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  • Labrador Retrievers Community
    {;}A community for lovers of Labrador Retrievers

  • The Professional Handlers Community
    This community is a showcase of Professional Dog Handlers (conformation only). If you are a Professional Handler whose site meets our standards you are cordially invited to join this community...

  • Portuguese Water Dogs
    This is the community to link sites featucommunity Portuguese Water Dogs around the world.

  • American Eskimo Dog
    A gathecommunity of sites devoted to the American Eskimo Dog, also known as "eskies".

  • Doberman Breeder Community
    Find a Doberman Breeder in your area.

  • The Terrier Lovers Community
    Community for the websites and personal homepages of people who love all breeds of Terriers!

  • The Miniature Schnauzer Community
    Community For Miniature Schnauzer Owners And Fanciers. Everyone Who Owns Or Loves A Mini Is Welcome To Join Us.

  • International Irish Wolfhound Community
    Welcome to the International Irish Wolfhound community, this community is designed to link together pages for Irish Wolfhound enthusiasts from all corners of the world. Our only qualifications for membership are that you have a page devoted to Irish Wolfhounds, promote responsible dog ownership and are not a commercial breeder. Please note that we will not accept applications without the HTML code being easily found on your web site.

  • Pug Information
    The Pug Info Community is designed to link sites on the Internet that share the experience of actually living with a Pug or Pugs. Many people are looking to find out what Pugs are really like and if the Pug will fit into their lifestyle and this community - more than just pages of pictures - will help them make educated decisions.

  • Field Spaniels community
    This community is for all of you, who love fieldies, own one, have owned one someday, or own a bunch of them. Breeders, owners and lovers all come together!

  • Bernese Mountain Dog World Community
    Welcome to the Bernese Mountain Dog World Community, this New Community is designed to link together Web Sites for Bernese Mountain Dog enthusiasts from all corners of the world. Our only qualifications for membership are that you have a page devoted to Bernese Mountain Dogs; promote responsible dog ownership and not a commercial breeder. Please note that we will not accept applications without the community HTML code found on your web site and we do accept New Members to this Community if the Community Surf system finds your Community Code is working correctly then you will be connected

  • Alldogs Website Designers
    Consisting of website designers who design for the dog industry such as breeders, kennels, dog clubs, professional handlers, etc. All members must adhere to a high standard of website design before being included in the community. Please read the guidelines through prior to submitting your application. PLEASE NOTE: If the html code is not inserted correctly on to a site that wishes to join this community it will automatically be removed from queue.

  • Texas Show Dogs
    A community for people which show their dogs in conformation or performance events in the Lone Star state.

  • Showdogs Owner Handled
    This is a community for the person that owns and shows their own dogs. A place to link together all these special people.

  • Chows_R-Us
    A community dedicated to the Chow breed. Open to all people who have a site dedicated to or about the Chow Chow. Breeders are also welcome to join.

  • Breeders For Genetic and Structural Soundness
    A community dedicted to the Ethical and Responsible breeders of AKC register purebred dogs. Breeders that care about soundness both genetically and structurally.

  • Dachshund Means Love
    Dachshund Means Love. If you have a Dachshund you know this is true. This Community is made to help share the love of that certain breed we have come to love. The excited wiggle we know, the expressive eyes we read, the shadow only a few feet behind us. If you have a site that is about your Dachshund or Dachshunds in general please join us. This Community has been around for almost 3 years now and has some wonderful sites.

  • Hundis Communityen
    En community för alla hundsidor, även utländska!{;}Gå med i Hundis Communityen och låt din hemsida få massor av besökare!{;}{;}Välkommen till Hundis Communityen!

  • Pug Thugs
    The ultimate pug dog and pug lovers community. This community is for all the Pug Thugs of the internet. If you own your mom and dad, are boss of your house, or bully around the other pugs of the house, or made your own website, no thanks to your humans this is for YOU!{;}{;}Show them who owns the Net!!{;}{;}Please only personal pug webpages or rescues only. {;}{;}No commercial or breeders sites allowed.

  • The Collie Breeders Community
    For breeders of Collies.. and all those folks who love the beautiful, gentle and loyal collie. Our sites represent the best of rough and smooth collie breeders around the world!

  • The Boxer Republic Community
    A Community Dedicated to Bcommunitying Boxer Lovers Together in a Fun & Informative Atmosphere{;}Created For Boxer Lovers, By Boxer Lovers

  • EliteShowdogs
    Community for EliteShowdogs members only.{;}EliteShowdogs is a email group of experienced breeders, exhibitors & judges.

  • ChowChowFanciersClub
    For chow chow fanicers, showing in conformation, obedience and owning a chow chow as part of your family.

  • European Bearded Collie Community
    This community contents not only references to Bearded Collie Breeders, but also to private owners of this beautiful faithful breed, shacommunity their experiences, tips, stories....

    This community is for yorkie lovers. YORKIE DREAMS WEBRING.. We hope you like what you see and consider joining our wonderful family! In order to join the community. Place the fragment on your page. The community fragment and code must be placed on the page you submit, within 7 days are you membership will be denied.

  • Cavaliers Are The Best
    This community is for all Cavalier enthusiasts, but not for comercial sites, advertising puppies for sale.

  • Schäfercommunityen
    This is a Swedish Community with homepages about German Shepard Dogs

  • The Lab Community
    This Community is for owners of Labrador Retrievers, or people with lab mixes who have a website for their dog(s). All sites are welcome if they meet the Community's criteria and rules. All colour labs are welcome. Please submit your dog's site if they are a lab or lab mix!

  • Proud to be a Dog Net Community
    No matter what breed of dog your are, you are proud to be a dog! That's why mom and I (Spencer) started this community, for proud dogs! I, myself, is a great dog and I love being with my human mom, and getting the high style treatment! And plus us dogs do amazing things such as help the blind and heacommunity! If you are a proud dog, come join my Proud to be a Dog Community! ~Spencer, Master Webmaster

  • Silken Windhound Community
    A community for Silken Windhound lovers.{;}Silken Windhounds are small longhaired sighthounds, a small dog with a big future.

  • Sled Dog Lover's Community
    A community for anyone with a sled dog related page! All sledding breeds welcome. No sites saying mushing is cruel!

  • Miniature Pinschers - Responsible Breeders/Exhibitors
    A community for Responsible Miniature Pinscher breeding, showing and ownership. Websites which educate the public on proper MinPin breeding, ownership and general care. Membership is open to legitimate breeders/avid dog show exhibitors who validate their breeding programs and reputation in ACTIVE CONFORMATION COMPETITION. Breeders who are dedicated to protect & improve the Min Pin by such things as health testing (DNA OFA & CERF reg); breeding for correct body type and movement according to the official standard; breeding for a sound healthy body & mind; issue written guarantees; stand behin

  • WorldMals
    The Alaskan Malamutes in the World... the communitysurf of worldmals.com

  • A.C.A.D.S.E.
    Asociación Club Amigos de los Spitz Europeos. Trabajamos por el fomento de las razas incluidas en los Spitz Europeos según el estandard de la FCI.

  • Yorkies Forever
    Anything yorkie related, from Pets, showing, breeding, puppies, agility, obedience, enjoying your yorkshire terrier, clothing, pet care, crafts, photography, you name it if it is a yorkie, for a yorkie, or benefits a yorkie, then it is welcome here. Puppy Mills will not be accepted.

  • Twister and Sarah's Community
    Twister and Sarah are two very lucky pets that want people to help stop animal abuse.

  • Crazy For Dogs
    A community for all webpages dealing with dogs

  • Hundliv
    Här kan du anmäla Din hemsida om den innehåller minst en hund!{;}När anmälan är gjord kommer Din hemsida att läggas på kö och läggas in i communityen när communityens dekal finns på Din hemsida. {;}Skulle inte communityens dekal finnas på plats på Din hemsida efter 2 veckor så avlägsnas den från kön.

  • Doberman Stud Dog Announcement
    Looking for a Doberman for Stud!?!

  • Working American Bulldogs
    This community will allow American bulldog lovers to see web sites that breed standard performance type American Bulldogs. This community will also contain sites that have information on the american bulldog breed and it's origin.

  • 1StopforDogs.com Community
    All dog beeeds worldwide community, dog breeders, puppies for sale, dog breed information, dog kennels, dog trainers, dog handlers, dog pictures, dog clubs, pen pals, postings for lost dogs, postings for dogs wanted, postings for help needed, etc.

  • OzPugs
    The Community of Australian Pug people and their friends.

  • Golden Bonds
    This community is for sites that celebrate the human-canine bond and show how dogs can function as healers, teachers, heros or friends. Kids and adults alike, whose sites touch upon the gifts that dogs have provided their companions, may join. Examples include: {;}{;}Websites for Non-Profit Organizations (animal protection, animal training, rescue, humane societies, animal shelters, assistance dog groups, etc.){;}{;}Websites about doing Animal-Assisted Activities (pet visitations, etc.){;}{;}Websites about doing Animal-Assisted Therapy{;}{;}Websites about having and/or training a Service Dog (

  • Dog Love
    This is a special community for all the dog lovers out there. I am the Corgi Rugby, but Corgis are well-known to be compatible with all kinds of dogs, so all dogs are welcome to join. Learn about your favorite breed, or just see who else is out there who shares your love fore dogs!

  • Dog Stuff Online
    Dog Stuff Online Community dedicated to the Showdog person that has a special dog item or great idea to offer for sale to other dog lovers. Community will include Dog Show vendors, Breeders, Dog Entrepreneurs, & Show dog related services. This is not a pet store community. No dogs will be offered for sale on in this community.

  • Doberman Litter Announcement Community
    Looking for a Doberman Puppy in your area! Look here!

  • AKC Working Dog Community
    This community spotlights all AKC Working Breeds participating in all their exciting activities, conformation, obedience, agility and other working activities. Breeders and clubs may also join. No puppy mills please.

  • Welsh Corgi
    This community is dedicated to Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Cardigan Welsh Corgis. Members may include owners, reputable breeders, Corgi rescue sites, Corgi art sites, Corgi gift shops, and related sites as approved by the community owner. Member site must be G rated and family friendly. Membership approval to the Welsh Corgi Community is solely determined by the communityowner.

  • Merle Free Pomeranians
    This community is for breeders who will not knowingly breed Pomeranians that carry the merle gene. The merle gene is linked to serious health problems and it is suspected that merle Poms are not pure breds since this pattern has only recently appeared in this breed.

  • Norsk Lundehund
    The Norwegian Lundehund is a rare but wonderful dog. Find out more about this unique breed.
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