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  • Crazy web-cats
    This community is for all you crazy cats out there that has a website of your own, or a page of your own on your human's website.

  • Faithful Friends
    This community is for anyone who loves their life-long animal companion. These are the friends who love you unconditionally and remain faithful to you through thick or thin.

  • Animal Souls
    This community is for anyone who believes that animals have souls, that their spirits live on, and that they surely go to heaven after their physical body is gone. For anyone who believes God calls His innocent babies back to Him, to share in life eternal with Him, His Angels, and with their loving humans for those who had them on earth.

  • Golden Halo
    The Golden Halo Community accepts two types of applicants, all Orange/Ginger/Golden colored, and all who have overcome the odds & beat sickness in some way{;}or another...We want to share your precious story. >^,,^< {;}

  • OlivesPawPrint
    A community for people that have have cat websites.

  • Poeslief Zwarte Katten Community
    Hallo! Dit is 1 van de Poeslief Katten communityen. Heb je ook een Zwarte Kat en een homepage daarover? Meld je pagina dan aan!! Klik op join community om je site aan te melden. Heb je andere katten? Kijk dan op http://www.loesjes.nl onder het kopje Poeslief voor de andere Poeslief Katten Communityen.

  • Help Stop Pet Overpopulation
    This community is here to help inform everyone of an increasing problem of pet overpopulation, by supproting spay and neutecommunity

  • Don't Breed or Buy While Shelter Animals Die
    Millions of shelter animals are killed every year because there are not enough forever homes for them. Breeding more cats and dogs, or buying them from pet stores, only helps to perpetuate the problem of pet overpopulation. Shelter animals make wonderful pets. Be part of the solution, and adopt a shelter animal as a companion.

  • Da Agency Feline Unit
    We purrtect and serve! Our mission is ta keep all of catdom safe and ta keep doze gurlz furom infiltratin da boyz only clubs.

  • Love a Feral Cat
    If a feral cat has touched your heart, we welcome you into this community.

  • Chaîne Féline Francophone
    Regroupement de sites francophones à thématique féline / community of french sites having a common feline thematic

  • Victorian Cat Community
    A community for cats with Victorian webpages or for webpages containing Victorian Cat graphics.

  • kitty appreciation
    a place for all those people who love their kittys. all you need is a picture of your cat on your homepage, personal writings about cats, or anything cat related at all!

  • Pure Purrfection Community
    A special community of Pure Purrfection for those Purely purrfect felines in your life. Main theme must be devoted to cats.

  • Poeslief Rode Katten Community
    Hallo! Dit is 1 van de Poeslief Katten communityen. Heb je ook een Rode Kat, en een homepage daarover? Meld je pagina dan aan!! Klik op join community om je site aan te melden. Heb je andere katten? Kijk dan op http://www.loesjes.nl onder het kopje Poeslief voor de andere Poeslief Katten Communityen.

  • Animal Angels
    For those of you who've lost a furry best friend and would like to memorialize them and share what they meant to you.

  • Moggies!
    A community for any, and all, sites dedicated to domestic cats.

  • I Luv Cats
    This community is open to anyone that loves cats and has a webpage.

  • Cats around Mälaren
    Homepages about cats in a part of Sweden call Mälardalen.

  • Pet Theft Awareness
    This community was created to help spread pet theft awareness. An estimated 2-5 million pets are stolen each year, many from their own backyards, most are sold to labs for use in experiments, but others are sold to dog-fighting communitys as fighters or as bait, to puppy mills for breeding, as meat for human consumption, as prey for exotic animals, as fur for clothing or accessories, or used as sacrifices for cult rituals.

  • The Voice. We Speak for Those Who Can't
    In the words of Ella Wheeler Wilcox, {;}I am the voice of the voiceless{;}And through the dumb shall speak{;}Till the deaf world's ear{;} be made to hear{;}The wrongs of the wordless weak.{;} This community is for anyone who fights for the animals. A community for animal activists, and anyone who believes animals have rights just as the human animal has.

  • Animal Experiments. An Unnecessary Evil.
    A community for those who strongly oppose experiments done on animals. Millions of people have been misled into believing that it is possible to find cures for human diseases by experimenting on healthy, non-human animals. This is not only ridiculous and a completely unnecessary loss of animal life, but dangerous to humans. Every year the FDA has to recall, or pull THOUSANDS of drugs found to be "safe" based on animal tests because of the serious health problems, including death,{;} they cause in human beings. Animals and humans are different anatomically, physiologically, immunologically, gen

  • Meow the Catlovers
    a community for all catlovers

  • Tuxedo Gang Community
    This community is for members of the elusive tuxedo gang! "Clean your tuxedo...leave your hairballs at the door"

  • Cat Moms: Mothers of Fabulous Felines
    If you consider yourself the Mom (or Dad) of a fabulous feline, this is the community to join. Your page/site does not have to be about cats.

  • Kat Obsession
    Anything about cats including photos, graphics and infomation. Kid friendly sites.

  • Tem's Spirit Of All Cats Community
    Join Tem in honocommunity the nobility of all cats.

  • Canadian Cats
    A community for the puroud cats of Canada! Come one, come all & join together on the web...

  • Dragon's Cat Site Award Community
    A community for sites that give awards for cat-related web sites.

  • The Cats Club Community
    This community is for cat websites that have club memberships to offer to other kittys. This is not for any type of breeding club, this if for 'fun' internet cat clubs where cats can bond, enter contests, and find furriends!

  • The cat gang
    meet the the cat gang and join them in the fun see the foster cats send cat e-cards and cat health info communitys and so much more

  • Pampered Cats
    This community is for anyone owned by a spoiled rotten cat(s). Also for anyone who has been forced to indulge and coddle the feline 'ruler' in their home. If you find yourself to be one such slave, this community is for you!

  • Reputable Sphynx Breeders
    Websites of REPUTABLE Sphynx Breeders. To join you must uphold the highest cattery standards, breed for health foremost, and register all kittens with a bona fide Registry.

  • Perser og Exotic
    Dette er en community for alle som eier perser/exotic katter. Velkommen inn! :)

  • Mr. Spunky's Cat's Meow
    The Cat's Meow Community is a Community for any and all cats who have their own web pages. Any felines and their humans are welcome to join. =^..^=

  • Cat Furniture & Cat Tree Websites
    Websites dedicated to providing answers and products for demanding cat lovers. Buying your cat furniture, cat scratching posts, cat trees, premium cat furniture, cat condos, cat gyms, kitty furniture, and sisal posts at low prices online has never been easier.

  • Munchkin Cat Community
    This community is for owners, lovers and breeders of Munchkin Cats. If you apply to join, make sure your pages contain lots of information or photographs on Munchkin Cats

  • Kitty Kat Diaries
    This community is for any one who has a diary with some form of kitty or cat in it! Meow! Kitty Kat Diaries Unite! *hehehe*

  • cats4u
    a community for cats and their owners

  • Abyssinian Cat Community
    Welcome to the Abyssinian community, this community is designed to link together pages for Abyssinian cat enthusiasts from all corners of the world. Our only qualifications for membership are that you have a page devoted to Abyssinian cats, promote responsible cat ownership and are not a commercial breeder. Please note that we will not accept applications without the HTML code being easily found on your web site.

  • kitties
    A community for people who looooove cats (wild and/or domestic).

  • simply feline
    love cats or just like to meow? join.

  • We Love Cats
    A community for those of us that love our cats.

  • The Alley Mews Community
    Community for cat-related sites. Family-friendly only, please; also no sites that advocate animal abuse will be allowed.

  • Owner of cat from Vagen's
    This is a community for they who have or had a cat from S*Vågen's cattery

  • A Tribute to Rescue and Shelter Workers
    This community is a tribute to, and in honor of, all the dedicated people who work in rescue and animal shelters. It is a small thanks to them for all their hard work, their efforts to help those less fortunate animals to be safe, and for the love they so willingly give them.

  • Cats With No Name
    This community was created for all who love and cherish the grace and beauty that is the CAT!{;} It's a place to gather for stregnth and inspiration, and is dedicated to animal shelters and rescue groups and those individuals who work to improve the lives of animals.{;} A place to share stories, pictures, knowledge, friendship, and our love for these graceful creatures. {;} We have a common goal to improve the health and welfare of those who live with no home, with no love, and with no name. {;} {;}{;}

  • Purrfect Cat Friends
    A community for all the cat friends.

  • Spoiled Kitties of the WWW Unite
    For all the spoiled kitties of the internet... We are proud to be spoiled!

  • Brittloverscommunityen
    About British shorthair
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