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  • Kitty Cats On The Net
    It is a community for all cat and kittens who have made a webpage of their own and for those who have a webpage on cats/kittens

  • Feral Cat Community
    This community is dedicated to all the feral cats of the world. May they know that somebody loves them.

  • Siberian Husky Community
    A community for all Siberian Huskies and their families to learn, explore and grow from.

  • Pygmy Goat Community
    Pages concerning the raising, showing and breeding of Pygmy Goats.

  • Tiki's Buddies Community
    Tiki is a sweet Lhasa Apso who enjoys meeting new friends. Join her community and become part of this

  • Spirit Of PetVille Site Of Excellence Community
    This community is for truly excellent sites that comform to the spirit of PetVille. Sites *must* be pet-related (by, for, or about pets), should encourage animal adoptions, animal rescues, spaying and neutecommunity pets, and/or animal welfare. The site may be about any type of pet, but should be outstanding. Grammar and spelling should be as perfect as possible, unless their is a clear reason it should not be (for instance, if the pets themsleves do the talking). There should be no broken links or graphics. Any music or sounds should have the capability of being turned off by the visitor. The

    This community is for all of those who have dachshunds. If you breed or show your dachshund or if you just want to show your dachshund webpage off, you are WELCOME!

  • Black Cat Community
    This is a community for people who are owned by black cats. In memory of my dear Ren who was the best black cat ever.

  • Canine Epilepsy Community
    Does your dog have epilepsy/seizures? This community joins together the homepages of others living with dogs who have seizures and pages providing resources for you.

  • Bearded Collie Community
    Welcome to the Bearded Collie community, this community is designed to link together pages for Bearded Collie enthusiasts from all corners of the world. Our only qualifications for membership are that you have a page devoted to Bearded Collies, promote responsible dog ownership and are not a commercial breeder. Please note that we will not accept applications without the HTML code being easily found on your web site.

  • Toggenburg Dairy Goat Community
    This is THE community for Toggenburg Dairy Goat breeder Web Pages

  • Brandi's Cool Pet Sites Community
    All pets are welcome to join my community dogs, cats, horses etc.{;}Please note that any site containing abuse to animals, adult material, puppy mills or links promoting these kinds of things will not be allowed into this community. Please place the community code on the page that you submitted into the community. Thank You :){;}

  • Hamster Community
    The community for all hamster lovers! If you have a great page about your hamster(s) or just hamsters in general, this is the community for you!

  • Meow City Community
    Creating web of Cat related sites, Meow City will take you on wonderful travels through the best Cat sites ever!

  • Save Shelter Animals
    The most important thing you can do to save shelter animals, aside from going there and adopting them yourself, is to have your companion animals spayed or neutered! This community bcommunitys together sites which promote spaying or neutecommunity animals, and also sites which promote kindness to animals and animal rights.

  • Lovely Cats
    A community for all cat lovers.

  • Noble Wildcats
    This community represents any and all sites who's main focus is the conservation and preservation of our exotic wild cats.

  • Faidian
    This is a community for sites housing Faidian adoption critters -- melceys, carmors, neccos, chevei, lorriams, etc. If you have a collective for all your Arborwin Adoptions pets, please join! ^_^

  • Purcommunity Pals
    A community for cats whom love to purr :)

  • Belgian Shepherd Community
    Welcome to the Belgian Shepherd community, this community is designed to link together pages for Belgian Shepherd enthusiasts from all corners of the world. Our only qualifications for membership are that you have a page devoted to Belgian Shepherds, promote responsible dog ownership and are not a commercial breeder. Please note that we will not accept applications without the HTML code being easily found on your web site.

  • CRF Cats
    If you have a Cat With CRF, or if you have lost a Cat with CRF please join our community and support the fight.

  • K9 Connection Community
    This community is open to all dog lovers across the world. Please join us!

  • I Support My Local Shelter
    A community dedicated to supporting needy animal shelters!

  • BunnyLovers
    Bunny rabbit lovers unite :) If your site has anything to do with bunnies or rabbits (even Easter) then join us :) Only family-safe sites please :)

  • SOW-Save our Wild Cats
    A community dedicated to protecting and saving our world's wild Cats.

  • Simon's Legacy
    This is a tribute to Simon. If his story can change one mind, evoke compassion and move people to act, then his suffecommunity was not in vain. Help spread the message-Stop animal abuse.

  • Tierfreund Community
    Ein Community für Tierfreunde, ich hoffe das sich hier eine menge zusammen finden werden. Diesem Community kann jeder beitreten der eine Hp über Tiere hat, dabei ist es egal um welches Tier es sich handelt. Es können Spinnen oder Tiger sein oder eben Hunde und Katzen, is echt egal denn ich finde das jedes Tier dem Herrchen oder Frauchen auf seine art und weise Freude bereitet :O)

  • I'm Spoiled and Proud of It
    This community is for Those furbabies that know they are spoiled and proud of it

  • Petsburgh's Official Community
    This community is open for any site{;}that has a page for a pet

  • World of Ragdolls Community
    A Community for All Ragdoll Websites!

  • FRETTCHEN und MARDER Community
    Für alle Seiten, die sich Frettchen als Haustieren oder Jagdtieren, mit Mardern und allen marderartigen wie Nerz, Wiesel, Hermelin beschäftigen. Es werden Seiten aller Sprachen aufgenommen

  • Animal Care Community!
    Do you have a web site that helps tell people how to take care of a animal?{;}Does it have good information on what they need to eat? What heat (if reptile type of animal) types it needs? {;}Do you want more people coming to your site to find out this information?{;}If you answered yes to these above questions, then this is the community for you!

  • Pet Lovers Community
    This community is for pages about your pet. It doesn't matter if your pet is a dog or a cow or what. The page must be about that animal (those animals).

  • Catmania!
    A community for cat maniacs

  • Stripecat's Community
    Hi! I'm Stripes, and this is my very own community. I am the official Purr-fect website spokescat for anti-declawing...if you believe that declawing is not a nice thing to do...then please join us and help spread the word!

  • Brittany Community
    If you are interested in the Brittany, this is the community for you. Visit websites from around the world all about Brittanys.

  • spirit of the wolf
    Hello this is the origanal spirit of the wolf community that has been around Since 12/31/96 . We moved here from community . org . It is run by Timber Wolf .This communitys is for wolf pages by people who love wolfs . want to help protect them and bcommunity awareness about them The community is also for wolf dog pages by people who love them and want to educate people on them and protect them If you have a endangerd animals that is not about wolves or not your welcome to join

  • My Norwegian Ferret Family Community
    Come join our fuzzy family! Promote ferret web site fellowship and have some fun. Have a Fuzzy Day :)

  • Mythical Wildlife
    This community is for all sites involved with the Mythical Wildlife team at Fantasy Fights.

  • Wolf Spirit & Awareness Community
    A site dedicated to the wolf and educating others in becoming aware of this beautiful animal. Also give Wolf Spirit Awards, come visit!

  • Community - La Maison des Animaux
    La Maison des Animaux invitent tous les sites consacrés aux animaux et ā la protection des animaux mais aussi la nature au jardin ...

  • Svenska Rex-Katter
    Den här communityen är till för svenska hemsidor med innehåll om huvudsakligen devon rex eller cornish rex katten. Om du har en egen katt eller är uppfödare får du vara med. Även kommersiella sidor tillåts vara med om man har bra kattprodukter att erbjuda.

  • Amature Equine Breeders and Showmen
    We are here to support the amature horse person. We offer advice, services, and programs for all who are interested and strive to be the best they can.

  • The Dogo Canario Community
    The Dogo Canario Community consists of websites that promote, educate and feature this magnificent breed of dog from the Canary Islands. The Dogo Canario is also known through out the world as the Presa Canario.{;}

  • For the Love of Turtles
    For the love Turtles

  • Cornish Rex Community!
    Community for sites devoted to Cornish Rex cats.

  • Safe Harbor
    For sites supporting the Safe Harbor Campaign, working to end homelessness for animals. if you aren't a member of the Safe Harbor Campaign, all you need to do is download the graphics and display it on your Animal Rights page - and let me know :)

  • Save Carriage Horses!
    Horses and city traffic is a deadly mix. Most cities have only minimal regulations governing working conditions for carriage horses, and even these regulations are rarely enforced. Please help me spread the word that carriage rides are inhumane to horses, and should be banned in all cities. Don't get taken for a ride!

  • Swine
    The Swine Community was created to bcommunity together websites that have (one or more) pages dedicated to (you know...) pigs!

  • Tiger Universe
    This community is dedicated to help save the worlds tiger population.
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