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  • Animal Roundup
    A Web competition were we are having lots of fun. Our team is Animal related but also non animal sites can join.

  • Heart-n-Soul's Animal Kingdom
    A community special for sites related to the Wildlife and Domestic animals. Special attention for the Endangered Species

  • When You Know Your Pet Is Cute: Pet Contests

    For every person who has ever owned a pet in their lives then you will know the love and joys that come with sharing your life with your new buddy.  Everyone believes at one time or another that their pet is cuter than anyone else’s and will often go to great lengths to prove this. This is often true for mother’s when it comes to their children, beauty is held in the eye of the parents it is said.

    Some people buy their pets for love at first sight where as others will buy their pets for the way they look. These certain qualities, which will win them a prize; bigger ears, longer tail, colour, paw width, stance, nose to tail length, height, teeth, quality of coat and breed, are highly paid for and sort after. These are just some of the things that people aim for when they buy their pet so that they can “show” them and enter them into a contest. Some animal lovers do it for the love of their breeds and the stigma that comes with it; others do it solely for the glory and the prize money. Some breeds are also purchased for their temperaments and skills.

    Dog and Cat contests are more commonly known and recognized through out the globe, but as the world of pet contests becomes more accessible because of the internet, other animals are now sharing in that glory. People now often hold contests around the world and in local towns’ contests for pet rabbits, hamsters and even fish. The popularity of pet contests has risen over the last five years for the little unknown events where as the more well known competitions have a long and often colourful histories that span for a century.

    Contests can and are held for money and for fun. Which type you enter your pet into is entirely up to you and often your pet, depending on their skills and looks will depend on the contest entered. If your pet is not a pedigree then stay away from ridged shows such as Crufts as they may not even get passed the first round. A better more wholesome contest that is for fun is always a pleasure to be at and will always be a great day out for the whole family.

    People have been known to dress up their pets in a variety of clothing made to measure. These companies who make the individual clothes have seen a stark rise in sales as the fashion of dressing your pet has really taken off!

    If you are thinking of entering your pet into a contest be sure to check the requirements and rules thoroughly. Even the small print, as once your pet is entered often a fine is payable for any mistakes you make with the paper work. Ignorance is often not an accepted excuse.  What ever you decide, pet contests are loved by all, whether they are being viewed or being entered, the owners and their pets have wonderful days and sometimes they win a prize!