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  • Whiskers N Tails
    This community was created for the Whiskers N Tails team at The Fantasy Fights, past and present. You do not have to be a member to join, but I do encourage you to be a part of our team and family. {;}{;}Requirements for this web-community are quite simple. First, your site must be family friendly. Second, you must be an animal lover. That's all!{;}{;}Please come take a look at the Whiskers N Tails team at Fantasy Fights! It's tons of fun!!!{;}{;}Fantasy Fights:{;}http://www.webcompetition.net{;}{;}Whiskers N Tails Team:{;}http://www.webcompetition.net/~felines

  • A Pony Trail
    This community is dedicated to all businesses and services offecommunity public interaction with animals. This includes, but is not limited to: Pony Rides, Petting Zoos, Trailriding and Carriage Rides. If you are looking for these services in your area, or if you operate one of these services, this is the place to go!

  • Purrific Tabby Community
    If you have a Tabby Cat, of any colour please join our Community!

  • The Community O'Tabby
    A community for all those Tiny Little Tigers...TabbyCats. Whether you are a TabbyCat with stripes or just one at heart...this community is for you!

  • Djurcommunityen
    En community för alla som gillar djur

  • Secret Forest
    This Community is about our wildlife and pets around the world. A safe home for our animals of the world

  • Every Pet Deserves a Loving Home
    This community was made for all the countless numbers of homeless animals who desperately need and deserve loving, permanent homes. Please don't turn your back on them - if you can find room in your heart, please take in a homeless pet!

  • Cocos Castle Community
    Cocos Castles Community is designed to Bcommunity all Pet Lovers together.

  • United Coalition of Animal Activists
    United Coalition of Animal Activists is for all people who love and defend animals. Our goal is to support one another in our ongoing efforts to improve the lives of all animals.

  • The AAA Against Animal Abuse Community!
    This community is for sites related to animal abuse, or animals that have been abused, or in need of help. This community is here to bcommunity people's attention to animal abuse so that people will know that it is happening and that we can not turn our backs no more. These animals need our help.{;}

  • Lost Friends- pet memorial
    This community is for pet memorial sites ONLY!

  • Animal Rescue
    For anyone that does Animal Rescue, Foster Care and Shelter Adoptions. If you've given a Furry Friend a 2nd chance please join. This is part of Communitys For A Cause.

  • Black & White Cat Community
    If you have a Black and White Cat please come and join our Community

  • Greyhounds Love Racing
    Our Greyhound community has pro-racing and neutral websites. A chance to see the {;}greyhound community and who it is comprised of. Education is the key!

  • Precious Bridge Babies
    Do you have a Precious Bridge Baby who you love and miss? This community is for everyone who has a precious one at the bridge - or pays tribute to others that are there. If your precious one is at the Bridge, we welcome you.

  • Cry of Wolves
    This community seeks to unite sites that promote the preservation of the wolf and, in general, all other endangered wildlife.

  • Golden Retriever Fanciers
    A place for golden retriever fanciers to show off their furkids. ;)

  • Show Dogs Toy Group
    A Community exclusively for Toy show dogs. This Community is dedicated to all aspects of showing(ie.Conformation,Agility,Obedience...) It will be limited to sights that promote ethical practices in breeding,showing... {;}

  • Calico Cat
    If you have a Calico Cat, or a Calico Cat owns you please join the community!

  • Chinese Crested Breeder Community Deluxe
    A joining of Chinese Crested Breeders from around the world. This is a great place to learn about this charming toy breed of dog. The two varieties (hairless and powderpuff) are displayed with lots of breed information. *Any crested breeder may join this community.The community master does not endorse breeders on this community as being ethical. You may contact breeders and come to your own conclusions.

  • Just Say No To Factory Farming!
    Just Say No To Factory Farming Community{;}is dedicated to help bcommunity the plight of {;}farm animals to the attention of the public and to show our commitment to end the horrible suffecommunity they are forced to endure.

  • No More Downers Community!
    The No More Downers Community is dedicated to help stop the horrible suffecommunity of downed farm animals.

  • FeLV/FIV+ Cats Deserve a Chance!
    This community promotes understanding of the two diseases FeLV and FIV, and illustrates that FeLV or FIV positive cats can lead long, healthy lives - they don't need to be put to sleep!

    If your looking to show off your French Bulldog, this is the place.{;}{;}Buisnesses are not allowed to join.

  • All Things Wise And Wonderful
    This community is for any site about, for or by pets anywhere on the web. This community is for anyone with a pet site. Your site should have some content other than just links. Pictures of your pets, stories, poems, drawings, and much more are all welcome in this community Commercial sites need not apply. We do not allow sites that condone the abuse of animals, hunting, fishing, or any other sport or activity in which animals are harmed or killed. PetVille is a Kid Safe Community. No porn, hacking, bigotry, hate sites, child exploitation, excessively offensive material or language or warez al

  • Southern Women Pets
    This community is for members of the Southern Women Community only. The purpose is to have a place where we can share pages dedicated to our loving pets.

  • Land Of The Wolves
    Wonderful community about wolves.{;}No two species have a more tangled, more intimate and more shadowy set of relationships than Homo sapiens and Canis lupus. Please help save our brother and sister wolf.

  • Rescued Dogs Community
    This community was created on November 9, 1997 with the aim of linking together the websites of people who have taken in dogs from shelters, pounds, refuges, strays, dogs unwanted by their previous owners or are "dog foster parents". Rescue Organizations are also welcome to join. You site will held in the queue until you email us to check your site for activation. If not within 7 days it will removed. We do not under any circumstances allow sites that are not children appropriate. NOTE: NO SITE WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT CONTACTING US FIRST.

  • Brukshundscommunityen
    En community för sidor om brukshundar, brukssporten och tjänstehundar. Sidorna är på svenska, norska eller danska.

  • Tabby Ribbon Community
    Tabby Ribbon Community that supports our Tabby Ribbon Cause

  • Crazy About Penguins Community
    If you have a webpage about penguins, this community is for you!

  • Heartland Cats Community
    Although this community was originally set up for cat sites in the Heartland of Geocities, it has now been expanded to any cat site that has a homestead in Geocities. So please come and join us - we are one big happy cat family.

  • Save The Sharks
    A community dedicated to promoting shark conservation.

  • Ginger Cat
    If you have a Ginger Cat, or your Ginger Cat owns you please join the Community!

  • Wolves of Dawn Circle
    A www community that bcommunitys together web pages that serve a common goal: to promote wolves in the wild, to share knowledge of wolves, and drive out superstition.

  • The Smitten Kitten
    This community is for anyone that is a cat lover and have at least one cat about cats on your site.

  • Angel Fur Babies
    This community is devoted to all the fur babies who are waiting at Rainbow Bridge to see you once again!

  • Compassion for All Creatures
    Compassion for All Animals is dedicated to making sure that mice, rats and birds will be included in the Animal Welfare Act. The Animal Welfare Act provides very minimal protection for all animals..now that these tiny animals have been granted protection under the AWA, biomedical research groups are rallying together to have them once again exempted from these basic protections.

  • Tiger Lovers
    Family safe sites only that include at least one thing about Jungle Cats (Tigers especially) :)

  • The Official Australian Dog Community
    The first, original Australian Dog Community. Join now, to increase your traffic!{;}All dogs & breeders welcome. {;}No Puppy Mills!!

  • The Dancing Bears Petition
    A community-petition for anybody who is against the cruelty to the 'dancing bears' of India. Please go to my site for more details.

  • Lillahundcommunityen
    En community för alla hundintresserade

  • Pets Are Not A Fad
    What constitutes a fad? The hula hoop, the slinky, barbie dolls. Pets Are Not A Fad and they are not disposable. Once the novelty wears off, many people discard pets as nothing more than merchandise. This is wrong. If you believe this too, please consider joining this community. Thanks!

  • Free To A Good Home
    This site concerns the welfare of pets that are given away for free and what horrors await them. Be responsible with your animals and never just give them away without carefully interviewing prospective adopters, checking their personal/vet references and always getting a small donation. Those who plan to sell surplus animals to labs or to use them as a food source for the poor will not find it worth their while if they have to leave a donation.

  • The Rainbow Angels Community
    Community of memorial sites dedicated to all beloved animal companions that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

  • The Loveable Lab Community
    This community is dedicated to Labrador Retrievers and the assurance the breed will remain pure and excellent quality.

  • Hunting Hurts Community
    Hunting Hurts Community is dedicated to help stop the senseless torture, suffecommunity and killing of all animals who are a victim of hunting.

  • Blue Eyed Cat
    If you have a gorgeous blue yed cat please join this unique community. No Breeder sites allowed.

  • The Spotted/Striped Cat Community
    This community is devoted to all spotted or striped cats! Even if your cat has only a few spots or stripes, please join this fun and unique community.

  • Animal Lover's
    A site to bcommunity together those who love animals of all kinds, regardless of species or breed.
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