind of stuff. {;}{;}Sorry - but the reason for this is because I don't want the community to be full of sites that are not interesting. You know, sites that are do not contain much. {;}{;}But have a go and see if you can get in. If you don't, I'll try to point out how you can get better.

  • Lowchen World Community
    Community of Lowchen sites from around the world.

  • Rodent Breeders Community
    Welcome to our community for breeders of any type of rodents. If you breed rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, cavies, etc. come join!{;}Note: Ferrets are not rodents! They have a very different body structure, and are not in the same family as the rodent, so bet on putting your ferretry here! ~Melanee, community master

  • Svenska Brukshundklubbar
    A community for workingdog clubs in Sweden{;}

  • Persian and Himalayan Cat Community
    Come and visit our brand new community.{;}Under Construction.

  • Teddy Community
    This is a community for all bears and bear lovers! Join today!

  • Please Spay and Neuter Us
    Welcome to the "Please Spay and Neuter Us" community. This community is dedicated into promoting spay and neuter. I am a firm believer in animal welfare and the importance of spay/neuter causes, and created this community just for that purpose. Please Join our community into promoting the importance of spay and neuter.

  • Asian & Oriental Dog Breeds
    This community is for all owners/breeders of dog breeds of Asian and Oriental origins.

  • Vaccinate Us! Net Community
    Help promote vaccinating your animal, please join our community!

  • The Panda's Sanctuary Net Community
    In order to create awareness and a concience of how important it is to protect and preserve the wildlife we have conceived the

  • Brücke des Regenbogens
    This is a site for our most beloved pets, that have passed away.{;}Dies ist ein Community für unsere vierbeinigen Freunde, die gestorben sind. Wir wollen sie in Erinnerung halten.

  • Natural and Holistic Dog&Cat
    This community was created for those people who believe in using Natural,Homeopathic and Holistic methods for their pets.

  • Here There Be Dragonflies
    a community for sites that contain dragonfly facts, graphics, links, or photographs {;}

  • Wildlife and Nature Conservation
    Creature Creations Resource Center for Wildlife Nature and Conservation. Free Wallpaper & Screensavers{;}{;}wildlife animal nature conservation mammals birds fish snakes reptiles insects spiders primitive habitats

  • Tigers Community
    anything to do with tigers, bigcats, or anyother endangered animals

  • 2CH's community of adorable dogs
    A family friendly community devoted to all our furry friends

  • Virtual Zoo
    Virtual Zoo. Pictures of many animals! Including: addax, baboons, bats, bears, birds, buffalo, butterflies, camels, crocodiles, elephants, flamingos, frogs, giraffes, gorillas, hippos, lions, macaws, monkeys, ostrich, peacock, penguins, polar bears, rhinos, seals, snakes, snow leopards, tigers, and zebras! Photos taken at Chicago's Brookfield and Lincoln Park Zoos!

  • The Wolf Den
    Join the wolf den, for lovers of wolves everywhere, sites including anything on wolves or people that are lovers of wolves and just want to know more can also join. {;}The Wolf Den homepage includes chats, clubs, communitys, top sites, banner exchange, issues, take actions and much more. {;}so come check itout and learn about the wolves

  • Master Lizard Community
    Links to lizards sites

  • Animal Awareness Community
    A community to link together all sites promoting animal awareness, animal rights and animal protection!

  • Simba's Pride Community
    Do you have a website that is dedicated to felines?Are you a TLK fan?If you are,then join this community!
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