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  • The Stallion Community
    The Stallion Community is a community of sites featucommunity stallions standing at stud. We consistantly have 100+ sites and the community is pretty regularly managed. LAST RING UPDATE/CHECK: MAY 20, 2005. Also featured on the Community's homepage are free photo classifieds and an extensive equine links page. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR SITE UNLESS YOU ARE READY TO PLACE THE REQUIRED HTML FRAGMENT ON YOUR SITE. ANY SITE SUBMITTED THAT DOESNT HAVE A FRAGMENT IN PLACE WITHIN 24 HOURS WILL BE DELETED UNLESS OTHERWISE ARRANGED WITH RING MANAGER.

  • America's Quarter Horse
    Members must have something to do with the quarter horse. Either breeding, training, showing, promoting, or teaching one of the above. Other cases will be given consideration. Now, I know that spam is a problem. It is for everyone. However I will not fill out any application to send you email. I do not have the time or the desire to do so. You will receive the community code in your email that you put in your information. If it comes back as undeliverable unless I fill out an application to send it to you, well then you will not be a member.

  • The Cow Horse Community
    The Working Cow Horse community is for anyone who raises, rides, competes and loves their cow horses. Primarily for breeders and competitors and is not limited to any specific breed. You must make mention of COW HORSES on your page. {;}Reiners, ropers, cutters and barrel racers are welcome to list their horses with us. We now accept commercial vendors.

  • Arabians Worldwide
    This community is for all Arabian horse lovers, breeders, trainers world-wide. Submit your site and get more traffic! Wonderful and EASY!

  • The Horse Community
    A CommunitySurf Community for all Horse related Web Sites.

  • Exotic Stallions
    Exotic Stallions-the ultimative community for all breeders, stallion lovers and broodmare owners. Do you own a stallion? Join this community and make him more popular! Do you own a mare? Join this community and find a matching stallion for her!

  • Dressage
    This community is for any dressage related or dressage lovers' sites. Dressage Associations are encouraged to join! All are welcome as long as the site is suitable for all age groups

  • Cavalli Italiani Community
    Il Community Italiano interamente dedicato ai cavalli ed al loro mondo.

  • Historical Arabians Community
    The Historical Arabians Community is dedicated to sites the contain historical pictures and/or information about the Arabian horses that influenced today's Arabian horse. We would be honored to have your site added to this community to help bcommunity more traffic to your site and to help others in finding the information they need in their pedigree research.

  • Working Cowhorse
    For the Working Cowhorse breeder, trainer, exhibitor and enthusiast. Your site MUST have significant Working Cowhorse content or be of interest to the Working Cowhorse industry.

  • Protect Our Horses From Slaughter
    The mission of this community is to draw attention to that inhumane cruelty known as "slaughter" and to help protect our horses from it. Any webmaster & website who is anti-slaughter is welcome to join. If you believe that slaughtecommunity horses for export to Europe & Asia is wrong, you belong with this community. Websites don't have to have an active "anti-slaughter" page, but we ask that members support this cause and protect our horses, and other animals, from this inhumane cruelty.

  • Hippomiden
    Hippomiden är en webbcommunity för hemsidor som handlar om hästar

  • Stop Horse Abuse Now!
    This community is for people that can not, and will not, tolerate abuse to any kind of animal, domestic, or otherwise.

  • Equine Rescue Stories
    An equine community connecting personal pages with stories of rescue. Pages must be about a specific rescue or story. Commercial pages, links only, general rescue, or non-equine rescue will not be accepted.

  • Reining Horses
    Reining Horse Community - your site MUST be reining horse related. This community is for reining horse enthusiasts, marketers, trainers and breeders only.

  • Arabian Horse Community
    A community to tie all Arabian horse lovers, breeders and exhibiters together.

  • Trakehner Community
    This community is dedicated to bcommunitying Trakehner Breeders, Owners, Enthusiasts, Riders, and Trainers together across the world and “linking” them together. If you are researching the breed or looking for stallions, mares, geldings, fillies, and colts. Just try browsing around the Trakehner Community and we're sure you will find photos and information that will help you along your quest. We hope you enjoy!

  • Allah's Foals
    This community is for all Arabian foal admirers, breeders and owner.{;}Join our community and feel the spritit of ALLAH'S FOALS!

  • Halter Horse Stallions
    Halter Horse Stallions of the stock horse breeds of AQHA, APHA, ApHC registries only.

  • Just Another Horse
    Just Another Horse - actually there is no such thing. Every horse is special, just as the bond we share with them is special. This community is here to bring everybody together who feels their horse is a special gift - one they would rather die than live without. All sites about real, living horses, art, computer works, photo albums, crafts, equipment are welcome here. No sims though.

  • Hoofprints On The Web
    Horses, ponies, donkeys, mules or zebras - these are the wonderfully magical creatures that evoke such love and passion in so many of us. Life without them just wouldn't be the same. If you feel that way and have an equine-related website for real (living or memorialized) members of the equine family - single horses, a farm-full, equipment suppliers - all are welcome, as long as it is suitable for ALL ages.. The Community Navigation Bar MUST be placed on the same page URL that is registered when you join.

  • Wisconsin Horse Community
    A community created to tie all horse lovers, breeders and farms together from Wisconsin.

  • BuckskinsDunsGullas
    This site is for all Buckskins,Duns,Grullas,and Red duns.{;}come join in and list your sites.

  • Paint & Quarter Horses
    Site pertaining to the American Quarter Horse and the American Paint Horse.

  • Futurity Breeders
    This community is for those that breed, raise, sale, own, show futurity horses of all breeds.

  • Arabian Horse Friends
    Do you like Arabians as much as we do? So come and join our community! Everybody is welcome!

  • Kids Camp
    If you just like horses then come on in. Or if you are interestedin the kids camp then you are welcome to.Or you might just be curious and thats ok too

  • Canada's Equine Match Maker
    A community designed as a service to Canadian stallion and mare owners to help find that "perfect" match.

  • Horse & Livestock Community
    The Horse & Livestock Community cordially invites any horse or livestock related websites. This may include breeding stables, ranches, tack shops and personal websites.

  • Blogging Equestrians
    a community dedicated to the horse obsessed blogger. Although they may not post on horse, members demonstrate horses are a central part of their lives by joining.

  • Snow Horse Ranch
    This community is for HORSE related sites and must be CHILD SAFE.

  • NF Sporthorse Community
    The NF Sporthorse Community is for breeders, trainers, owners & enthusiasts of Sporthorses. Join us to promote this exemplary group of horses & horse owners.

  • The Silver Stallion Community
    Welcome to the Silver Brumby Net! A community created for horse lovers of all kinds. The community is derived from a great author, Elyne Mitchell, and her series of brumby books featucommunity Thowra, the Silver Stallion. However, this community is open to those of all horse-related kinds.

  • Miniature Horses & Shetland Community!
    The community for Mini Horse and Shetland Pony lovers! Mini harness horses, mini for pets, minis to show, shetland ponies, all those

  • Western Pleasure Horses
    This community is for breeders and exhibitors of western pleasure show horses.

  • Used Horse Trailers Community
    If you're into horses then you know just how expensive horse trailers can be. This community offers you a place to find used horse trailers of all kinds so that you can save some money while getting what you need to care for your horse.
    Find Used Horse Trailers for Sale. We have all kinds such as: Gooseneck, Aluminum, Chaparral, Living Quarters Horse Trailers and even the 1, 2, 3, 4 and more horse Trailer. Find Used Horse trailers and Accessories for Sale Here today.

  • Sport Horse Breeders
    The Sporthorse Breeders Community has been established to help both Sporthorse breeders network and to help potential buyers, breeders/mare owners and trainers search the web more efficiently for Sporthorses at stud, for sale or other services related to producing outstanding equestrian athletes. {;}

  • Horse Luver's Community
    Linking together websites that show a true love for horses and the art of horsemanship. May not promote animal abuse in any way, and must be suitable for all ages.

  • Standardbred Horses
    Community for sites dedicated to any positive aspect of the Standardbred breed. Racing, Retired, Showing, Pleasure.

  • WSCA Saddle Club Association
    This club is for WSCA Member Saddle Club.

  • Thoroughbred Community
    A community just for Thoroughbred Lovers.

  • New Hampshire Equine Humane Assoc.Inc.
    NHEHA has been helping the horses of New Hampshire for over 20 years.

  • Stockhorse Stallions
    Standing a stallion or looking for one? This community is limited to stallions stock horse breeds (AQHA, APHA, and ApHC).

  • Blackburn # 2228
    This community is for everyone that breeds or rides horses that trace back to the great AQHA stallion Blackburn.

  • Appaloosa Horses
    Quality appaloosa horses for sale

  • Friesian X Community
    The only community dedicated to the Friesian Cross! Any websites having horses with any amount of Friesian blood, are encouraged to join!

  • Peace At Last Farms Community
    This is a community for people who love horses; as well as, pets, farms & farm life and want to share stories, information both fun and informative and pictures. This is a child friendly community. No profanity or unappropriate sites will be accepted.

  • Horsemanship Roundup
    A community for those bloggers striving to better themselves and their horses through quality horsemanship.

  • Horses As Pets: A Dream Come True

    Owning a horse is for some people a fulfilment of a dream they have had since a child that their parents could not afford to indulge them in and for others it is about fulfilling your child’s dream. Either way owning a horse is not all hard work it is fun and good old fashioned exercise. There are numerous benefits to owning a horse which includes a pet that can truly give back to you in ways others can’t and being able to ride them when and as the mood takes you.

    Horses are fantastic pets that the whole family can join in on looking after and can bring each member of the family together in many ways a dog or cat can’t. If you are looking to stable your horse much of its needs and care will be given by someone else where as if you are planning on taking care of it by just yourself and your family you will cut down your costs and enable you all to come together to share the chores that will help you bond with your new horse and your horse with you.

    You will need to visit your horse twice a day to “muck out” which involves shovelling the waste out of their stable and replace the hay with fresh, also grooming and feeding need your attention during this time. Looking after a horse is a job you need to do every day no matter the weather or other commitments. It is a full time job hence why some that can afford it pay the stables to do this for them freeing them up to only come and exercise the horse.

    Before anyone should consider owning a horse they should have experienced horse riding lessons to a certain level where you feel confident and knowledgeable about your pet. Another option is leasing a horse or sharing a horse with a friend. This way you get to test the waters before you take the plunge and buy your own.

    The costs involved in owning a horse often dominate the owning of a horse completely as what is not obvious to many at first is the sheer scale of costs involved. Firstly the cost of the horse itself is always a weighty sum depending on age, breed and peerage. Next are the care expenses for example the cost of the stables, food, hay and vets fees. The equipment needed for the horse like the saddle, reins, blankets, harness and stable tools. All these things can add up and it is best to shop around for competitive prices before you buy the horse and panic.

    There are also competitions you can consider entering your horse into when you have mastered your horse. Look at stables for posters that will tell you about local events or even surf the internet, join horse clubs and read the niche magazines available. All of these things will give you the library of knowledge you will need not just about competitions but about any other horse matters you may need advice about.

    No matter what you set your sights on, owning a horse can be one of the most rewarding partnerships you will make in your life!