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  • Hallmark of Pets
    A Fabulous Collection of Pet Sites Throughout the Internet! Feel the love, know what Pet Lovers have always known, Pets give the gift of life. Safe for the family, all sites monitored. {;}

  • Kritter Korner
    A community for members of Rumbles Kritter Korner.

  • Pet's Adventures and Escapades Community
    This is a community for members of the Pets Adventures and Escapades team at Triple Ace

  • Pet Web Rings: A Helpful New Breed


    A web ring is a great way to surf the internet between connected sites on a similar subject matter; they form a ring or circle between them all. Sometimes a site can be connected to more than one ring at a time creating an overlap. 


    The entire idea behind the web ring is to create a ring of connected web sites that have been vetted and approved by a ring master who controls the ring. Ensuring that the ring is full of well organised, well run sites, creates a quality amount of reference sites that are connected to your own which in turn shows all respectable web sights together as a whole.


    When a new web site wishes to join a web ring, they have to apply to the ring master who vets the site and decides weather to accept it or not. They may make suggestions to the website owner some changes that they need to make to enable them to join. If a site receives complaints regularly then the ring master will withdraw the site from the ring until the web site owner addresses these complaints and makes the significant changes to appease the ring master who will then decide weather to reinstate the web site or keep it on hold from the ring.


    The benefits of joining a web ring are numerous with the effects of linking and traffic management you are able to make your site more visible to prospective surfers. Being linked to a range of sites that share common ground and interests is a great feature for the person surfing your site as well as the owner of the site as well. When people search through Google or Yahoo they often don’t always find what they are looking for straight away. SEO is a great way of advertising your website but more often than not the top produced result in a search is often not what you asked for in the first place. So by linking you are able to search relevant sites. After joining a web ring you will also notice an increase in traffic through your website. Web rings are run by people who have a great interest in the main topic of the web ring. Because of this interest they run their rings with great interest and attention to detail ensuring that every linked website is of a high standard, factual and honest. This helps both the site owners and the surfers and all can reap the rewards and enjoy the benefits of a well managed web ring.


    Pet web rings have been put up all over the internet and can be found on most reputable pet websites. These pet web rings will guide you through the mine field of sometimes false information on the web to the sites were the truth to your questions is held. It is especially important for pet owners to be able to find quick reliable answers to their questions as one wrong decision biased on false information can land your pet in the vets or worse dead. The entire pet owner’s community around the entire world has praised the creation of the pet web rings and looks to the future for other measures as good as this one that will help pets and their owners.