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  • Canine Search & Rescue Community
    Canine Search & Rescue community. Visit the many K9 SAR resources on the web.

  • Cane Corso Italiano
    This community is dedicated to the Cane Corso Italiano.

  • I Love My American Cocker Spaniel
    For those of us owned by an American Cocker Spaniel. You do not have to have a page about your precious pup to join this community.

  • Yorkshire Terrier Community
    Come and surf all our pages and learn{;}all about the Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkie and how to take care of them.

  • Agility Community
    The community for the fast pace world of agility. This community is for agility clubs, trainers and personal pages of agility dogs.

  • The Lancashire Heeler Community
    Community to Lancashire Heelers online.

  • PoodlesInAustralia.com
    The community for Poodle sites around the world

  • Maltese Luv
    Shacommunity my love of the Maltese breed. Great pictures, poems and whelping info.

  • The Chinese Crested Dog
    This community is for all Chinese Crested Dog lovers. This community is designed to help unite all Crested owners from all walks of life..We would love to have your site added to our community...We only ask that you please not be a pet store, broker, commercial breeder, or a puppy-mill. If it is determined that your site promotes any of these things it will be removed.

  • Owner-Trained Assistance Dogs
    A community for those that have trained or are training their own Assistance/Service Dog. Persons with dogs from programs are not allowed to join this community. Home of the Owner-Trained Assistance Dogs (OT-ADogs) mailing list! You MUST have a service dog, that you have trained yourself. {;}

  • Assistance Dogs Community
    A community for those that are partnered with an Assistance Dog. This includes guide dogs, heacommunity dogs, service dogs, and any dog that assists you as a disabled person. All persons with a service dog (program or owner-trained) are welcome in this community.{;}

  • English Bulldog
    English Bulldog owners, breeders and anyone else interested in this incredible breed are welcome to visit these sites. Topics just as care, breeding and rescue are discussed. To join, your site (or a page) must be bully-related.

  • The Poodle Doodle Community
    A CommunitySurf Community for all Poodle related Web Sites.

  • The Blitzing Bichons Community
    The Blitzing Bichons Community is for everyone who loves Bichons. This is a family safe Community that does not condone puppy mills, pet stores selling cats & dogs or backyard breeders.

  • Buddy's Paws Up Award Winners
    This Community is for sites that have won Buddy's Paws Up Award! This is a wonderful way to surf animal related websites! Want to join? Apply for Buddy's Award!!

  • vovveristernas_community
    About dogs, homepages and webdesign

  • Wisconsin Collies
    This community is for people in Wisconsin who own rough or smooth collies. Also reputable breeders and exhibitors.

  • Corgis 4 Ever
    Welcome to Corgis 4 Ever community. This community is designed to bcommunity corgi lovers all over the world together. It's a great way to meet new people who love these wonderful animals! Members may include anything dealing with corgis as approved by community owner. Member sites must be family friendly & G rated. Membership approval to Corgis 4 Ever is solely determined by the community owner. So, stay awhile & check us out!

  • Rescue Purebreds, Too! Community
    Hey, purebreds need rescuing just as mix breeds need rescuing and adopting, too! If you rescue or having a rescued purebred dog, com join our community!

  • Twister's Cute Dog Community
    Twister thinks she's cute. Are you Cute? Join Twister's Community Of Cute Dogs.

  • Bastian and Friends
    Zwergpudel Bastians Community für wunderschöne Hundeseiten aller Rassen.{;}Poolde Bastians Community for wonderful Dog-Sites of alle Races.

  • Pudelcommunityen

  • OrthoDogs
    This community is for those who have had a dog with Orthopedic problems who would like to share their experiences through their websites.{;}{;}If you have a website that would help others who are also dealing with a dog going through an Orthopedic problem, join this community. You will benefit others.

  • Schutzhund Working Dogs
    A community to promote Schutzhund Working Dogs and the training involved for tracking, proection and obedience.

  • Rottweiler Rescue Community
    The rottrescue community links websites of organizations and individuals who directly support the rescue of homeless rottweilers by providing a resource for people looking to adopt or care for a homeless rottweiler. This includes rescue organizations and businesses which donate a portion of their proceeds to rescue. (This community is not for pet sites.)

  • Leofriends
    Bcommunitying leonberger friends together

  • Australian Shepherds Versatility at its Best
    This Community is open to all Australian Shepherd Owners, Herding, Agility, Obedience or Trainers, Rescue, Merchandisers, Artists. A fun Place for anything Aussie. this Community meant to be a Fun informative Community to share our beloved Breed.

  • International Papillon and Phalene Breeders Group
    We are a group of ethical Papillon breeders from around the world. We strive to improve our Papillons with each breeding, and join ethical show Breeders with a common interest together. And to provide the papillon loving people with ethical, honest breeders to contact. Since we Are international, We will give exposure to All Papillons and Phalene's. To be included in our community you must be an ethical breeder. This is a private community, and an applicant will be determined for acceptance by the community owner.

  • Toy Dogs
    A place for all owners of any type of toy breed!! Breeders, owners, people that show!! Come one and all, lets band together to get more visitors to our sites!!

  • Livestock Guardian Dog Community
    For Livestock Guardian Owners, Breeders, and enthusiasts. Must be a site with LGD breeds or dogs guarding livestock. LGD breed sites may be about companion animals.

  • Dani's Golden Community
    A fun community with quality sites for all golden lovers to enjoy!!

  • Unlimited Belgians Community
    The Unlimited Belgians Community is for people who are nuts about any of the four belgian shepherds- Terveran, Malenois, Lakenois, and the Gronendeal.

  • The Dog Hater's Community
    This community is for those who loathe those useless vile parasites called dogs.

  • All Spots Community
    Have a Dalmatian? Join the All Spots Community! This community is all about the spotted Dalmatian!

  • Worldwide Dobermans
    This community was created for all doberman lovers all over the world, to join in to one.

  • Jumping Jack Russell Terriers
    This community is for Jack Russell Terriers and their owners. Those who understand these magnificant HUGE dogs in small bodies. You gotta love em!

  • Naturally-Reared Boxers
    A community to join Boxer owners who feed a raw and/or natural diet to their furbabies.

  • Puppy Mills Need To Be Stopped...Buy From Responsible Breeders Only
    We need to stop PUPPY MILLS that are acting as responsible breeders. Breeders across the country who are seeing this, we need to stick together and help make puppy buyers aware of the actions of mills, and promote responsible ownership and breeding practices. Mills need to be shut down. If you have a site about responsible breeding or about the condemning of Puppy Mills please join this community. Lets make this community huge and get the word out about the difference to all new puppy buyers.

  • Mastiff Information
    For Mastiff Owners

  • Dog Greeting cards
    Dog greeting email cards, ours are giants but more are welcome

  • The Official Miniature Dachshund Community of America
    This a community for people who just love those little dachshunds! You don't even have to have a dog related page, just if you melt anytime you look into those soulful brown eyes, then you are welcome!

  • Poodles, Poodles & More Poodles!
    If you have a site dedicated to your poodle, this is the place for you! Wether you have a toy, mini, or standard poodle, this is the place to show them off!

  • Collie Crazy
    Breeders and Exhibitors Of Rough Collies. Member of CCA, ETCC and ORKC

  • Crested Dogs in the Community
    A community for Breeders and exibitors of chinese crested dogs to unite

  • The loss of a pet
    If you have a beloved pet that you lost to rainbow bridge then please join us

  • Show Dobes Community
    ShowDobes group is for people interested in showing their Doberman in conformation, obedience, agility, flyball, schutzhund, tracking and any other competition sanctioned by Doberman Pinscher Club America and/or American Kennel Club. Doberman breeders, judges, handlers and owners of show Dobermans are welcome.

  • Clanbear Newfie's
    come meet my newfies and read all about the fun stuff they get up too loads to read on grooming, health, showing, cats page and so much more

  • Adorable Dachshunds
    Welcome to Adorable Dachshunds :) If you have a homepage about your dach your are welcome to join our community.

  • Pugs Is Our Life
    MORE ABOUT PUGS!!! We thank you for visiting a web-community "PUGS IS OUR LIFE". This Community is devoted to pugs to the kindest and most beautiful breed. If you the owner of a site or page about pugs for you will be a place!
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