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    A CommunitySurf Community for all Bird related Web Sites.

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    A community of bird sites! Breeders, owners, clubs, everyone with a web page on birds can join! No X rated sites.

  • When They Stop Singing
    Learning about Parrot abuse and how to stop it!

  • The Talking Parrot Community
    This community is for parrot lovers who are interested in shacommunity their parrot's talking abilities.

  • Burfågelcommunityen
    Hej! Här kan alla vara med som har en hemsida som handlar om burfåglar! Ju fler vi är tillsammans!! Välkomna! // Lena ------------------------------------------------------------ Du ska kopiera min fina logga att lägga på din hemsida, så kopiera följande html-text och klistra in på DIN hemsida.

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    Welcome To The Conures On The Community.{;}This Community Was Created To Join All Conure Bird Lovers & Owners Together. All Conure Websites Are Welcome To Join

  • quaker parrots
    Charlie is a quaker parrot and would love to meet other birds

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    Linking cockatiel pages together. Breeder, owners, clubs, everyone with a page on cockatiels can join. Having photos is a big plus. No X-rated sites.

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    The Cockatoo Love Community Is Designed To Show Case & Link Websites About Cockatoo`s Together. Show How Much You Love Your Cockatoo Join The Community...

  • Canary Bird Community
    Millions fell in love with the canary bird thanks to the oh so lovable cartoon Tweety. While not quite the same as far as appearance goes, real life canaries are sweet companions whose singing is even sweeter.
    This community is for those who can't get enough of the canary bird and are looking for information on these lovable birds, products and accessories and more. Have a look around and see what makes  the canary so special.

  • A Community For Parrot Lovers
    This parrot lovers communityb is for parrot owners as well as those considering getting a parrot. You don't need to be a pirate to take on a parrot as your companion! A parrot makes a great pet who requires only proper parrot cages, training and a few supplies! This community can help you get all the information you need and much more.
    Use this community to find Parrot Cages, Training and parrot supplies like perches,food and more. Learn how to Teach your Parrot to Talk. We also have Videos, DVD’s on Breeding, Diet and more. And, we can help you find a

  • Cockatiels
    Cockatiel people are as interesting as the birds themselves and it is for you that this community was created. It's a great place to find all kinds of things related to these beauiful birds.
    Are you an owner of a Cockatiel? Then have a look around for some great resourrces. And for those thinking of getting a new fine feathered friend, Cockatiels make awesome pets but before you buy yours there are some things you'll need and some things you'll need to know. Find out the ins and outs of owning one right here.

  • Parrots and birds
    A community for all bird lovers

  • The love of cockatiels
    This community is so all cockatiel lovers can join together

  • Eclectus Fanciers
    For all Eclectus Fanciers, Owners, and Breeders.

  • Michigan Aviaries
    The Community for all Michigan Aviaries Big and Small.

  • Call duck/colored mallard breeders community
    Breeders of calls and colored mallards

  • Birds Flight | Birds | Birding Guide | Birds Photos, Videos, Games, Movies and Cartoons
    Birdsflight.com is blog dedicated to all those who are passionate about Birds and every thing related to it.

  • Mating Systems of Birds

    Most species of animals have some constant mating habits that help us understand their species better. Wolves for example utilize extreme monogamous relationships. With them mate for life to the point that if one mate dies the other mate will not take a new mate. Lions on the other hand utilize a polygamy mating system with one male and several females. Birds though are so unique in this that each species of birds are different in how they mate. In fact there are four types of mating systems among birds that we know of. Each mating system is widely unique across the board.

    Monogamous birds are the ones that stay with the same mate during the breeding cycle. In some instances two birds will breed again during another breeding cycle. However, in most cases monogamous birds will breed with a new bird during the next mating season. Some birds such as swans and geese will mate for life. This life mating is different from that of wolves. When two birds mate for life it is more of a till death do us part type mating. Let on mate die and the surviving mate is off to find a new mate.

    Other species of birds use polygamy mating systems. These birds will stay mated with some commitment throughout one breeding cycle. A male bird will stay mating during the breeding cycle to several females. During the next breeding cycle the same male bird will usually have several different females. This is a small commitment that is made on the part of the male bird to each female he is mating with during that breeding cycle.

    Another mating system among species of birds is the polyandrous mating system. This is similar to the polygamy mating system in that one bird will have several mates during the breeding cycle. However, in this instance it is the female that will take several mates for one breeding cycle. As with the polygamy mating system the female will make a small commitment to the males she is mating with during that breeding cycle. The next breeding cycle will see her with different male mates.

    The most extreme mating among some species of birds is the promiscuous mating system. There is no commitment among any partner during a breeding cycle. A female or male bird will mate with any other bird during the breeding cycle. These seem to be just random encounters that can be most likened to the human one night stands.

    As with any species of animals it comes down to procreation. Each species of birds will utilize a different mating system with one thing in common though and that is procreation. It is possible to witness an individual bird acting out of character for its species. The above mating systems are systematic with the norm and not concrete for the individual. With the norms of a species it makes understanding the breeding habits of the species and not the individual bird easier to predict.