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  • Oscars-Astronotus Ocellatus
    This community is designed for oscar (astronotus Ocellatus) sites as well as other fish related sites.

  • Aquarium Catfish
    Here is THE place to be if you own or want to buy Aquarium Catfish for your collection. Get all of the information you need as well as access to catfish for sale, books, products and more.
    This community is a fun place to connect with other fish and aquaria enthusiasts as well. Use it to get information, find fish for sale or just to make friends!

  • The Native Fish Community
    The Native Fish Community is devoted to bcommunitying together websites that focus on the underappreciated jewels of North America's waterways -- native fishes.

  • Siamese Fighting Betta Fish
    You may imagine from the name that Siamese Fighting Betta Fish are not the friendliest choice for your fish tank, but the truth is that they are great fish! Find out about these colorful little fish and how easy they are to care for right here in this community that is sure to please all fish and aquaria lovers.
    Use our little community to find Information about the Care, feeding and breeding of the Betta Siamese fighting fish.  Plus aquariums and accessories for their keep and Well-being.  We have it all here!

  • Seahorses and More!
    Always loved the look of seahorses but thought they were limited to the sea and cartoons? Then you'll be thrilled to know that you can find seahorses for sale right here in this community!
    Our community is dedicated to seahorses and those who love aquariums. We have seahorses for sale, information and facts on the care of sea horses and much more. Use this community to learn how to look after your sea horse whether you've got a dwarf seahorse, a yellow seahorse or any other kind.

  • Koi Fish
    Looking for Koi for sale? Then this is the right place for that and more when it comesto Koi fish! This community is all about these beautiful fish and the people who treasure them
    Use our community to find Koi for sale and more, like information on building a Koi pond, Koi breeding and care. We also have access to a Koi pond supply and much more.Koi are definitely a wonderful choice for any pond and will add beauty to your indoor or outdoor garden oasis. Use this community for all your Koi needs or just your curiosity!

  • Mystery and Apple Snails
    By adding Mystery and Apple snails to your fish tank, you're not only adding to the beauty of your tank but also helping to keep your water clean for your fish. You'd be amazed to know more about mystery and apple snails and all the good they can do for your tank.
    Our community is packed full of interesting and helpful information for fish and aquaria lovers everywhere. We're your source for mystery and apple snails for sale as well as facts and information ont the Mystery and Apple snails.

  • For the Love of Guppies
    This community was made for the love of guppies! That means that if you have, want to get or just love guppies and other cute fish, then you'll find this community especially fun and helpful!
    If you look around here you'll find all kinds of great things related to the Guppy. You can find Guppies for Sale here as well as advice on Guppy Breeding, Care, Show, and all sorts of other helpful Information. There are also Fancy Live Guppies for sale,Guppy Aquariums, Tanks and Supplies and more!

  • Live Coral
    Those of us into fish and aquaria just love things that make our aquariaums look like a little piece of the sea. Finally we have an online community dedicated to just that! Welcome to the Live Coral community which is all about live coral in all colors!
    This is where you can find Live Coral for Sale. Find all kinds and colors of Live Coral here too, like: Golden, Blue, Red, Black, Brain and much more. We've also got the best Care and Information about Live Coral for your Saltwater Aquarium and much more so check us out!

  • Fish Tanks & Aquarium
    If you're into fish tanks and aquariums then you should enjoy this community. We're all about fish and aquaria and we offer some great links and information to all kinds of things related to the wonderful world of aquariums and fish tanks.
    We have Fish Tanks, Aquariums for Sale along with Aquarium Stands, Filters, Accessories, Supplies, Pumps, Backgrounds, Decorations, Lights, Plants, Ornaments, Heaters, and much more. Find New and Used Fish Tanks and Aquariums as well as Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums. This community has got it all.

  • Clown Fish Community
    For lovers of fish and aquaria, the Clownfish is often a favorite for an aquarium. This community offers you all you could ever want when it comes to this grea little fish.
    Find Clown Fish Clownfish for Sale as well as lots of Clownfish Information, Breeding advice, Pictures and Facts.You can also find linke to Live Aquarium Clown Fish and more here.

  • Goldfish Owners
    If you own goldfish or are simple looking for more information or some type of product related to them then this is the place to be. This community is dedicated to providing all gthe best reosources on Gold Fish.
    If you're looking for buy one, you can find Live Goldfish, Gold Fish For Sale Online here. Get all breeds too, like Ryukin, Black Moor, Blackmoor, Bubble eye, Butterfly tail, Calico, Celestial eye, Fantail, Lionchu, Lionhead, Oranda, Panda Moor, Pearlscale, Pompom, Ranchu, Ryukin, Shubunkin, Telescope eye, Veiltail, Comet Goldfish and more. Plus al

  • Aquarium Plants
    For those who enjoy fish and aquaria there is great pride in having an aquariumthat is colorful, beautiful and something to envy! This community is for you and people just like you.
    Use it to learn all about Aquarium Plants and find Live Aquarium Plants for Sale. Whether you prefer Freshwater or Saltwater Plants there is something for you here! Get all kinds of Fresh Water and Salt Water Plants and Information and Care advice. Buy Live Aquarium Plant Lighting and even Live, Plastic, Silk Aquarium Plants. You really will find it all and more right here!
    Discus Fish
    Discus Fish are the favorite of many who are into fish and aquaria. If you too have a soft spot for Discus Fish then you'll enjoy this community. It's all about the Discus fish here!
    Find Discus Fish for Sale and Buy Discus Fish here. This community has loadsof great deals as well as Tropical Discus Fish Information, Food and Supplies. Also get help with Fish Breeding, Raising Fly and a lot more here!

  • i <3 fish...
    people that love fish...

  • Freshwater Aquariums
    For all who love Freshwater fish and aquariums.

  • Angel Fish Community
    This community is a greta place for those who love Aquaria and in partiuclar Angel Fish. Our members are great people who share your passion for fish and aquaria and we also have  experts here who can help you with Breeding Angelfish, How to Care and Breed Angelfish and all kinds of Angel Fish Facts and Information.
    Get deals on Angelfish for Sale including Freshwater and Saltwater Angelfish. You can also find Fresh Water and Salt water Live Angel. And fill your tank with colors like Blue, Cortez, Flame, Black, Marble, Asfur, Angelfish.

  • KOI
    Koi information: nutrition, diseases and koi keeping at www.koistop.com

  • Tropical Fish Stores And Information
    This community bcommunitys together tropical fish stores, online stores, information sites, aquariums, Forums, etc.

  • Fish and Aquaria For You and Your Child

    Fish and aquaria are often chosen along with rodents as the perfect first pet for your child. They are low maintenance, expendable (if things go wrong) and replaceable (again if things go wrong!).  Standard goldfish are available from your local pet store for very little money due to their very limited life spans (a few years at most), require very minimal attention and are a “look at” only pet. Most parents buy their children a fish as a first pet so that they can get a better idea of responsibility before moving onto larger and more time consuming pets.

    Some children get so mesmerised by fish that they never progress beyond them favouring them as pets against the traditional dog or cat, eventually moving on to bigger and more complex tanks and set ups. But for others, fish will always be the stepping stone to get their parents to trust them with more time consuming pets.

    Taking your child with you when you go shopping for the fish helps them to bond more easily with the process of getting their first pet and is often a fun outing for all the family. Children are fascinated by all the different colours that are available and will more often than not try and pick out too advanced fish that need more care rather than the starter fish because of the colours. Try and avoid tantrums by showing your child all of the things that they can pick out that will go in the aquarium that the fish will live in. Leave it up to them to choose how they want to decorate the bowl, colourful rocks for the bottom of the bowl and a plant or some other kind of decoration will help keep them feeling occupied and part of the process.

    Once you have arrived home with your new arrival explain how your new pet fish needs caring for and put them in charge of feeding. Fish only need feeding once a day, overfeeding will cause them to die so only use one pinch. If you only have one or two fish then feed every other day. When the tank becomes dirty then help your child clean it out, showing tem the correct way of how to do it. This way they will learn how to care for animals allowing you to “up grade” to another pet when you feel the time is right.

    When you feel that your child is ready to move on then take them back to the fish shop and show them how they can expand and upgrade their tanks and the introduction of new fish.  By doing this you are showing them the true wonders of owning fish and by letting them explore this avenue you will often save yourself a lot of problems if they are not truly ready to have a furry pet around. This is often known as taking the next baby step up the ladder before you go and buy a dog or cat.