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  • Poodles around the World Community
    Community for Poodle-Owners and Poodle-Lovers all over the World.

  • Papillon Community in Japan
    パピヨンのホームページ(日本のサイト中心)を繋ぐウェブリングです。 This community introduces the site related to the papillon of Japan.

  • Blogs & Pets
    This community is for all bloggers who are owned by pets...and all pet lovers who are owned by their blogs!

  • Yorkie Relative Community in Japan
    ヨーキーのホームページ(日本のサイト中心)を繋ぐウェブリングです。 This community introduces the site related to the yorkie of Japan.

  • Animal House Team Community
    This is the community for Animal House, a team in the JOUST website competition. Please sign up to compete on our team, if you're already a member please join the community!!

  • Personal Pages for Pets and Proud Owners

    Pet personal pages are a new craze sweeping the internet age.  Before the dawn of the internet, pet owners were limited to local newspapers and animal sanctuaries to honor their pets. Now no matter what animal you own, you can create them their own piece of cyber space where you can share with the world pictures of your pet, blog post of their daily activities and information that you wish to share. They can even be a memorial to honor a pet you have lost or a way to fun raise for you pet in times of illness.

    In this day and age not everyone is able to afford pet insurance and even those that can are often left out of pocket as the companies don’t cover certain illnesses. By creating a personal page for your pet and adding a donation button to it as well as keeping it topped up to date with all the current events, some people find that their burden lifts some what enabling them to really enjoy what time they have left with their pet. Making a record of your pet’s life does not all have to be about sadness, most pet  owners find that they do them for fun by make believing that their pet can truly talk and express their feelings via the medium of the web.

    A typical page includes your pet’s details such as their name, date of birth, breed (if they have one), age, sex and weather they have given birth or even grandparents, and their likes and dislikes.  Often pet owners use this page as a template for other information sites such as dating websites for their pets making it easier for them to have one central place. Treat this introductory page as an opener to your pet like you would do for yourself if you joined a dating site for example. Place photos on your pet’s page showing them enjoying themselves, sleeping even dressing up! If your pet is ill then be sure to post pictures of your pet at each stage of their treatment to show the lovely donators exactly what their money is going towards paying for.

    Some pages include a blog which is written by their owner sometimes pretending to be their pet. These detail your pet’s day, if your pet is ill their treatment and how that is going and the birth of any young or introductions to the house.

    Some people create pet pages to advertise their pets for breeding. Breeders use these pages to access a stud or a female on weather they think that they are right for their pet

    No matter what your reason for creating a personal page for your pet on the web, you will always have another reminder for you to keep of your pet that does not get damaged in a fire or flood, the internet will make your pet immortal and there for anyone anywhere in the world can stumble upon it at any time in the future and read it.