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  • Crazy For Cats
    This community is for all sites that have at {;}least one page devoted to or written by {;}cats. All cat lovers are invited to {;}join.

  • The BratCats Community
    Fun Community for owners of cats. Only family-friendly websites with at least one page devoted to cats may join.

  • Happiness is being owned by cats ...
    We are for anyone that is happily owned by cats. A community for cats, about cats and anything having to do with cats. Are you happily owned by cats, well come on and join ... what are you waiting for!?

  • Russian Blue Community
    This is a community for breeders and lovers of the Russian Blue to find information, contacts and, of course, show off their cats.

  • Addicted to cats & communitys
    This community is open for anyone who is addicted to cats & communitys. All sites submitted must be family/kid safe. Anyone is free to join!

  • Alley Cats Need Love Too!
    This community is to help promote an interest in and awareness of the many thousands and thousands of alley cats that would be wonderful companions, if only someone would let them in.

  • cat lovers community
    community for people who love cats!

  • Meezer Trio
    The Meezer Trio Community is not just for siamese cat lovers. If you are a cat lover of any kind, & you have at least one webpage that is cat-related, than we invite you to come join our community & join in the fun!{;}

    You will caress me when I decide I want your hands laid upon me.{;}Yes, I hear you calling my name, but I will decide when to acknowledge you.{;}Work?! Huh! You humans - I will let you get to your pile of papers when I{;}decide to get up off of them.{;}Sound Familiar? If so, come join the CATTITUDES Community!{;}No matter how much CATTITUDE your cat may display, you know one things for sure-they will always and unconditionally love you! CATTITUDE! It makes the kitty world go round!{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}

  • World Wide Bengal Cat
    A non-Yahoo alternative to the original Bengal Cat Community. Bengal cat owners community. Bengal cat breeders homepages, bengal pet homepages, and homepages of people owned by bengals. This community dedicated to bengal cats exclusively, preserving the wild look of the Asian Leopard Cat through loving domesticated housecats. Perfect way to learn about Bengals and find breeders in your area.

  • Siberian Cat Lovers
    Welcome to the Wonderful World of Siberian Cat Lovers. This Community is for breeders and owners of the Siberian Cat. You will find information on the breed, kittens and cats for sale, owners of Siberian Cats, and people to contact for information about the breed and where to acquire a Siberian Cat for yourself. Informative with lots of pictures of the lovely Siberian Cat. Why use a search engine when you can see them all here.

  • Danish Maine Coon
    Community for Maine coon breeders and owners. Contains information about and/or pictures of cats

  • BratCats Top 50 Feline Sites Community
    This list is restricted to existing members of The BratCats Top 50 Feline Sites List. No other cat-related sites may join unless they first join our list. This can be done from the community's homepage.

  • The Cats Whiskers Community
    This community is for websites which have been dedicated to their pets. =^..^=

  • Rumpies, Stumpies and Tails
    This is a community for cats and their companions. Rumpies,stumpies and tailed are all varieties of Manx cats, but the{;}community is NOT exclusive to Manx cats. Any cat who thinks his/her tail (or lack of one) is extraordinary is eligible. Such{;}examples include plumed, flagged and kinked tails, as well as the rumpies and stumpies already mentioned.{;}Sites MUST be family-rated, NO obscenities and NO animal cruelty.{;}Sites not meeting the guidelines will not be admitted or will be removed from the community.

  • *~ Cool Cats Community ~*
    Are you owned by a cat? Then you are owned by a COOL cat. Does your cool cat have his/her own web page? Then this feline only community was created just for you!

  • Computer Whiz Kits
    A community for those Felines who are well-versed in the art of HTML and Graphics. The site must be written by the cat from a cat's point of view.

  • Ocicat Community
    This family oriented community promotes the Ocicat breed of cats and their people. If you are a breeder or owner of an Ocicat, please join this community. NOTE: In semi-hiatus. Please consider joining the Ocicat Community instead. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Cute Cuddly Kitties of the Net
    This is a community for kitty cat lovers everywhere. Do you have a site dedicated to your special furry feline? Then come and join the fun! There are only two rules...{;}1) Your site must be dedicated to your cat OR have a least a few pages dedicated to him.{;}{;}2) Your Site Must Be Family Friendly AND Kitty Cat Friendly!!!

  • Mitty's Community
    Hi...I'm Mitty, and I am a cat! My community is for all of the cats who have home pages...please ask your human to help you join today!

  • The Cat Community
    A CommunitySurf Community for all Cat related Web Sites.

  • Samz Kat Community
    Anyone with a cat site or a site promoting cats may join this community.

  • Rexcatz
    This community is devoted to ALL of the rex coated and hairless breeds of cat.

  • The Incredible Cat
    For all cats and the humans who love them. Whether your site or page is about cats in general or about a particular cat or cats you are welcome to join.

  • The Singing Kitties Community
    The Singing Kitties Community is open to all cat lovers who have a website with at least one page devoted to cats. All sites must be family-friendly and the communityowner reserves the right to refuse any site not meeting the community guidelines.

  • Russian Cats Community
    A community for all sites featucommunity Russian cats (all types). Web sites featucommunity Nebelungs and other colour Russians are very welcome.

  • Skandinaviske Oppdrettere Online
    En community for katteoppdrettere fra hele Skandinavia.

  • Just a Girl and her Cats
    This community is dedicated to all the gals out there who's life is their CATS!! Are you a girl? Are you owned by one or more kitties? If so, Please join this community to spread the word of how much your kitty means to you!

  • FeLV/FIV/FIP Awareness Community
    This community is for FeLV/FIV/FIP positive kitties (their humans can help with the community code:), or anyone that would like to help get the word out that 'FeLV/FIV/FIP are no longer automatic death sentence's'. Our motto "Purr For A Cure"{;}{;}Please get the community graphic from here:{;}http://www.bemikitties.com/felvcommunity.html {;}the one shown here is too small and will be distorted, thanks for joining!!

  • pawed
    a community for those people who are gladly owned by their cats. if you keep journals, diaries, or blogs, all are welcome. :)

  • Loesjes Poeslief Katten Community
    Hallo! Dit is 1 van de Poeslief Katten webringen. De Poeslief Nederlandstalige Kattenpagina webring heb ik 24 Oktober 2000 bij Bravenet opgestart. Een webring bestemd voor Nederlandstalige pagina's over katten. Mede omdat de service bij Communitysurf een stuk beter is, heb ik in 2006 besloten de webring te verhuizen. Heb je ook een Kat en een homepage daarover? Meld je pagina dan aan!! Klik op join community om je site aan te melden. Kijk ook eens op http://www.loesjes.nl onder het kopje Poeslief voor de andere Poeslief Katten webringen.

  • Forever Feline Furbabies
    This community is for those of us who dedicate our life and love to our wonderful Feline Furbabies! Once they enter our lives, we protect, love and take care of them - today, tomorrow & FOREVER! Everyone should be a RESPONSIBLE Furbaby Guardian!

  • Women Who Love Cats
    This community is for all women who love cats.

  • Sassy's Second Chance Shelter Cat Community
    This Community was created to join sites about shelter cats that got a second chance and became a pampered pet.

  • no more summer cats!
    Against summer cats and misstreated dogs.

  • Saber's Strays & Shelter Cats
    Are you or were you once a Stray or Shelter Cat? We want to share your story with others just like you! >^,,^<

  • Taphie's Tiny Tigers
    Are you a tabby cat? Hear stories of special tiny tigers just like you. >^,,^<

  • Orange Tabby Boys Club
    This community is for members of Simba's Orange Tabby Boys Club. The requirements to join are that you are a male orange tabby cat! No girls allowed! This club is just for the guys! Come join us!

  • Love Thy Cat
    This community is for all sites that are written by or devoted to cats. All cats, their humans or humans that love cats are welcome to join!

  • Community of Cat Topsite Lists
    This community is for any Cat related website that has it's very own Topsite List. A Topsite list is a list that ranks Cat websites based on votes given to it by it's many visitors. If you have a Cat related website that has it's own Cat Topsite list, please join this community!

  • Angels That PURRR
    Do you have a PURRRfectly Angelic cat? Then this is the community for you! Angels come in many shapes and forms. If you have been blessed with an Angel that purrrs, join together with us!

  • Cat Hotel
    meet the cat gang and see the foster cats and kittens cat health info and send cat e-cards and so much more

  • The Neurotic Cat Moms of the World
    Are you just a little neurotic when it comes to your cat? When your cat coughs up a hairball, do you call the vet right away and demand an immediate appointment? Have you realized that cat hair is a food condiment? You are just the purrson we're looking for!

  • Best Sphynx Cat Sites Ever!
    The best Sphynx Cat sites ever! Endless information about every aspect of the Sphynx cat.

  • Commitment. Loving Your Cat for Life
    Commitment. It is not just while our pets are cute or healthy. It is for life! Our pets should be like beloved family members, with us through thick or thin, good or bad, through the journey of life.

  • The Cat's Meow
    For the Love of Cats.. Wild or Tame, Great or Small.. Welcome :o)

  • All Cats Go To Heaven
    All Cats Go To Heaven

  • Burmese & Asian Cat Lovers
    This community is for lovers of Burmese and Asian cats. Whether breeders, owners or neither, if your website reflects your love of Burmese or Asian cats, you are most welcome to join us.

  • T.U.C.K.s
    This community is open to any tuxedo cats that belong to T.U.C.K.s (Tuxedo United Cat Klub) in order to join this community, you MUST be a memfur of T.U.C.K.s the place fur tuxedo kitties to unite and haf fun!

  • The Kitty Crazy Community!
    This community is for cat lovers that are crazy about their cats! This site is for all ages. Please, cat sites only!

  • Looking at Cats

    A cat is able to communicate with other cats, animals and humans using over 100 different sounds and noises. By using a combination of these sounds which include hissing, purring, spitting and calling they create a more complex language than that of a dog or any other known pet.  

    It is quite commonly known that a cat will own you, rather than you owning the cat as their idea of structure see them at the top of the home ranking not you. Cats see their owners as subservient and a slave to their desires. They use their complex language to communicate their needs as well as their feelings. As an owner you will probably feel that you are able to recognise most of your cat’s sounds and figure out what they want with great ease. Yet when you think you have worked them out they will often go and do something out of the ordinary. Cats only come when called if they want to, as they will only do something if it serves them not you.  

    Truly independent in every sense of the word, cats are loved by thousands of people all over the world for their quirkiness and for the fact that they are individuals who can truly speak to us in many ways.  Cats are not only good at expressing themselves verbally but also by their body language. Their body language is just as telling as their voice for letting us know what they need. These two skills combined give their owner something to “tune” into when training their cat. Litter training is not the only skill that you teach your cat, there are a wide range of different things you can teach your cat that with benefit you both in your life long relationship together.  Cats can live between thirteen and twenty years, so get communicating now before you end up with twenty years of miss heard thoughts and feelings between you two!

    By learning your cat’s expressions and sounds you can tell when they are happy and when something is wrong. Behaviour out of the ordinary is often due to your cat trying to tell you something important.  They will tell you when they are ill and need medical attention and recognising these signs will become easier as your relationship grows.

    The bond between a cat and its owner is unparallel to any other owner/pet relationship. Cats have a high intelligence are able to problem solve and just about as cute as a button. Cats are much like our selves except they express every emotion and feeling freely without being guarded which is something that most people wish they could be like. Cats are our friends and as such a member of the family, they are children friendly and always seem to know when something is wrong. Some people believe that your pets psyche is in tune with our own should the bond be strong enough. Cats will always greet you with a kind purr or kip and will always swoop down for a cuddle if you are feeling low. The communication between a cat and its owner is not always there for all to see but is on the inside, an intimate sharing between you too.

    Get some great advice on how to deal withcat flea infestations.

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