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  • Donkey Lovers Community
    The Donkey Lovers Community is dedicated to anyone who has ever instantly fallen in love with a longear. Web pages featucommunity donkeys, mules, and zebra hybrids are invited to join. Gentle and loving, donkeys are loyal and intelligent animals. They are also excellent guardians of livestock as well as naturally talented comedians. It only takes one look at those ears and one loud bray and you will be hooked! Welcome to the fascinating world of longears! JOIN TODAY!

  • Miniature Donkey Community
    A circle of miniature donkey sellers and breeders.

  • Nubian Dairy Goat Community
    This community is designed for all those breeders and lovers of the Nubian Dairy Goat.

  • Goats for Fun and Profit Net Community
    This community joins together sites of individuals and clubs that raise goats for either fun or profit

  • The Alpaca Community
    A community of Alpaca owners, breeders, and fiber artisans, designed to make it easy to surf from alpaca site to alpaca site.

  • Shetland Sheep Breeders
    This community is for breeders of Shetland Sheep.

  • The Country Club
    Come join a REAL Country Club!! If you're into COUNTRY, this is the community for EWE!!! Yes, the most original ideas you've ever HERD. Come join the fun *_*

  • Miniature & Classic Herefords
    We are dedicated to preserving and promoting old style, quality genetics in both Miniature and Classic Hereford cattle.

  • Chicken Blog
    For Bloggers who raise chickens

  • Fiber Farms
    Place to list your fiber farm. If you raise any kind of fiber~ Sheep, Alpaca, Llama, Angora, Mohair, Quivit, Camel, Cashmere~If you work or sell fiber or fiber animals, this is the place for your web page. Wholesalers & retailers welcome.

  • Donkey & Horse Breeders Community
    Do you have a farm, or a ranch you want to advertise? Farm & Ranch Designs loves to bcommunity liked minded enthusiasts together to spread the hee haw word!

  • Mooo!
    This community is for folks that love cows, collect cows!

  • The Owned by Goats Community
    A CommunitySurf Community for all Goat related Web Sites.

  • Myotonic Goats
    To join together breeders and information on myotonic goats or

  • Farms and Farm Animals

    Today’s farms can be called anything but traditional in today’s climate. They often sell many different products than in the days gone by but what will never change is the animals and pets kept on them. Some farms even run petting Zoo’s to attract revenue and host a wide range of different animals as well as the opportunities to handle and stroke them.

    These farms often have rare breeds that you can learn about, see and pet.  These animals include graceful horses, pigs, cows, goats and sheep, llamas and sometimes even alpacas.  Along side these more traditional farm animals you often find several breeds of rabbit, poultry, geese, pheasants, peafowl and donkeys. 

    But what are better known on farms is their pets. When you think of farm pets you will think of dogs and/or cats. The farm dog is often a worker as well as a pet and is more often than not a certain breed. These breeds include; Belgian Sheppard Dog, Border Collie, Canaan Dog, Cur, Berger, Cattle Dogs, Aidi, Alpine Shepherd and Old English Sheep Dog. Farm dogs have to be trained to the highest level as they are depended upon for so many things; they help herd the sheep/cattle and help keep the farm safe from predators and trespassers.  They are often sent away on courses as their owners do not have the time to train them themselves nor do they have all of the skills. These training camps are aimed at teaching the dogs all of the skills it will need to become a fully fledged member of the farm and the home.

    A farm cat is more of a pet than a worker although traditionally they are thought to have kept the mice at bay away from the farmers grain stores saving the farm from ruin before the planting has been done for the next season.  The farm cat does not have to be trained to do their job and can be any breed the farmer chooses. Often a farm will have more than one cat where as they will normally only have one dog except on very large farms where they will have two or three to cope with the growing farms.

    Farms often keep livestock as pets and refuse to kill them when the time would normally come as they form emotional attachments to them just like any other pet. Pigs are often the favourite choice with pot bellied pigs topping the list.

    The pot bellied pig is quite intelligent and have huge personalities, their owners train and care for them in the same way that they do a dog/cat. Some people can find them quite demanding where as others find them easy to deal with, it is the same with most animals. Pigs are easily trained, playful, affectionate, non allergenic and clean. The idea that a pig is dirty is a huge misconception. Pigs hate being dirty and will clean them selves at the first available opportunity. Pigs are beautiful and gentle, children love them and they make a perfect addition to any home.