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  • Panda Bears
    Find out about panda bears and what our cruel world is doing to their existence. We can all make a difference with a little bit of understanding which is what this community is all about. It's for everyone who loves the panda bear and wants to know more about this sweet creature and how to help them.
    Find out all about the panda bear right here. Use this community to learn more about the panda and find out all the latest news on pandas and also find ways to help them survive.

  • Hermit Crabs
    This is a community for those who love exotic pets and more specifically the Hermit Crab. This strange little critter may not be everyone's cup of tea but for those who love themthis community is full of neat things just for you!
    You can find Hermit Crabs for Sale here. We also have a bunch of  Hermit Crab Care information, Shells and Supplies. Get your cool Hermit Crabs Set Ups, Facts, Habitat, Accessories and Books here too.

  • Exotic Pets - Not For Everyone

    When it comes to owning an exotic animal there is a lot more to consider than if you were about to purchase a normal animal. Exotics require a lot of pre thought and consideration before you buy them. Check firstly that the pet you intend to purchase is allowed by law in your area. Some states in America forbid the ownership of certain species. You will also need to check that your intended pets needs, can be met where you live; is their food easily sold at a store near you? Does your vet treat your type of animal and if not where can?  Do you need specialist equipment to care for your pet? After asking all of these questions, which is the most important one forgotten?

    Is your pet safe to be around your child or visiting children?

    All children love exotic pets they are fascinated by them and often want to handle them but how much do you know about your new pet that you can safely put them into the hands of a child? Not many owners do, so check before you buy them.

    Never leave a child alone with any animal without adult supervision; this especially goes for exotic animals.

    Reptiles are skittish when handled even by adults; a child’s reaction times are slower than an adult so be aware. Always make sure that adults and children alike wash their hands immediately after handling a reptile as majority of them carry the Salmonella virus. A handy box of antibacterial wipes next to the cage is always a good idea.

    Snakes on the other hand are quite easy to handle although it is recommended that only an adult feed them as they are quite ruthless when they bite and can mistake a hand for food. Also make sure any snakes that are having a wonder about the house, are safely back in their tanks when the children are about. These creatures can squeeze the life out of cats let alone children when left unattended and mistaken for lunch.

    Lizards can be tricky at times and can be quite excitable when fed. It is also advised that only an adult feed these exotics as they can bite, mistaking a finger for a mouse. It is also advised that after handling lizards you wash your hands thoroughly as they can be carrying harmful bacteria which can cause upset stomachs if not washed off your hands properly.

    Turtles and tortoise are generally considered as being quite a safe option when is comes to the exotic range. But be aware some species are poisonous to the touch especially terrapins.


    Whatever your choice when choosing the exotic as pets always make sure you are safe, you’re pet is safe and that you are able to share a long term relationship for the life of your pet. Too often exotic pets are cast away because they become too difficult for their owners to look after. So think, think and then think again before making your decision.