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  • Proud to be an AMA CLC Roxas Student
    Proud to be an AMA CLC Roxas Student

  • Enjoying the Benefits of Creating Personalized News Through the Internet


    The decade of the 90’s certainly paced way to a more sophisticated system of communications hosted through the Internet. With all the developments that the Internet has offered the human society, everything could now be accessed; everything else could be made through one click of a button. Even media presentation itself has actually been affected by the major breakthrough technology offered by online communicating connections.


    The development of the World Wide Web has certainly offered different options of communicating and international connections even between people who do not even know each other. The connections of the human society have been made tighter and much easier to deal with in so many ways.


    Through this particular communication innovation, the springing out of virtual culture and virtual society came into clear picture. Different people from all races around the world are now able to connect with each other primarily making connections with each other through the Internet. There now exists a virtual community that is composed of people of all ages and races that are able o understand each other as humans, not actually considering discrimination. To many evaluators of the said technology, the Internet is now the latest invention of humans designed to assist worldwide peace and connections.


    Through this innovative design of technology the economic as well as the political concerns of the different communities within the human society could now be clearly identified. Mostly, the media access to real time news and worldwide events have been continuously enhanced to assist information distribution within the society. Through the different mediums of information presentation, the Internet has been noted as the key reason why most people around the world who are at times not even a part of the political and economical system of the communities are now able to give their comments and suggestions regarding the existing systems within the society. This particular feature of the Internet indeed impacts the systems with which the human society today exists.


    The Birth of Personalized News


    One of the most important features that the internet is also ready to offer to the human society today is the fact that everyone is now able to handle the creation of personalized news through blogging as well as podcasting. It should be realized though that personalized news is not anything that is made up. On the other hand, personalized news reports are characterized by opinionated pieces of explanation with regards social issues.


    A writer or creator of personalized news could post his or her ideas through the Internet with the utilization of blog sites as well as certain social networks where a huge number of readers could actually access the written piece. Besides this fact, these types of news are noted for their feature-lie style that is mostly known for the article’s capability of inviting argument from the readers rather than simply send thoughts or formal information about a certain social issue. True, with the use of Internet systems, everyone is able to have their own voice to send their thoughts for the world to hear.