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    If you are owned by ferrets, this is for you! Based on family friendly personal sites about ferrets. Non commercial sites that promote pet welfare in general, and have ferret related content are welcome to apply. (NOTE) - Ferret Fanatics is fully functional for browsing but due to abuse of the submission process, we are temporarily not accepting new members. Please DO NOT apply as applications are being rejected as spam and directly reported as such. A sincere Thank You to our legitimate visitors for your patience as we resolve this issue.

  • Carpet Sharks Are People Too
    Ferret pictures , Health Issues , homemade videos , Everything You Always Wanted Too Know About, But Were afrad To Ask.

  • Ferrets: Unexplainably Cute

    Ferrets are cute little fury animals that are related to minks, otters and badgers although ferrets are the only domesticated ones of the group. Ferrets like cats and dogs have both summer and winter coats. They prefer to live in the warmth but can deal with mild cold temperatures. Ferrets often live for about ten years and weigh between two and four pounds. The males like most species are always bigger than the females and are usually brown, grey or black in colour.

    They are notoriously hard to breed and are not recommended as pets when a family has small children as they are hard to look after and require vet check ups constantly. They must be fed on a strict diet of dry food with an occasional treat of fruit but they have to avoid any other types of food as it can cause problems with their intestines which are another reason why they are hard to keep as pets.

    Each ferret has its own personality just like any dog or a cat and love to play. They need quite a bit of room to roam free about your home and it is recommended that they are never caged. Ferrets are very curious animals and that is often the cause of their downfall so they need constant supervision to avoid any accidents. They do require a bed area where they can spend up to eighteen hours sleeping a day, although they are at their most active before sunrise and sunset when they play to their hearts content without much of a break, so be prepared if you are considering having them as a pet.

    Everything is a play toy to a ferret; socks are one of their favourites as they can hide things in them as well as make nests out of them. Be aware of you and your ferrets surroundings at all times as a stray carrier bag can cause endless problems for your ferret and possibly death. They love to play and will often try and out wit you at every turn and then cuddle in for along nap on your lap. They are very much like cats when it comes to their sleeping habits and any warm place is up for grabs. They associate well with both cats and dogs but it is best to test them out together first before making a commitment to keep your new pet.

    Ferrets can be quite expensive to buy and the decision to buy a ferret must be considered at length before you rush out and buy one. Also check with your current pet insurance company as they might not insure ferrets as they are notorious for illness and premature death.

    Some people take their ferrets out for strolls in the park. If you are considering doing this then you need to make sure that they are kitted out with the correct shape and size harness. Take your ferret with you to the local pet store where they can be properly measured for their new harness. Harnesses come in an array of colours so you will have tremendous amounts of fun choosing the right one for you and your pet.