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  • Top Quality Giant Schnauzers
    Giant Schnauzer information- pictures, articles, bios... Information provided by Magna Giant Schnauzers.

  • CommunitySurf: Spaniels Are Special
    We are a group of spaniel owners who love to spoil our furry kids. This is a new group and our website is currently under construction. We are looking for new members who want to share their experiences with this wonderful breed with others.

  • Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Show Dog
    This community is open to all Swissy Show Dog sites, including responsible owners, show and pet, exhibitors, rescue sites and breed clubs. Photos of your show dogs should be included as well as general Swissy information on health, feeding, training, etc.

  • Mastiff Show Dog Community
    This community is open to all responsible Mastiff Show Dog breeders, exhibitors, owners, rescues and clubs. Photos should be included in your website as well as iinformation on being a responsible owner.

  • Dog Whisperer
    Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan a nationally recognized dog expert and star of National Geographic hit show Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan, helps you see the world through the eyes of your dog so you can finally eliminate problem behaviors.
    With fans and admirers all over the world it's no wonder that this community exists! This is a place dedicated to Cesar Milan and those who follow his work. Find out more about the Dog Whisperer, watch his shows and get greta tips to help with your dog.

  • Terriers Only
    A community dedicated only to Terrier breeds , their owners , reputable breeders , handlers , terrier's in Earth Dog trials , terrier's in agility , feeding your terrier's raw , organic or BARF diet and more are welcome to join "Terriers Only"! Requirements need to be met before joining. Contact Yellow Jacket Scotties for more details.

  • Dachshunds Owners & Friends
    Like the long low dogs come and join us and make them a household name. The more info we can get out to people the better our breed will be and the better people will be for the info

  • Greyhound Underground Railroad
    We move greyhounds using volunteer transporters and way stations. And... we like to talk about it!

  • Mischlingshunde Community
    Ein Community für die Vereinigung der Halter von Mischlingshunden!{;}... oder auch solche, die es (vielleicht noch werden wollen !!

  • Pembroke Corgi
    A PWC Fan Community, for Corgi lovers to unite

    This community is for all people and dogs involved in dobermans, german shepherds, for show, police k9, personal protection, tracking, drug detection,obedience,or just love dobermans and gsd's. We just want to share information and diferent experinces.

  • The Mutt Community
    Steven Barnhart and his Mutt Biscuit own this community...This community is for all mutt, dog, and pet lovers...anyone can join as long as their site follows the guidelines shown on http://clubs.turtlenet1.net.{;}{;}Visit TurtleNet "The Pet Network"{;}@ www.turtlenet1.net

    Community for anyone than has a AKC registered dog that falls in the Sporting Group.

  • Quality Greyhound Sites
    The better Greyhound Sites community. All accepted participants have quality sites and are granted our Better Greyhound Sites Award!

  • Baskets of Shih Tzus Community
    This community is dedicated to the greatests dogs one could ever own...The Shih Tzu. All sites in this community are either web sites devoted to Shih Tzus as pets or reputable breeders web pages.

  • Scandinavian Dobermann Community
    This Dobermann Community is dedicated to all Scandinavian Dobermanns.

  • The Glen of Imaal Connection
    Community for all web pages about the Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier

  • Labrador Retriever Information
    This community is dedicated to dissemination of information helpful to those who own, breed, train, and enjoy Labrador Retrievers.

  • Trilha do Terrier Brasileiro
    Páginas de criadores, proprietários e admiradores da raça Terrier brasileiro.

  • The Wolfdog Alliance
    A Community to unite, not just wolf and wolfdog owners, but other canine owners as well and to stand up against descrimination.

  • k9Addisons
    A community dedicated to the recognition and treatment of Addison's Disease in Canines.

  • k9 cliker dog training

  • The Aussie Conformation Community
    This community is dedicated to providing a listing of all Australian Shepherd websites that are focused on conformation breeding and showing.

  • Our_Beloved_Cresteds
    Our Beloved Cresteds Community aim to put people who are in love with the breed, or people who have questions about the breed in touch with RESPONSIBLE breeders and people who are experienced with this wonderful, loving breed.

  • Sheltie Breeders
    Welcome to the Sheltie Breeders' community. This community is designed to link the websites of responsible breeders dedicated to improving the overall quality of the shetland sheepdog. Commercial breeders are not welcome to join. Please note that we will only accept applications with the HTML code easily found on your webpage.

  • BCiS - Det mesta om hundar
    Det mesta om hundar...

  • 1 Stop for Dogs.com - All About Dogs
    dog beeders, dog kennels, puppies for sale, dog trainers, dog handlers, dog pictures, dog clubs, pen pals, postings for lost dogs, postings for dogs wanted, postings for help needed, etc.

  • This Jack Russell community
    This community is for all Jack Russell lovers to brag about these large dogs in small bodies!

  • Bull and Terriers Community
    Informationen über alle Bulldograssen, Bulldog Vermittlung, Hilfestellungen, Was kann ich tun?, Gesundheitsfürsorge, Sport mit dem Bulldog, BSL, Datenabnken, Downloads, Gutachten und Stellungnahmen und vieles mehr

  • UK Poodle Breeders & Exhibitors
    The Resource for quality Poodles of all sizes and Colours in the Unitied Kingdom

  • Hunting Dog Community
    THE HUNTING DOG WEB RING is a community for showcasing your hunting dogs abilities on the web. If you have a site dedicated to your hunting companion, you are welcome to join the Hunting Dog Community.

  • Xandria's Mastiff Community
    Open to mastiff breeders, handlers and{;}anyone who loves giant breeds.

  • Forever K-9 Friends
    Site with K-9 Information, Search and Rescue, 9-11-01 images of K-9's. stories, K-9 links and sites.

  • Shih Tzu Europe United
    This community is dedicated to the shih tzu breeders and owners with websides in Europe

  • Kennel Clubs of the World
    We invite all kennel clubs, specialty clubs and clubs from all over the world to join our community.

  • White Swiss Shepherd Dog
    This community is only meaned for site's that goes about bergers blanc suisse (white swiss shepherd dog).

  • Old English Sheepdog Community
    Old English Sheepdog Community

  • Giant Schnauzers Giant Friends
    Giant schnauzer, friendly sites For my giant friends. Photos, friends, Fun Breed art by MW.

    This community is for all working dogs in any field of work. All breeds are welcome. NO FIGHTING DOGS! All sites must be suitable for all ages. Breeders, trainers and owners are all welcome here.

  • Sheltienet
    Shetland Sheepdogs, mostly in the UK, but submissions from elsewhere accepted.

  • Adestramento e afins
    Anel para adestradores e profissionais cinófilos.

  • Princess Phoebie's Cavaliers
    Cavalier king charles and cocker spaniel related sites

  • Emperors Collies
    Full lineage of white collies from champion EMPEROR'S WHITE FANTASY {;}4-18-69

  • Hund Älskare
    Min community är för dom som är riktigt hundälskare och bryr sig om dom!

  • Performance_Corgis
    For Cardigan and Pembroke Welsh Corgi owners who participate in Performance sports such as agility, obedience, rally, herding, tracking or freestyle.

  • Love Me - Love My Dog
    This community is dedicated to the Yorkshire Terrier. If you are a breeder, shopper, spoiler, or just a Yorkie lover, this community is for you!

  • Pittsburgh Dogophiles
    This community is for folks who live in (or otherwise have web sites, including but not limited to web logs, or read about) Pittsburgh and have (or otherwise have web sites, including but not limited to web logs, or read about) dogs. I won't approve sites for membership that advocate inhumane activity.

  • Dog Blog Express
    Got a blog? Is it about Dogs? Join the train! The dog blog train is on the tracks. All aboard! We're circling round the net on the Dog Blog Express.

  • Greyhound Adoptions - Orlando & Central Florida
    Greyhound Ranch Adoptions, Inc. oversees the Greyhound Adoptions - Orlando & Central Florida community. We proclaim a pro-greyhound stance and focus our organizational and personal efforts on giving refuge to greyhounds reticommunity from racing activities. We are actively involved in greyhound pet adoptions servicing Central Florida - Orlando, Winter Park, Longwood, Lake Mary, Oviedo and surrounding communities. We network to find greyt dogs for out-of-state greyhound adoption groups. If you would like to volunteer in our effort to adopt greyhounds into qualifying homes in the Central Flori
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