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    A community for supporters of Russ Feingold.

  • A different view, or what the media missed.
    Basically what the title says.

  • Alternative News: Unbiased News Sources


    Depending where you live, you’ve likely noticed some small, out-of-the-ordinary newspapers kicking around music shops and café’s that don’t contain the usual current events of daily papers. These are just one example of the many alternative news sources kicking around.


    Alternative news consists of publications or other news providers that cover the things that mass media news doesn’t. The term is far too broad to even really explain fully, but basically, if a regular news paper finds something politically incorrect or just downright in appropriate, then you can be sure that an alternative news source will cover it and happily as their pride lies in bringing you the information and opinions that the regular media giants won’t.


    Alternative, also known as independent, strives to offer and unbiased view of things going on in the world since they are not run on the government’s money and therefore don’t have to answer to anyone or follow a protocol laid out by the government or anyone else. As such, they are willing to go where no mainstream paper has gone and regularly report on everything from alternative entertainment to sex to some very risqué opinion pieces. You can even feel a different flavor in their advertising and classified which also lean to the racier or more obscure side of the spectrum and include ads for things such as sexual services, support groups and functions for alternative sex and just about everything else that you know exists but don’t expect to find in regular mainstream media.


    Alternative newspapers have existed for a while but since they don’t receive the back up those regular newspapers and journals do, they’re not as widespread or easy to find. But, while getting your hands on alternative news and media was once limited to late night subway rides and visits to the ‘seedier’ parts of town, you can now get your independent news fix a lot easier by hitting the internet. The sites dedicated to the reporting of alternative news continue to grow each and every day and the sources for this news are just getting bigger and broader. You can choose from online alternative news publications and e-zines to video reports, podcasts and internet shows, all of which are dedicated to bringing you independent news.


    This increase in our need for alternative news sources has led us to where we are today; able to get this independent news from all around the world at anytime of the day or night thanks to the internet. Many of the alternative print publications now have their own online version of the paper or at the very least a website containing all kinds of great reads and even online access to their classifieds and advertisements since this is where they get most of their funding—through advertising.


    A quick online search of alternative news will lead you to sources as will checking out and alternative web ring. Our world is full of interesting news and opinions that are not making it to your ears or eyes through regular news sources so why not have a look at the underground and amaze yourself!