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  • Peeking to the Larger Scope of Regional News


    Regional news is considered as an important part of modern journalism. Hence, like journalism itself, regional news presentations actually serve as a natural source of social benefit. Obviously, as the main reason why journalism exists is for social reason, the main effects of the said art of communication are directly focused upon the society itself. News and other feature programs produced through the existence of journalism are directly affecting the different aspects of living of the society. The said aspects are to be discussed separately in the paragraphs that follow:


            Human Relationship

    The fact that the people are able to see how certain life issues affect others, at times, their decisions are then affected so much by what they learn especially from documentary- focused programs shared through the journalism mediums.

            Human Social Views

    Once the social issues are featured through programs, it could not be denied that the views and opinions that they once had focused on either the negative or the positive side of the issue is gradually changed due to the views presented through media.

            Political Preferences

    During elections, many people in the society rely on what they are able to hear from media. Their decisions on who they are supposed to elect are usually affected either by the programs that are produced to feature the personalities who are connected or in relation with the ones running for position.

            Community Awareness

    One of the main features of news and journalism is the exposure of the society to the possible criminal threats that are present in the human community. Once they are encouraged to remain aware by the ways that journalism presents the truth about the hidden facts about social crimes, they are then motivated to stay currently updated and aware of what is happening to the society and how the said situations are supposed to affect their lives personally.


    These breakdowns of social effects produced by journalism certainly points out the fact that media and the system that controls it directly affect the lives of the people living in the society. This is the main reason why even though the journalism system is practiced on either the First or the Third world countries; it should always be considered by journalists that what the people want is honest reporting. The credibility of journalism systems is a very important factor that should always be present in journalism practices. Hence, even though high tech gadgets are not present in the present society of the third world countries, this should not be a hindrance for the journalists of the said countries to having been able to produce high-level and high-quality reports for the society. Regional news reporting system is all at once considering the fact that it too is a part of modern journalistic aims of providing the people with honest and informative news. Hence, this makes the entire members of journalists handling regional news responsible for handling regional information at the most credible level they could consider.