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  • IAGARB German Angoras
    This community is for members of the International Association of German Angora Rabbit Breeders.

  • Curly Astrex Rabbits
    Community for Curly Astrex Coated Rabbit(s) Information and photos of Curly Coated Astrex Rabbits. A community to link breeders of curly coated rabbit breeders.

  • Bunny Trail
    a place for bunnies and thier families

  • What's Up Doc? Rabbits As Pets

    Rabbits are child friendly and make excellent pets. They are exceptionally very fluffy and sociable animals, and are good with the majority of other animals in your home except for dogs. If you have a dog or are planning to get a dog don’t get a rabbit as the dog will scare them to death, literally. Rabbits can live for about five to ten years and can weigh anything from one kilogram to ten kilograms depending on the breed and size.  



    When deciding on having more than one rabbit it is best to consider that a neutered male with a neutered female will make the better pairing where as two males or females (both neutered) will disagree. Never keep a male and female together unless at least one of them (preferably the male) has been neutered as rabbit breed well like rabbits. This means they can produce between four and twelve bunnies or kits per litter every few months. So unless you want to get over run by rabbits heed the above warning.

    When deciding on the size of the hutch you need, you need to consider the size and the breed of the rabbit you have bought as your new pet. It should be ample enough for them to hop about in for a minimum of three hops from one end to another and high enough for them to stand up without bumping their heads.

    If it is going to be kept outside, it should have a solid front on the sleeping area of the hutch and a wire front to the living area where its food and water is kept. When the weather drops below a few degrees the living area should be covered so that the rabbit can be kept warm. It should also ideally be raised off the ground and be kept away from direct sunlight.

    The living area should be lined with newspapers and straw/hay. Where as the sleeping area should be straw/hay only. General cleaning should take place everyday and a more thorough clean should be done once a week.

    Rabbits eat hay mainly with the odd treat of left over vegetables and salad greens. A supply of fresh water is also required for them to maintain a healthy life style. If you do have a lawn they can chew on safely then let them out regularly so they can have a change in diet. Rabbits do from time to time, eat their own droppings! This is so they can fully get all of the goodness out of their high fibre diet as the food passes too quickly for all of the goodness to be absorbed the first time around! So don’t worry if you see this.  Never over feed your pet rabbit as this can cause health problems and if you let them eat too many sugary snack they can loose their teeth making it almost impossible for them to eat all of the regular food that they are supposed to.