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  • Alaskan Malamutes
    A community of Websites dedicated to all aspects of the pure bred Alaskan Malamute, arguably the most noble of all canine breeds. All aspects are covered, from conformation showing, working, and sledding to obedience. A{;}lot of sites have considerable information on all aspects, both pro and{;}con, on owning an Alaskan Malamute. Something for everyone interested in this breed here!

  • Paw Prints On The Heart
    This community is dedicated to animal rights. We will do all we can to stop animal cruelty and abuse. We are also against puppy mill breeders who cage their animals and breed them everytime just for profit. This community will also supply information on defferent petitions to prosecute the criminals for animal abuse. This is a community that loves their animals and these little creatures have placed their paw prints on our heart.

    If you believe, as I do, that all animals deserve to be treated with love, kindness and respect, I invite you to join this community. Your site does not have to be about animal rights, or even animals. Family safe community.

  • Bcommunity A Stray Into Your Heart And Home
    Every stray deserves a home with love, warmth, food and kindness. Please keep this in mind when you see a homeless cat, that she probably once had all those things; and, please help us spread the word by joining this community. Your site does not have to be about cats or animals to join.

  • Please Remember Me
    This community is for all sites with pet memorials. You can use your own pics of your pet.

  • The Bridge Babies Memorial Community
    A memorial community for our dearly beloved pets who are now Bridge Babies waiting at Rainbow Bridge, to be reunited with us.

  • The Owner-Handler's Community
    The Owner-Handler's Community is designed for those who exhibit and handle their dogs in conformation, obedience, and field events. Members must qualify in order to join. Requirements are listed on our homepage. {;}

  • Community of Gold
    A community devoted to the love of Golden Retrievers.

  • The Keeper Of The Stars Community
    A private community for the winners of the BratCats' Keeper of the Stars Award. This award is given to those who devote their time and efforts to animal welfare/rescue/shelter, and especially to those who adopt these strays and give them a second chance at life. If you would like to join this community, you must first apply for our award.

  • The Cats Are Friends Forever Community
    I want the Cats Are Friends Forever Community to join together sites that are about cats. The community should join together sites that talk about cats and cat-related information, and can contain any appropriate material that talks about cats and how much we love and appreciate them. I'd like the site to have members that promote the proper care and humane treatment of cats, encourage the neutecommunity and spaying of cats, adoption of shelter cats, and the care and love necessary to responsibly own (or be owned by!) cats.{;}

  • Ginger's Community Of Rescued Animals
    Does your site promote rescued/adopted animals? Join Ginger's community! Ginger is an FIV+ former feral cat who is living the good life now! Non-profit orgs. and shelters are welcome and encouraged to join.

  • Adopt An Older Animal
    You do not have to have an animal-related site to join this community. Please support the adoption of older companion animals.

  • Spay/Neuter - It Just Makes Sense
    This community is for all responsible pet owners. All pets should be spayed/neutered - it is the only humane and responsible thing to do. Please show your support of this very important cause by joining us!

  • Save Innocent Lives--Spay & Neuter
    Save Innocent Lives--Spay & Neuter is a community for those who support this cause and agree it is the only way to put an end to the overpopulation of animals.

  • We Are Animal Guardians
    The community is to emphasize the fact that we are all animal guardians, NOT animal owners. Companion animals are living, breathing, sentient beings, and they should be treated with the same love and respect that we give to fellow humans.

  • Adopt A Forgotten Shelter Animal
    This community is part of the Communitys For A Cause network. It is in honor of all shelter animals who spend a long time waiting for their perfect home. This site is now closed and no new members will be added.

  • Cats R My Life Community
    This community is dedicated to all people who are owned by their cats. We promote Spay/Neuter and only the proper treatment of our beloved feline friends.

  • Loving Malamutes
    This is a Community dedicated to all sizes of the purebred Alaskan Malamute. Honocommunity it's magnificence in all it's splendor.

  • Love me, Love my cats
    This community is dedicated to anyone who believes that cats are part of their family. Under no circumstances will any sites related to or showing abuse to animals or any other living creature be allowed. We are a family/kid safe community. Hope to see you soon!

  • Save a Life - Adopt a Stray
    This community focuses on the plight of unwanted shelter and stray animals, and promotes the adoption of these precious animals.

  • Universe 2002 Fantasy
    Universe 2002 Fantasy Community is designed with you in mind! This Community is for any site having fantasy, futuristic, science fiction, unicorns and such for all folks like yourself, who take pride in their site and would like to participate in a little FUN and bcommunity more traffic to your web site by joining now....come on and do it.{;}

  • Catlovers Against Declawing
    The Catlovers Against Declawing Community is open to everyone who is against declawing cats. Your website need not be cat-related to join this community.

  • Whiskers'n Tails Community
    This community is for everyone who loves cats. All cat lovers are welcome to join!

  • Pet Messages With Meaning Community
    This community is open to any website that has a meaningful pet-related message to convey or share with others. This can be a beautiful poem or story about, or memorializing your pet, a page about an animal rights issue, one relating to spay/neutecommunity, grooming advice/tips, sponsocommunity/adopting/rescuing pets, offecommunity pets for

  • Beautiful Tigers
    This community is to bcommunity awareness of the Plight to Save the Tiger. Any site that is Family freindly may join the community.

  • Pocket Bishonen Community
    Based on the phenomenon of Pokémon, Pocket Bishonen allows you to submit, catch, train, etc. your own bishonen. This community is for anyone who has caught bishonen and wants to submit their site!

  • Pets 'R Us
    Anything and everything pets and animals! If you have a family-friendly webpage about your pets, please feel free to join this community.

    This community was designed to protect our beautiful animals from abuse of any kind. Please join to show your support!

  • The Show Dogs Community
    A community joining all breeds of show dogs from all countries.

  • Voice of the Wolf
    show your love for the wolf!

  • Pride of Petsburgh Community
    Community for Pride of Petsburgh Winners Only

  • Precious Babies Community
    Do you have a Precious Baby who is "part of your world"? {;}If your answer is yes, please join us! It's simple to do!{;} All animals (and their loving humans of course)are welcome.

  • Dogbones & Catnip
    This community is for people who are owned by their Dog or Cat.

  • Feral & Proud!
    Show your support of feral cat rescue and adoption by joining the Feral & Proud! community. Your site does not have to be animal-related.

  • Feisty Felines
    This community is for Feisty Felines. Real cats only please. You must have at least one page about your cats.

  • Pets On The Net
    A community devoted to personal homepages for pets of all kind. {;}

  • Cats in Company Community
    Cats In Company Community: A Corporation for Felines

  • Labrador Retriever Show Community
    Labrador Retriever Show Community is for breeders, owners, enthusiasts, and exhibitors that enjoy showing in conformation, obedience, agility, hunting and field trials.

  • Stop the Slaughter in Korea!
    This community addresses the horrible slaughter of cats and dogs in Korea. Cats and dogs, even in Korea, are protected by law as companion animals; yet, the law isn't enforced in Korea. Cats and dogs are raised to be brutally tortured and killed and then eaten. Koreans think that the more torture they put the animal through before it dies, the greater the aphrodisiac qualities of the meat, and the better the herbal remedies. This brutal slaughter MUST end.

  • Nordiska katter
    Har du en hemsida om katter?{;}Anmäl den då till Nordkatt! Communityen för alla katthemsidor. Har du minst en katt på din hemsida och bor i något av de nordiska länderna (Norge, Finland, Island, Danmark, Färöarna, Sverige) så är du mycket välkommen till Nordkatt.

  • Unicorns and Rainbows Community
    Hi My name is Howard and I'm the Communitymaster of Unicorns & Rainbows Community. This is my page have fun. My sight is of unicorns,art,graphics,poems and awards you can apply for and much more. {;}{;}

  • Say NO to Fur!
    This community was made with the welfare of all creatures of the earth in mind. Fur-beacommunity animals face cruel and inhumane deaths at the hands of hunters and fur farms, and what for? We don't need ANY fur products any more. Luxurious synthetic furs and fabrics are just as beautiful and just as warm as real fur. Please, if you are unsure whether an item has real fur on it, don't buy it! It is our duty as citizens of the earth to protect our precious animals.

  • Groovy Gray Kitties Community
    The Groovy Gray Kitties Community is a community for all gray kitties and those who love and appreciate their specialness. The community is only open to family-friendly sites and no site displaying any sign of human/animal abuse will be admitted to the community.

  • Declawing Hurts
    Dedicated to educating that declawing is amputating. It is inhumane and cruel and needs to be stopped!

  • Community Of Retrievers
    A community for personal site or a Retriever informational site or both. Owners, rescues, clubs, breeders, trainers, etc; everyone is welcome to join.

  • Circle of Cyber Pets
    For all cyber pets and the people who enjoy adopting them.

  • The Maltese Community
    To have as much information as possiable about the Maltese dog breed on the internet for people to learn before they take on a dog that may not be right for them.

  • The Alpine Dairy Goat Community
    Joins together information, breeders and the Alpine Dairy Goat.

  • Mimi & Molly's Tux Cat Community
    This community is for the beautiful black and white cat, also known as a tuxedo. Mimi & Molly are both tuxedo's and would love for you to join their community. Sites promoting animal abuse, declaw, & breeding will NOT be admitted.

  • Community Of Geocities Cats
    The Community Of Geocities Cats is open only to those who have their websites at Geocities, are family-friendly and have at least one page devoted to domestic cats (including purebred cats).

  • Wild Animals: An Illegal Trade


    Whispered in the back of a pet shop by someone who should know better, a request is made for an illegal pet, a wild animal. The owner could be a criminal who imports illegal animals bound for the pet industry or he could be working for customs and excise undercover. So before you ask for that animal your just “dying to have as your pet”, something no one has got, just remember that a wild animal is wild for a reason and an illegal animal can land you in jail as well as in hospital.


    The trade of wild animals has reached a rate that has become alarming to most of the civilized countries around the world. Hardly a week goes by without a newspaper here or there reporting on the trades that threaten to extinct several species within the next few years. The Sumatran Tigers of East Java are at the height of their extinction levels with shipments caught weekly trying to make it into China and over seas.


    Tigers are the most common wild animals requested when it comes to illegal shipments. Even though these animals are not domesticated and even if handled from being cubs they can turn in an instant tearing you and your family to shreds. Some see it as a fashion statement and by getting them de-clawed stopping the animal from any possible attack and yet they seem to forget they have teeth which are even sharper than their claws using them to pin down their “meal” by the throat when they attack. Even when they are de-clawed and de-toothed all you are then doing is leaving the animal at risk from other animals/pets even your household dog that will attack it and kill it if they knew they could get away with it.


    Tigers should be left to run free in the wilds of their homelands were they can breed and raise the numbers of their dwindling kind. They should be allowed to stalk animals of prey, not become the pry themselves looking over their shoulders for man who would disrespect them and sell them for money.


    Tigers are not the only wild animals that are regularly smuggled into countries to order. Exotic birds, alligators, crocodiles, bush babies, koala bears, frogs, snakes, insects and wolves are just some of the wild animals found by customs and excise when containers are checked when entering a new country. Just because some of these creatures are unable to harm you it does not mean that by you owning them you are not harming them or the delicate eco systems they live in. If a animal is illegal to be owned as a pet then there is always a good reason why. The odd animal that does slip through the cracks are often thrown out into the local park or street when they become too much to handle for their owners, putting them at risk.


    What would you prefer? A status symbol that shows you are callous and stupid or an ordinary pet with whom you can love and be loved in return without the loss of a hand or your face. Remember wild is wild for a reason, lets keep it that way.

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