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  • Magazines and E-zines - Whatís Your Choice?


    There has been some confusion when it comes to magazines and E-zines and this is likely because people just donít seem to get the difference between the two yet! There really isnít a whole lot of difference except a magazine is published on paper and an E-zine is published online. Which is better? Well that all depends on you and your preferences and reasons for reading them in the first place.


    For some, the actual act of sitting down with a cup of coffee and a magazine to flip through is more appealing than the idea of sitting at a computer screen, but if youíre someone who is so busy that you donít even have time to buy a magazine let alone sit and read it, then an E-zine is for you! You can enjoy an E-zine while sitting at your computer and working; a click of the mouse is all it takes to get you your fix. An information junkie may also prefer the magazineís cyber brother since itís not limited by pages and can have an endless amount of articles, stories, etc. (You can pack a lot more content onto a site than a print publication with a page limit!)


    If you are someone who is not looking to read so much as to write, then an E-zine may be the answer to your prayers as a writer. The way in which magazines and E-zines differ in this sense is that magazines are still more mainstream which means that the competition is a lot more fierce. With hundreds of manuscripts ending up on an editorís desk, itís a lot harder to have your work noticed or even read. An e-zine on the other hand will receive less submissions and the ones that they do receive are usually via email which is a lot more convenient to read and reply to as opposed to the mail-in submissions that many  of the print mags still insist on. If youíre looking to break into writing, then your best bet may be an E-zine.


    Another great thing about the E-zine is how much easier it to start one! Anyone with an idea and a domain can start their own online magazine. This could be a great way to fine tune your skills as a publisher to help get you noticed, maybe earn some school credits by doing it as a project or even make you some money with some simple advertising. Who knows, you could very well use your knowledge of HTML and love of fashion or sports to build an empire with a little perseverance!


    When it comes to magazine and E-zines, you can easily enjoy the best of both worlds since both are super-compact, easy to access and full of the same fashion, politics, sports or whatever else it is that you crave! Information and entertainment is at your finger tips whether you flip a page or click one. The choice is yours.