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    The Club Afrika Community bcommunitys together websites with Africa related content and/or owned by Africans: African Discussion Forums, African News, Current Events, Culture, Music & Entertainment, Information, Politics, Economy, Trade, Business, Sports...and Much More!. We also welcome all our African brothers and sisters who are scattered all over the world involuntarily or by choice. We encourage all to participate productively.

  • Online News Directories and Web Rings


    Some people are just bona fide news-a-holics. These are the people who want to know what is going on in the world around them at all times no matter where they are or what they are—or should be—doing. And it is for these people that news directories and news web rings were created! A news directory is your guide to all the online news media that you could ever want or need! These are free online directories of hundreds of links to magazines, newspapers, news journals, television stations, visitor bureaus, colleges, governmental agencies and more. These sites can take you to where you wish to go, or help you discover the web sites you did not know even know existed thanks to hundreds of links to choose from.


    There was a time when online directories were considered a nuisance because of all of the links, but for someone who is on the directory for the specific purpose of finding useful links, then this type of site is actually a godsend! Where directories used to be more like link farms which didn’t serve much purpose due to the randomness of some of the links put on the site, nowadays the editors and webmasters of news directories and web rings take the time to hand pick the links that they will add to the site. Choosing the links involves checking out each and every site and ensuring that it meets their criteria and is of relevance to their visitors. This is why they are so useful and over all great.


    The options of sites to visit via a news directory or news web ring are usually quite varied as well. Not only is this partially due to the fact that news is happening every minute of everyday all around the world, but also because no two people are alike and therefore no two people are interested in the exact same type of news. While you may find the financial news to be the most important another person may deem something like entertainment news to be of most importance to them. It is because of this that you will have access to sites pertaining to international news, regional news, entertainment news, financial news, etc. And as mentioned, the sources of the news are varied so you even get a preference when it comes to that! Maybe you prefer the short news clips of the daily newspaper while someone else prefers to watch the broadcast of the news online. You really do get to customize your news experience to your needs and tastes this way because you have hundreds of links to visit!


    No matter where you are or what you consider news-worthy, you will surely find it by checking out a news directory or news web ring and find it quite easily. Your biggest dilemma will be trying to figure out which links you want to check out first!