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  • New England Weather
    A community dedicated to web sites with information relating to weather in the New England states.

  • Northeast Kansas/Northwest Missouri Severe Weather Page
    Any web site can join this community. My web site is generally about severe weather information, but like I said any site can join my community.

  • Understanding Weather


    Weather is a set of all phenomena taking place in a specified atmosphere at a specified time. The weather phenomenon lies in troposphere and hydrosphere. Weather refers to present activity, as opposite to the word climate, which refers to average atmospheric circumstances during longer periods of time. When used with no qualification, "weather" is recognized to be weather of Earth.


    Weather occurs because of density (moisture and temperature) differences among one place to the other. These differences could take place owing to the sun angle at any specific spot, which differs by latitude from tropics. The strong temperature distinction between polar as well as tropical air gives augment to jet stream. Weather systems in mid-latitudes, like the extra tropical cyclones, are resulted by instabilities of jet stream flow. Since the Earth's axis is slanted compared with its orbital plane, daylight is incident at diverse angles at dissimilar times of a year. On the Earth's surface, temperatures generally vary 40 C (100 F to −40 F) yearly. More than thousands to hundreds of thousands of years, alterations in Earth's orbit influence the amount as well as distribution of solar energy expected by Earth and control long-term weather.


    Surface temperature distinctions in turn reason pressure differences. Higher altitudes are cooler than the lower altitudes because of differences in compression heating. Weather forecasting is application of technology and science to forecast the state of atmosphere for an upcoming time and a specified position. The atmosphere is a disordered system; therefore minute changes to single part of system could grow to have big effects on system as a whole. Human tries to direct the weather have occurred all through human record, as well as there is proof that individual activity like agriculture and trade has unintentionally customized weather outlines.


    Studying how the climate works on the other planets has been supportive in understanding how the weather works on Earth. A well-known landmark in Solar System, Jupiter's large Red Spot, is an anticyclone storm identified to have survived for a minimum of 300 years. Though, weather is not restricted to terrestrial bodies. A star's corona is continually being lost to space, generating what is fundamentally an extremely thin atmosphere all through the Solar System. The movement of mass expelled from the Sun is recognized as solar wind.


    On Earth, general weather phenomena comprise dust, fog, cloud, wind, rain and snow and storms. Less ordinary events comprise natural disasters like ice storms, tornadoes and hurricanes. Almost all well-known weather phenomena take place in troposphere (the lower part of atmosphere). Weather does take place in stratosphere and could influence weather lower down in troposphere; however the accurate mechanisms are badly understood.


    Weather occurs principally because of density (moisture and temperature) differences amid one place to the other. These differences could take place because of the sun angle at any specific spot, which differs by latitude from tropics. The farther from tropics you lie, lower the sun angle is that causes those sites to be cooler because of the indirect sunlight. The strong temperature dissimilarity among polar as well as tropical air gives rise to jet stream.