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  • Progressive Women Bloggers Community
    This is a community for women who blog on Progressive/Liberal politics.

  • ZardozZ OpenRing News
    ZardozZ OpenRing News is one of the largest most active website communities on the RingSurf network. It is populated by blogs and websites focusing on, but not limited to, political, social and cultural opinion, humor, satire as well as personal observations on the maddening world around us! We openly welcome you to the ZZ OpenRing collective of public and private opinion! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ZZ and OpenRing / OpenWeb Staff • RSS: http://feeds.feedburner.com/zz

  • 9/11 Is a Lie Community
    A community of web sites of all types whose owners question the official story of the events of 9/11.

  • The Rebel Alliance
    Confederate Bloggers Unite!

  • The New Progressive Majority
    A Blog Community for any and all bloggers who consider themselves a part of the new progressive majority that will lead America into the 21st century. A place for discussions and posts about politics, current affairs, public policy, social issues, government, service of all kinds, and any and all positive additions to the discussion about how we can move our nation and world forward. Our goal is to create a more just and socially responsible world that raises the standard of living for all people.

  • Red Voices
    Red Voices, Red Blogs, Red Sites, Red This, Red That, Red...

  • Chicago Conservative Bloggers
    Local and national political bloggers in Chicago

  • Libertarian Bloggers
    A Community for Libertarian Bloggers

  • Liberals - The True Patriots.
    If your tired of being lied about for your left of center views then this is the place for you. The United States was founded on liberal principles since conservative literally means "Favocommunity traditional views and values; tending to oppose change."

  • Conservative Blog Network
    This blogging network is for politically conservative teens who own websites/blogs that pertain to American politics. Members will be active in other member's blogs/websites. This includes commenting on other member's blogs, reading articles, and exchanging ideas and constructive criticism. If you are interested in joining, contact me through Teens for Liberty's contact form(http://teensforliberty.com/contact).

  • Free Speach is still Alive
    Free Speach is still alive with this community. We are all free thinkers and everything we say comes from the heart, and not from a talking points memo.

  • The Let Freedom Blogs Community!
    We are uniting to push back the NeoFascists that have seized control of the U.S. in the fraudulent \'04 election.

  • Banned by Dumbgirl
    This community is for anyone who has been banned by Dumbgirl. It is very easy to get banned. First, go to http://amyproctor.squarespace.com/ . Second, disagree with her and prove her wrong. Next, do it again. That should do it.

  • Oklahoma Opinion Community

  • Irelands martyrs
    A community set up for all Irish Republican sites that supports a United Ireland

    A web ring for all irish republican sites that supports a united ireland,

  • We surround them.
    For those who know we are not alone, who know that we are the majority in this country. For the conservatives who need a place to call their own.

  • North Coast Bloggers Alliance
    An alliance of bloggers whose discussions centre on the common sense approach to current affairs.

  • Barack Obama for President
    This community will be home to all of us who write about Sen. Obama and his campaign for President of the United States.

  • Suburban Chicagoland
    Bcommunitying together bloggers and writers whof ocus on suburban Chicagoland on news, politics, society, events and anything.

  • Political poetry
    Political news, satire, and/or advocacy, in verse.

  • Politics In Your Everyday Life


    Politics will always play a part in your daily life no matter were you live or what you think. Maybe you don’t like to talk about or even think of political issues, but politics in every possible sense of the word is a permanent fixture in your life whether having to do with government or even just your typical office politics. Like in city politics you have to face that you are allowed to park downtown, in country politics they dictating your taxes and even nationwide politics deciding hoe your school Is funded like every were you have to face politics, like politics play his part every were in your life.


    This is what something important then that you understand what politics really is. There were such nice definitions given by wikipedia as process by which groups of people make decisions. Politics sound is such a simple. What is making the politics complicated are the individuals involved in making the decisions. That is just because of human beings are not perfect, you are not going to find that politics is perfect. The political system is not going to be perfect any how. This is what the almost people are not understanding the politics. You can put each and every circumstance into politics however, at the end; it is more about us like human beings getting their way then about the process it self.


    Usually people think that the politics is a dirty business. In the united states of congress, politics has on an air of hatred and manipulation, many United States citizens think that they are left out of the politics process and then they interested in scoring personal points then decade’s special interest groups become particularly vilified.


    These kinds of desiccation make fell us that the politics is nothing new. Plato- the famous Greek philosopher – he said that the political systems were corrupted at the cores and the societies leaderships and leaders are having training at birth. This is all the basic of politics.


    One of the best political philosophers, Machiavelli advised that leaders of politics are always use there power and authorities to behave in politics. Is this any surprise then, that the political systems of so many country look corrupt?




    Do you know that the heart of politics is really very feeblest? It is how law are made and one more thing that you must need to know that like how individuals are judged in societies that enclose them. If politics is not there then anybody come to know that what to do or what to not after left there house and one more thing that there are lot of people that take politics as like this is what the short power witch you can gain from politics.


    It is just because of these “bad eggs” the politics become a terrible business. People take politics in wrong way that’s way politics become a bad business. This is what the politics is.